Aramexcheating stealing company with no customer service

Aramex is cheating in the costs of parcels.I ordered a parcel and payd for the delivery to Aramex 26 euros in South Africa.

Now that it is in french customs, they ask me for 60 euros more to get it delivered ! And this is without customs duties! I wonder if my parcel would cost as an airplane in the end. It is real cheating and stealing!

My parcel from South Africa to France is still in the customs, and Aramex keeps sending me papers which I cannot fill because I am not an entreprise, but just a physical person. I already asked them to change, nothing changed. Moreover signing them I will have to admit that the day it would be delivered I will have to pay 65 euros again to Aramex after 28 paid during the shipment!!! And This in Addition to custom duties!!!

It is real stealing from clients ! It is cheating that they could not know it in advance!

Is there no communication between Aramex South Africa and Aramex France ?It is pure violation of the consumers right to know what he is to pay.

Feb 02, 2015

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