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my husband and i desided to eat at applebees in the new bronx mall after shopping on 1/31/10, when the grammes was on, we desided to eat at the bar so that we would be able to watch the tv while we were eatting, the bartender was nice enough to put it on for us, then the manager came and changed the channel, we asked why she was doing that, she then said it can not be on, she said we can watch the news r sports, i asked why, she then said with an attiuded, look its sports r news thats it, r we can leave, i then said just pack up the food so that we can leave, she said that is up to u . Since i am a paying customer and being that i did not want to watch anything that was degrading in any way, i do not understand why i could not watch it, but yet they had rap playing loud in this place as if i am in a club, but i could not watch the grammies that comes on once a year for just 2hrs, and it could not b explaned to me why .

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  • Jo
      16th of Dec, 2010

    who cares about the grammy awards? watch that at home. sports is way more important. i would have laughed your [censor] out of the place. your just like those nascar idiots that show up to the bars on sunday and occupy a tv that should be showing football. gtfo!

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  • Wi
      27th of May, 2011

    Two reasons why, first it is company policy to only have sports or sports news on, they want applebees to be a sports bar, young person hangout, thinking this will increase business at night. Gag... Secondly the manager could have allowed it but since the on duty manager can favor certain instances and negate others, they are in essence profiling experiences to their preferences and it's either their way or the highway. I guess it's just business?

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