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America's Servicing Company (ASC) / harassing people, refused to acknowledge their mistake

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Asc - america's servicing company is absolutely horrible to deal with in any way. Their customer service department employees have no idea what customer service is. I have asked several times to speak to a supervisor and have been refused. This company has repeatedly sent late notices and demand letters in addition to making repeated harassing calls regarding payments that they say have not been made. Even after we have submitted every piece of documentation that we can possibly obtain from banking institutions and the previous mortgage company, asc has refused to acknowledge their mistake, they refuse to correct the mistake and remove late fees and other "suspended" moneys, and they refuse to correct the information reported to credit bureaus.

Their refusal to assist us in this matter is causing financial hardship and unnecessary stress on our family and finances. What can I do? Who can I contact that will listen and take action? I know I am not alone in my total disgust for this company that says they "service" america's customers. They do nothing of the sort. I only hope that their home loans get sold to asc and they get screwed like the rest of us have.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Ho
      29th of Jul, 2007
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    You loan is due on the first day of the month, not on 17th. if you go past 16 days you will get a late fee, plain and simple. the payment must be processed no later than the 16th day of the month, not in the mail by the 16th. pay your bill on or before it's due date and your problems will go away. the company is doing nothing illegal, it is doing exactly what is spelled out in your contract. so like the company you are complaining about, abide with what the contract says to do.

  • Ev
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    We are in northeast, asc purchased our mortgage from new century. it been a down hill ride ever since. attempting to change our homeowners insurance, purchasing flood insurance at twice the cost to us, when we were already covered. asc took the money right from our escrow account to pay the second flood insurance policy. then attempted to tell us that our payment will increase for the lack of a % in our escrow, after asc took $1600 for flood insurance that we had already paid for. we had to fight to have the money put back and the second flood insurance policy cancaled. paper work sent over, over & over again by our insurance company stating that our home was covered in the amount that was stated by asc. payment amount changes for really no reason. asc was not willing to work with us after we had major flooding.
    we didn't ask to be sold to asc. phone calls come in to our home before the payment is due, then cservice states "it just a reminder" we have never been later, we have alway had the insurance amount that was requested for our home.
    I would like to say what I personal feel about asc but that would be very rude to all of those who read this. but I think you are all feeling the very same way. thank you for letting me vent about this poor excuse of a mortgage company called america servicing co..

  • Mr
      24th of May, 2012
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    My husband and myself did a loan modification with asc january 2011. they lowered our interest rate from 9.75 to 7.0, also our payment went from $1400.00 per month to $706.84, the first payment was not due until april 2011we sent the first payment in on february 2011. then again march 2011 we just wanted to stay ahead of schedule. everything was going fine payments were being made on time and we thought we were doing fine. I kept all the documentations of payments being made okay here comes the best part we get a phone call from america's servicing company in april of 2012 they were wanting to know why our mortgage payment was two months behind? I said excuse me but if anything our payments should be current plus two months. no in fact we needed to send them payments for january2012 because the payment that we sent in jan went for dec 2011 and february2012 payment went for jan 2012 I explained when we did the loan modification in 2011 we sent our payments earlier than were due. latisha woodside was who I spoke with on the phone said she was a loan preservation specialist and she would be happy to start a new loan modification process. latisha started telling me what documents I would need to start process. again I told her that we already did a loan modification in 2011 and the payments were not due to start until april 2011 I might as well have been talking to the wall all latisha was doing was making me angry because I know our payments were not late and I told her that, then ask to speak to her supervisor so she rang for her supervisor and it was a recording, boemi williams was unable to take my call at this time leave my loan number and name and phone number she would get back with me as soon as possible. she never got back with me. latisha is the person that got back with me. we are just dumb founded by america's servicing company. this is our second time around with them the first time our loan was sold to them by aegis mortgage company, that was the worse mess we had encountered we ended up filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2007 so they would not foreclose on our home. my husband and I have all the documents of proof of payment each month from2011 through2012 and now they are refusing to take our april 2012 payment nor will they take our may 2012 payment. what can be done about this? it is almost june 2012 that will make us 3 months behind plus late fees and any other fee they wish to put on our account. wells fargo d/b/a america's servicing company cannot win every time!

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