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4th December 2018


E.Sundhari Srinivasan
O.No.39, N.No. 83 Ramalingeshwarer Koil Street
Teynampet, Chennai 600018.
Phone [protected].


The Managing Director
Any Time Fitness
Chennai .

Dear Sir,

Sub: Request to refund my deposit against not providing any
service and closing the GYM in Eldams Road Branch.

I regret to inform you that I have very bad experience in this gym, I have enquired about gym membership for myself in the Eldams Road branch last December 2017, One of your staff Ms.Anitha, showed the me the gym and informed me that there are lady trainer available. Gym has physiotherapist and dietician.

Based on the facilities she explained me I was satisfied to join your gym. She told me that there is an offer going which is 12 months plus one month personal trainer, another option 12 months plus 3 month additional. I choose 2nd option. I told I will bring the cash, she told me that they will accept the card and I approached dated is the last date of closing the offers.

The package comes around Rs. 17500/- for 15 months. She ask me to pay Rs.9000/- initially and balance shall be paid in January. I have paid Rs.9000/- on 18th December. She asked me to produce my pan card copy and two passport size photo which I carried every day but no one bothered to collect the same.

The very first day when I went to GYM. I do not know whom to approach, what to do, Finally I did some exercise. After one week I was frustrated and I approached the receptionist, she told me that they will allot a female trainer and the trainer will take assessment. No one guided till 2nd week. I had suffered a severe Neck pain and knee pain due to improper guidance for the trainers. Due to severe pain I approached the Ortho Doctor.

Dr. Subramanian Ortho Clinic in Mandaveli, Chennai. He told me that because of gym exercise only pain raised, he advised me to stop the gym workout immediately. Since I am 47 years old, as per doctor advised I went to GYM and informed about my health condition along with proof. Ms.Anitha told me that I can take break as per doctor advise, She ask me to approach Gym Incharge Mr.Sanil, she gave Mr.Sanil's phone no. I went to Gym along with all proof and approached Mr.Sanil, He advised me to produce letter along with copy of my report. Which was submitted on the same day. I was under medication till now. I have approached Mr.Sanil in September Last week I request to refund my deposit. The new in charge convinced me that there are new trainers available, Physio will be available weekly twice, Mr.Sanil told me I can come and start the cardio exercise after 10 days we will guide for weight reduction.

Again I started to come to gym. I approached the reception about the balance amount. He told me lets see after 10 days, If you are not getting any issue they you will pay the balance amount. I came for 10 days, and did exercise without any guidance again. No trainer guided me. And the Pain initiated in my knee and neck .
Mr. Sanil told me when we start exercise it will come after some day it will settle automatically. Otherwise please approach doctor. I enquired the receptionist about Physio, they told me that he will come on staturday morning. I went there on Saturday but no one turned.
Suddenly there is a notice pasted on the glass door that the Gym is closing from 16th November. I approached Mr.Sanil, he told me that refund is not possible. I asked Mr. Sanil what about others, he told me that he refund the money for whoever have a membership, after many discussion He told me that he will speak to the management. But next day onwards he is not responding my call. Through Anna Nagar Branch I got Mr.Suresh's phone no. The same was highlighted to Mr.Suresh (Admin) also.

Still I believe, your gym have some kind of reputation, decorum and moral value. You have collected money from me without providing any of the below services.
1. Assessment not made by any of your trainer
2. There is no trainer and no proper training is provided by you
3. My details are not registered in the Data base
4. Not providing Membership card
Which is not acceptable by any human being? I hope you may understand my situation, I am expecting you to refund my money. Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated

Thanks and regards,
E.Sundhari Srinivasan

Dec 10, 2018

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