Amolatina.comhow to cancel my membership, how to get contact the seller?

T Nov 20, 2017

Hello, i have a membership on what is a datingsite, but i don't needed it anymore, because i found my woman where i live.
But before i started to look how to delete my profile, i saw on my bank account the monthly payment. So i refunded the money back, but then i realised that i had to refund the money trough my PayPal account.
Because of that i can't fully access my account anymore.
That payment was 7 november but i refunded on my bank on the 11th of november. PayPal help desk say contact the seller that was: [protected] but they never contacted me back. Because the monthly payments i made for my account on went to them. So how to delete my profile and cancel my membership on But also how to get in contact with [protected] to stop my monthly payments to them?
My profile name on is Thomaswantsex.

Greetings Thomas de Rooij, The Netherlands

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