Applebee's Restaurantsfood

Ordered our food. We were there a good 30 mintutes before a party of about 20 showed up. They got there appetizers before our food came out. I had a party of 6 we had pasta steak 2 hamburgers and chicken and shrimp and wings The food was cold. We sent it back. The party of 20 got there food. We waited a good 30 mi tired before they sent out food back out. It came one by one. The 6th person didn't even get to eat because everyone else already ate there meal by the time there's arrived. The Manager gave the waitress attitude because we complained about the way it played out. The manger finally comped half out meal and offered us free appetizer for the next visit. I explained to the manager this wasn't the first time this restaurant had poor service within 1 month. I will never go to another Applebee's ever again. The attitude and acting like a free appetizer is gonna fix the incompetence of serving a hot meal to someone who works hard for there dollar. Sad story that it should be fixed by comping half the tab and free appetizers for a place I will never will go to. Management should take the first complaint serious. Sometimes comping and free isn't the answer. I definitely give Applebee's a rating of -10 in Fresno. My money my not matter but the word of mouth effects more than me.

Dec 02, 2018

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