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Richard H. Anderson
CEO & President
Re: Complaint #4594974
Dear Sir:
On May the 30, (my mother in law) Grandmother, a senior and her 10 year old minor, grandson was on Amtrak Train #86 which departed from Washington, D.C. - Union Station to New York -Penn Station.
They found a seat together at a 4 seater (two pairs of seats looking at each other) two cars behind the café car together.
For obvious reasons, they needed to sit together since a minor was being accompanied by his senior grandmother to New York City.
A conductor came and told them quite loudly and rudely to move since there were 3 adults that needed to be accommodated. Grandmother was surprised but packed up the belongings and moved towards the front of the car to find a seat for her and her grandchild. They passed the café car and were not able to find any seats together and walked all the way to the front car before finding another 4 seater looking at each other. They sat down. Then soonafter about the time they passed Philadephia, another Conductor came in and loudly told them again to move, that they needed to find seats elsewhere since those seats were only for a party of 3 or more. Grandmother was about to protest but the Conductor was very loud and yelling at her. She has seen enough videos of passengers on planes and other places getting manhandled or forced off and my son, her grandchild was frightened and alarmed, particularly when this was the second time.
Neither of these conductors offered to help them find seats and they were forced to sit separately. BTW, NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE sat in those seats all the way to New York City Penn Station.
The reason why I'm writing is because grandmother was embarrassed and alarmed and honestly did not know what to do. She was very very upset. Needless to say, her grandchild, my son was very upset as well, more so possibly then grandmother at the threat of someone yelling rudely and loudly at his grandmother.
I don't know if it is common practice on Amtrak to do this but SHAME ON YOU!! A minor was separated from his guardian/grandmother. Have you never heard of kidnapping, sex trafficking, possible child molestation since he had to sit next to a stranger or if something else were to have happened? What kind of company does this? YOU ARE LIABLE and the public would definitely hold you LIABLE for allowing this!
I am truly appalled at this incident and it has upset all of our family and our friends as well. What kind of joke were these Conductors playing? Seemingly tag-teaming each other kicking out a minor and the guardian to accommodate adults the first time and NO ONE the second time?
From what customer relations told us, there most likely will not be a resolution for us and that we will never hear an outcome or apology and from Guest Relations, we've heard this has happened before to one of your own employees and they could not excuse what happened and they said they didn't understand either. WHO WOULD?
What kind of employees are you hiring? This has never happened and if you check the rewards number involved in the complaint, you will find they travel quite often back and forth to New York City and back to Washington, D.C.
I am hoping this was a quirk and I expect an apology from Amtrak to Grandmother and grandchild encouraging them that they were not ever in harm's way. Because they were scared and they both felt threatened and were afraid of repercussions as your Conductors were both very loud, very rude and yelled.
A minor accompanied by his grandmother. Were you expecting said minor to sit alone? Again, I am truly livid and appalled.
It's a shame.
Jin Ah Longerbeam
(mother of grandson)


Jun 01, 2018
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  • Dc
      Sep 12, 2018

    I believe that they contract their conductors. One of those companies are Keolis. Some are the same as those in the VRE.. they have riders tag team on all the cars to bully women that complain or are not sweet to them or their rider buddies.

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