Applebee's Restaurants / service in restaurant

Wytheville, VA, United States

We went the Applebee's in Wytheville, VA on Saturday, January 18, 2019. We arrived there at 5:20 p.m. and were seated in a booth next to hostess station and definitely not crowded. After sitting there for 30 minutes and no one acknowledging that we were there, I stopped the hostess and informed her that we had not had a waitress come to our table. I counted 5 waitresses on 2 sides of the small restaurant and waiting on the tables next to us. Someone came out in casual clothes and took our order for drinks and dinner. We received our drinks which were partially wrong and said nothing. A little later, we received one salad instead of the two my husband and I ordered. They came out with another which was ½ the serving size as the first. Again, we said nothing. Later, we received our meal and I received mashed potatoes instead of a baked potato. My husband said that it was wrong and I replied that it was o.k. and the server left and later brought a baked potato that was cold. My steak, mushrooms and onions were black charcoal on one side - which was uneatable. My husband's steak was cooked correctly, but it was nothing but, one giant gristle, which was also uneatable. We did not complain about the meal, but the manager came out and said they were going to give us a discount - which they did for $15.00. Our meal for 2 with soft drinks, salads and steak and potatoes was $48.00 - $15.00 was $33.00 for a meal that was not fit to eat. No appetizers or alcohol was ordered. This was the second time that we have had bad meals here and this was the final time. No more going there. We leave in a small town which has only a couple restaurants that have steaks. Next time, I will travel out of town for dinner.

Jan 22, 2019

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