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1 Tanjung Rambutan, Malaysia

I am totally very sad and very hurt for this lady.
Seem I acquaintance with her 2013 November started until 2015 December end almost new year eve.
She remain still treat and playing games with gentlemen a affection, To all around the would gentlemen when you saw this lady in Anastasia date or other dating site must be avoid her. she is a scammer.
Now, I describe short and fact here.
firstly, we communicate at Anastasia date by letter and later live chat few time spend most 300 USD, one day she suddenly plug webcam to show her she is real person, of course we live chat so happy talk our future. however, she suddenly have any thing inconvenience plug or switch off webcam. Then she told me next will live cam again, in next day, she gave many reason could not plug webcam for live chat. I accepted she told me. I know to all gentlemen face for this tactic issue, am I right? she birthday I send flower around 300 USD if i am not wrong, 2 year acquaintance with her so birthday flower total 600 USD. Another individual e mail communicate, suddenly she said heater spoiled I sent 300 USD, she Nokia smart phone spoiled I sent 300 USD buy I phone branded. finally I get hurt and very sad.
To all gentlemen, this lady she remain with husband, she did not divorce. At Anastasia date she is cheat fraud and scammer for earn money.
If you need to know more about her contact me I will sent the link to you another web link all about her.
All gentlemen, please see carefully
I curse Yulya velcheva, Julia Velcheva, Juliya she will face all men resentment always get hurt, no men will like her include her husband and her son, everyday get unfortunate, work no smooth, business drop also infect to her friend, parent, relative as well all unfortunate.
Here is previously web link

  • Updated by Jason Wong Yong Cinn, Aug 05, 2017

    The latest News.
    I found it Yulya velcheva, have another husband and wife name is a Yulya pospelov, julia pospelov or juliya pospelov.
    his husband Instagram ID pospel33 once you following him download all yulya velcheva photo with his husband, then upload to internet let around the world gentlemen know and avoided her attracted. if not it will too late be victim.
    I have more about her and related her friend also be at fake and scammer profile.
    don't be too late, if not been victim.

  • Updated by Jason Wong Yong Cinn, Aug 05, 2017

    Here have one media allow all gentlemen watch it

Jul 28, 2017

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