Armark Panda Express / re: wrongful termination, retaliation, rodents issues, poor management, hushing employee complaints, and hindering promotions

Upon being hired for Aramark, I was suppose to be working at
croutons but was needed at Papa Johns so I where I was asked to go by
management. The next day I was put in croutons where I was working two cash
registers at one time and preparing food. I was so stressed out that I
literally felt my body tensing and I was not able to work there anymore. I
returned to Papa Johns and asked to be moved from such store because my glasses
were stolen and I did not feel comfortable working in such environment. I was granted
my request to work in Panda Express, because of previous good experience. After
working there for a few days I began to get familiar with Olga, manager, she
seemed nice at first and then just became badgering towards me. She would nag
at me and make me completely uncomfortable and hostile in my place of work. I
asked Olga briefly how I would go about requesting transfer; with in matter of
days I received write up. I then again asked Olga about being able to transfer
again and this time Olga says “well actually employees who have write ups are
not able to transfer to another department or it is more difficult”. I would
consider Olga a horrid manager, as I strongly believe she purposely wrote me up
to hinder my ability to be able to transfer away from her harassment and
hostility. I also made a few employee complaints while working there because of
confrontational issues and conversations about smoking weed in front of
customers. Aramark policy is to be drug free but Robin was blatantly talking
about using drugs while in area where customers could hear. I also told Olga
about rodent issues, roaches. Olga replied with “I already know they are here,
just do not let the customers know and do not let them hear you talking about
them”, I also was approached by another manager Mark who asked me if I was
saying something about the roaches in front of customers and “just as long as
your not saying something to the customers or where they can hear your fine”. I
find such demeanor appalling as University of Florida Alumni and demeaning to
those doing business with company to have such attitude about the health
standards of the food and food preparation area. I reported these violations to
FDA on October 2, 2014 and on 10/06/2014 received response on whom I needed to
contact. I have had to clean roaches out of the ice container and to go
containers. The two shelves on the line do not get cleaned, during the time I
worked there the shelves were only cleaned one day and I was the person who
cleaned them. Aramark, specifically Panda Express, cleaning practices are
unsanitary and unhealthy in violation of health code, more than likely. I have
done some research and I do have other evidence of reports to support my
findings or managements intentionally sabotaging transfers and unsanitary food
practices. The last instance was when I was cashier and I seen roaches crawling
out of the soda machine area, I got my phone and took picture, Olga became
enraged and wrote me up because she said “you can not be taking pictures of
roaches” she did not want proof of such roaches. I was wrongfully terminated as
result of retaliation, purposeful, knowingly intention of management and upper
management to hide health code violations of rodent issues and am filing
complaint with intent to sue Aramark doing business as Panda Express, 114
Center Drive, Gainesville, Florida 32611 because of such retaliation and wrongful
termination. I filed complaint day of termination or next day but listed the
wrong telephone number of [protected]. My contact number is [protected]
an my email is [protected]

Attached are pictures providing proof of my management complaints and documenting health code violations.

Oct 19, 2014

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