Amtrak / suitcase only was stolen

I was on a return trip on the Silver Meteor 97, leaving DC on Nov 25 and arriving Nov 26 in Deerfield Beach, Fl. I checked in my RED suitcase at the DC station and to be pick up at my destination in Florida. Upon my arrival the suitcase was not there. I spoke with the employee, Orlando Sr, who had the luggage from the train. There was only one suitcase and it was BLACK. He stated that the Deerfield station does not check in luggage. I told him that I checked it in DC and was told it would be in Deerfield Beach. He politely told me he would check again but the train was already pulling out. I was told that if I had a tag/ID on the suitcase it would not have been lost. I explained to him that I did do this but he asked it I wanted to check the BLACK bag to see if it was mine? He ask to see my luggage receipt and I showed him, then he would not give the receipt back to me. He kept asking me to open the BLACK suitcase to see if it was my items in this suitcase?? No one at the station was claiming the BLACK bag. So he proceeded to open the suitcase and lo and behold, all my clothing and shoes were in the black suitcase. And then all of a sudden my hand written tag that I filled out in the beginning of the trip was in his hand and stating that this tag was on the suitcase. At first he said there was not a tag/ID on the suitcase. My RED suitcase was locked before the trip and maybe someone thought there valuables or wanted the RED suitcase, I don't know.
I wish to be compensated for the thief of my luggage due to the fact that it is part of a match set. And the cost of dry cleaning all my clothes that were in the old dirty black bag. I do not know what was in the suitcase prior to someone throwing my belongings in it. I had 5 pairs of slacks, 3 sweaters, 4 shirts, 1 small jacket and other various personal belongings.

Nov 29, 2017

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