Anytime Fitnesspayment for 2 months withdrawn from my checking account not owed

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I signed a one year contract with Anytime fitness in Feburary of 2008. I paid the first month and security fees and was told that after the one year that I could continue, if I chose to, without signing another contract. I had a foot injury and was unable to workout and called in October of 08' and was told I could only freeze the contract for 3 months and since it was a family plan, no one would be able to workout during that time but, the payments would still be withdrawn from my checking account. Thinking the payments were being withdrawn and I was unable to tend to my finances because of a major surgery from the injury, my daughter was paying my bills. Around the first of the year, Bruce, an employee of anytime fitness, called and asked if one of the members on my account could continue under my name, I told him no that he wasn't trustworthy of his payment to me and since the contract was up, only the 3 months that was frozen would be all we'd be using. He never once told me that ABC was not drawing out the payments for November, December, and January. Thinking my contract was fully paid and over, I was in the bank in June for an overdraft when the teller showed me that ABC has started taking payments out of my account in March. I went in to talk to Bruce about it and he gave me a print out which also showed that a free month I earned for signing up a new member in or around March of 08' was given to me in October when I called to freeze. He had told me twice that I had already been given that credit, but, instead it was given to me during the period that I couldn't work out. Also, when ABC started withdrawing payments, they were being withdrawn on the first and my contract plainly states the 15th of each month. Bruce after a few days and me calling for a few days, called me on a saturday and said that they would deposit 2 months back into my account. I didn't even ask for the overdraft fees that they caused. After no activity on my banking account ever occured, I called Bruce back. He said he would call ABC and ask. He did return my call and said I would have to call them and he was no longer able to talk to me. I need to know when this issue will be resolved and how long this will take. I am on a limited income and by the way this contract was handled, I am out of money for 2 months I didn't owe for. I believe that the young man is very much at fault with this issue and should be held accountable for his inadaquatacy. There are other issues that I wasn't satisfied with, with this particular fitness center also.

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  • Co
      Nov 02, 2009

    Is your foot healed now?

    Are you back to work now?

    What are the other issues with this particular fitness center you were not satisfied with?

    Any update(s) on your posting?

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  • Co
      Nov 19, 2009

    We LOVE our membership with Anytime Fitness!

    5 years now... been to 10+ locations... We read they are opening in Canada & Mexico!

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  • Fr
      Feb 20, 2011

    Man that is strange he did the same thing to me.. I signed when they first opened also and they pulled out the money after my contract was over.. He said that once it was over Id be able to continue if i wanted to with out a contract.. find me on facebook [protected]

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