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terrible service!

Our mortgage company american servicing company (asc) placed an escrow account on our loan after repeated...

Scam and cheating!

I was appalled in speaking with America's Servicing Company, after they paid my property taxes and tacked on $11,000 to an escrow account. I'm a realtor and mortgage broker who is watching my 20year careers "go to hell in a handbasket" because of the horrible economy in this country! I also have a third job and tried to ask America's Servicing Company to please do a loan modification for my perfect payment history loan with them. They refused, saying that a Loan Modification would only be considered if I was in default on my loan! Now isn't this very interesting - I have a perfect payment history with ASC for 18 months, and they want me to go into default in order to request a loan modification! Well instead of modifying the loan, they jacked up my mortgage payment by $1,000 to $2,467.00 per month! This is so absurd! I also asked about a refinance, as Wells-Fargo is the "hidden bank" holding the mortgage as the investor, and was told that my interest rate of 7.795% would go to "double digits" if refinanced! Once again, how can this occur, as I have a perfect payment history with America's Servicing Company! This ASC is a RIPOFF and should be put out of business! They tell you to write to them about any problem you may have and never answer the correspondence. Then when you call them and demand to speak with a Supervisor, this is the end result!

I hope that ASC is put out of business for unfair business practices. If anyone agrees with me, let's start a class action suit against these unscrupulous companies!

Linda Hiltbold - Cape Coral, FL.

  • Li
    Linda Bechtol Feb 25, 2008

    I cannot believe that this company has not been hit with a class action lawsuit. I would be the first one to join in. What a rip-off company.I did not know that they were part of Wells Fargo... Should have guessed since Wells Fargo is one of the largest mortgage companies these days. What can we do.? You call and can not talk to anyone who knows what to do about any sort of problem. My problem was insurance that they did not pay and then added their own insurance at $3000. Their reason was that the policy submitted to them for payment by Farmer's Insurance did not match my name or the address of my home. Of course they never notified me or Farmers to see if there might be a typo or other mistake on their part or the insurance company. So I got hit with an increase in my mortgage payment of $800.00 per month. I tried talking to a rep. and got nowhere as she said that was the information in her notes!!!

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  • Ju
    Julie Webb Mar 25, 2008

    I know exactly how you feel. ASC has done the exact same thing to me. I have paid on time for 25 months with a 10% rate hoping that after paying this high rate on time for so long that it would be eventually rewarded. Well, it was but for ASC's benefit. Due to the high payments I was unable to pay the property taxes and ASC so kindly established an escrow to pay the tax. ASC never mentioned that they were going to charge me $13, 200 for property taxes that totalled $3100. This added over $1100 per month to my mortgage which totals $4000 per month for a $310K loan with excellent payment history. It amazes me that ASC is not willing to negotiate at all. I have begged them to refinance or modify the loan before I cannot pay the monthly payment and their response is the same as you, not until I default. I cannot get them to even transfer me to Loss Mitigation AT ALL. It is like it does not exist until you are forced into not being able to make the payments. They want you to not pay instead of trying to create a good paying customer for decadeds to come. Their goal it seems to me is to foreclose all the loans they currently hold. I did not chose ASC, my loan was transferred three times ultimately to ASC where it has been for the past 25 months. I am in the process of finding a lawyer to protect myself from getting further screwed by ASC. I would also like to set up a class action suit to put ASC in its place. Even if the only result is satisfaction that ASC no longer does business. My email is [email protected] Please do not hesitate to contact me. having this loan with ASC is the only decision in my life (which was not even in my control) that I have regrets. I will make sure to set it straight. There is no way this is going to go down without a fight. I will make it my goal to make it right. ASC has effectively attempted to screw me financially in every possible way. ASC has conveniently lost payments that were electronically recorded, the property tax escrow debuacle, the increase in rate on top of all of that to 11% making the total payment 16% of the loan amount! No lender has seen such horrible rates. I have spoke to over 30 other lender to try to tansfer the loan but no one will touch it due to the negative equity on the condo (-$125, 000) even if my credit score were 800. It is criminal what ASC does and I will not let it go by without notice.

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  • Ro
    rowdiro Apr 10, 2008

    Count me in! I don't want a dime just the satifaction of watchin them ### squirm for awhile they are in need of modification if you know what I mean... Ro.

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  • Th
    that-guy Apr 14, 2008

    I'm right there with you. If you get a lawsuit together send me an e-mail. [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Sam Apr 28, 2008

    Looking at legal counsel. Same story as above!

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  • Sh
    sherri petrarca May 06, 2008

    ASC sucks they have put us in a horrible situation we are experiencing the problems as everyone else If anyone can help and tell us where to turn to please contact me via e-mail thank you very much.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Aug 23, 2008

    Dear Linda Hiltbold - Cape Coral, FL., as a Realtor you should know that the taxes have to be paid!!! Also you know that it is part of your contract that they can force place an escrow. They are a servicing company not a lender and can only modify what the investors will agree to. Also check your original loan docs for the name of your investor that did not change. It is not Wells Fargo just because ASC services your loan.

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  • Je
    Jennifer-Covington May 06, 2010

    Linda can you please tell me what has happend to your loan since you posted your first comment. I am going through this with them now. I finally did a loan modification and they have gone up on my payment 3 times in the last 3 months. I don't know what else to do and it is driving me crazy. Please help me.

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  • Fr
    frustrated7772 Oct 25, 2011

    oh boy i have been going through this for 3 years and they dont have a clue as to what they're doing . well then again maybe they do because we are all in the same jam ! well they're suppose to be helping and all they have done is bigger damage . i was also looking to remodify and they also said the same thing i hade to be in default, hummmm well stupid me fell behind a month and all they did was raise it higher . i paid off my second mortgage thinking it would be beneficial and to no avail, it just made it worse . For 3 years now i have been going to court and ASC always seem to need something else, and can i ask HOW THE HELL DOES PAPERWORK GO STALE ???? that is always their excuse so what doo i do i load them up everymonth with all my info so that they have no excuses . Now i have to pay close to 700 more than my original mortgage and as a single mother its just impossible. I cried but i do say one thing i will not go down without a fight !!! ASC is just a BS company doing a BS job !!! we all need to get together and fight !!! im in 10000% has anyone lost their homes to them yet ???

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Loss mitigation!

I have been trying to work with this company's loss mitigation department trying to keep my house from being foreclosed on. Once I qualified for a loan modification they told me I would the paperwork for me to fill out and return to them in a couple of days, it has now been over a week and I have not received it. They also told me that by qualifying over the phone as I had done the foreclosure wold be stopped. I called again to follow up on the paperwork and now they tell me that even though I was signing up for the loan modification, that the foreclosure had not been stopped... these people are a bunch of crooks and liars, someone needs to put at stop to their unscrupulous business practices... they tell you one thing when you first call and when you follow up they tell you something else...

  • Ly
    Lynnette Graham Dec 19, 2007

    My husband and I went through the same situation; the lawyer for this piece of a company would not respond to us when we attempted to do a short sale. They wouldn't respond to the other parties Realtor.

    I am writing to the Attorney Generals Office and I feel that if enough of people write to this company, something should be done... When I went to the Foreclosure Proceedings the Judge didn't want to hear anything except do you have enough money to pay?

    We invested $21,000.00 dollars and we are very upset...


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  • 5y
    5yrplan Dec 02, 2008

    And why is it that the phone number is no longer in use? Just another scam? You also didn't state what you charge people for your service.

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  • Mi
    Mighty Mo Jul 23, 2009

    We had a similar experience with ASC. Turned us down originally for a bogus reason and then told us to start over with the process. While we were in the process of a second attempt they advised us of a sale date for the house. We went to a professional credit counselor and sent the mitigation proposal to them after they agreed over the phone to push out the sale. Ten days later we were advised the house sold that day at 10am with no notice. When we challenged this with ASC they said they never rec'd the propoasal even though the fax number was the same as we sent the first proposal to and also sent it with a second fax number to insure ASC would have not excuses. We are not going to have to move out of our home. I have never experienced and less professional organization that has absolutely no integrity in their business practices. We felt like we had to rights at all. We don't have the funds to file a suite but hope someone takes these thieves to task. Mike 408-210-4058

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Where is the website for this company?

ASC keeps changing websites! Even if I can find the website, they charge for paying online, the charge for paying by phone, and they keep "loosing" the dated snail mail payments so they can then charge a late fee. This is bogus, as most companies either allow or encourage paperless billing.

  • Ju
    Julie Webb Mar 25, 2008

    This was posted b someone else but may help..."I have noticed many comments on contacting ASC. Several say they do not know the website for ASC. Here is the exact website to get to your mortgage info via the ASC website. You will need to input your loan number to access all your mortgage information. I hope this helps you who have requested this info. The website is:"

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  • Co
    CodyRy007 Oct 06, 2009

    I uncovered the evidence of the scam ASC/Wells Fargo were committing and showed such evidence to the Wall Street Journal. Interestingly enough 2 days later I got a phone call from the Presidents office of Wells Fargo. They now modify ASC and Wells Fargo) any mortgage I send to them for modification. And not lowering by $200.00, I mean by lowering by half of the payment.
    On 10/2/2009 I negotialted with ASC to recind the sale and the foreclosure of a local man’s home due to RESPA violations I found in the original loan docs. Thats right, they gave his house back. I have high contacts at ASC and Wells Fargo. If anyone needs help dealing with them I will gladly tell you what you need to do to force them to modify your loan.
    Contact me at [email protected]

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Trying to sell house to avoid forclosure from this company!

I know this is very long, but please read our story, we are desparate for some guidance on this one,

My husband and I had a mortgage with Mortgage Lenders Network before it was sold to ASC. It has been a nightmare ever since. My husband had a pay cut of about $2000/month at which time I went back to work full time. We were having trouble making ends meet so we decided our only option was to sell. We spoke with representatives from ASC several times to notify them of our intentions, we were told not to make any mortgage payments for the next 5 months as we were being considered a hardship case, if the house did not sell by the end of the fifth month then we needed to resume payment again to avoid foreclosure.

We got a buyer 4months into the hardship case and a closing date was set or 08/17/07. After gathering all of our paper work together, the attorneys office contacted ASC approximately a week and a half before the closing to get the pay off amount. Excuse after excuse began to flood in from ASC-it will be expedited, you will receive the pay off tomorrow, it's been sent, we can't fax the pay off amount, your client has to give us written permission to talk to you, etc, etc. The pay off amount for the mortgage came in the day of the closing 45 minutes before the closing was scheduled for.

The closing never happened because the pay off amount came with $20, 000 in fees. ASC was charging us all kind of late fees, a prepayment penalty fee and various other fees...our original mortgage didn't even have a prepayment penalty fee.

It is now October 22, 2007 and we were able to hold onto the buyer until this past Monday when she could wait no longer...

NOW we are in foreclosure, ASC will not budge on negotiating any type of settlement price saying WE are not cooperating with them!

All we wanted to do was sell our home to get out of this nightmare of debt, we weren't looking to make any money on the sale simply break even....Which all could have happened if ASC had tried to charge us the prepayment penalty, they would have received more than was owed on the note, upwards in the amount of $10,000+ but they refused to even talk to our attorneys office.

To make matters worse, yesterday in the mail we received a notice of default from the Hartford Superior court for failure to appear--We never even received anything about going to court, don't know when it was supposed to be or what it was for!!

If anyone can offer some advice we would greatly appreciate it.

  • St
    STEVE WHITTLE Dec 06, 2007

    This company sucks , For months I have heard to contact you lender if you can't make the pyments so I called them in the first week of november , After being disconnected three times I finally talked with someone and they wouldn't even discuss the matter until I was 30 days behind , A week later they started calling and harrasing me , I called them today , Im now thity days late to see if we can work something out , I told them im trying to sell the house and I could send them so much money until it sells they told me they would not do that or work with me , So I told them ok let the Forclosure begin , Of couser I got this strong arm tone of what all could happen to me legally , The only thing they don't know is I already talked with a lawyer and will go Bk , Now they wont get anything from me and now I will let the forclosure play all the way out , This company just stinks , My original lender was Fremont they don't exsist anymore ,

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  • Fu
    fuzzy Feb 11, 2009

    I agree with everything you said above about the potetial sale and how they refused to work with us as well or our attorney. We ended up finally filing for Chapter 13 and then they still adjusted the rate and refused and I mean refused to work with us to re do the loan and keep it at a payment we could afford. It went from origianlly 1700 to 2250 and then with in a few months it was at 3200 a month for a house we origianlly paid 199, 000 for. They totally refused to do anything. The run around seems to be thier specialty. Well our lawyer discussed moving to a Chapter 7 so we did this and we put the house up for sale as well to try and get rid of it before foreclosure. We moved out but kept paying the utilities in order to sell the house we kept some of our property in there for curb appeal and they never even called us to see if we were in the house or not and they came by one day and changed the locks and cut the heat and water to the house. They call it winterizing it even though we were still paying for the utilities. Our property was freezing and some of it even got damaged but do you think they cared. NOT AL ALL!!!

    I know what everyone means with your comments, ASC is one of the worst comapnies to work with or attempt to work with. You would think that in these trying times they would be more than happy to keep people in the house that are willing and able to make a normal house payment and they would do whatever they could to do that, but sadly that is not the case.

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I'm filing bankruptcy cause they cost me my home!

I am 25 and this was the 3rd place to get my loan. They constantly posted payments late. They didn't escrow my taxes and homeowner's on time which cause them to up my payments to make up for it and then they blamed it on me. My payment went from 580 to 820 in less than a year and a half. Now I have to file bankruptcy and move to an apartment because they took over 3 weeks to assign anyone to my case for loan modification and still haven't gotten it figured out and I have received my foreclosure summons. I don't know how they get away with this.

Forged signature on a refinance!

My husband and I began to search for our first home in 05. My credit score was a 628 which enabled my ability to be a borrower or co-borrower on the home. However he was able to purchase the home through their former company title Mortgage Lenders Network. the first mortgage did not include myself as any borrower but i was added to the title. On July 19 of 06 the house was refinanced through Mortgage Lenders Network. On this document I became a a full "Borrower". More disturbing in the contract there is a form dated 6/20/06 indicating I had signed a waiver of Marital Rights. this is ###!!! Never ever would i agree to such a poposturus agreement nor would i comply to refinancing a home without escrowing property taxes or home owners insurance. The house has now gone into foreclosure. I called the new ASC lender to get information on the property and was told i was not a valid person on the account. so which is it ASC do i co-own the property or not. I have hired a real estate attorney to clear this manner up.

  • Jo
    john missina Nov 13, 2007


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I gave up my house to get rid of ASC

I thought I was the only one having problems with ASC, until I was informed to come on this site. The more stories I read, the more it sounds like my current situation with this horrible company. I can’t express the heartache and anger they have created in my life, not to mention the damage they have done. All my problems began when my loan was SOLD to them. JUST AN FYI to those who have a choice to get rid of this company, do it now and quickly. It is only a matter of time before they trap you. Unfortunately, I was too late and had to sell my home!!!

If I only knew what I know now...

Michelle, CA.

  • Mi
    Michelle Apr 01, 2008

    My property had $10, 000. in water damages. The issurance company had to write my morgage companies name on the check because they technically own the house. I sent ASC all documents they requested and the signed check over to them. They held the check for two weeks and when I called to get the statis of the money for me to fix the water damage they said they needed more documents. Then she never faxed them to me. I still have not seen any of the money from my issurance company that ASC is holding. I still have exposed electrical, pipes, subflooring, etc in my home.

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Not accepting my payments!

I have my mortgage since we bought our home in 2005. We fell behind because we didn't escrow our taxes, so we a payment arrangement with them and then we could not get caught with the escrow and they wanted a full payment of 7200.00. So i contacted there litigation team (if they even have one) and they told me to write hardship letter and do a financial worksheet. We did this for 5 months in a row and now we are 6 months in behind and now they won't take any money. So I hired a law firm who deal with companies like this.

  • Su
    Susan Aug 27, 2008

    I have a similar situation with the house I am renting the owners fell behind and ASC will not do anything to help them get caught up. I have tried to contact them to see If I could assume loan but no one wants to talk to me, now they are not just hurting the owner but also the tenant.

    If anyone as phone numbers to ASC I would really appreciate them.

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Wont allow me to sell my home

We got behind on our payments and ASC refused to help us work out anything to fix the situation. We were forced into chapter 13 bankruptcy. I found a higher paying job out of state and when we put our house on the market we were told we have a prepayment penalty on the loan that they will not waive. We are going to have to sell our house at 7,000 more than it is appraised for to get everyone their money. We found a buyer (to sell it short) 4 months ago and ASC still hasn't told us yes or no for the sale. Apparently there is only 1 person in the entire company that does that and she NEVER returns my or my real estate agent phone calls. I cannot afford to pay my rent at my new location and my payment there as well. They are wanting to repo the house and when they sell it at will lose money. They are going to lose money in my sale but not as much as a sale. I am unable to get any help from them at all.

  • Ea
    Earl Dixon Dec 20, 2007

    Sorry to hear that, samething happened to me, they took the house even when i had a buyer for short sale, now sure what we can do about it but i'm going to write my congressmen and senators of VA this is so evil.

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Automatic payment nightmare

So considering my mortgage servicer (ASC) refuses to enter the 21st century by offering an internet payment option free of charge I thought it would make sense to setup an automatic monthly payment. I've already had many frustrating experiences with them and just want to avoid having to deal with this company. Unfortunately I'm stuck. As far as I can tell we have no options especially in this Real Estate Market where many people like me can't get out of their current loan.

Last time when I saw that they were charging me 3 to 4 times the going rate for Homeowners insurance I tried to replace it with a reasonably priced policy. My new insurance company did everything they could to establish a new policy but ASC refused. They sent me a letter indicating that my insurance was not and could not be implemented. A month later I got around to calling them to understand why they did not allow my new policy and they said that it was because I had not sent them a letter requesting the change. I reviewed the letter they sent me and in no way did it indicate that I needed to fax or mail a letter requesting the change. All it indicated was that my policy was unable to be implemented with no solution or remedy.

I only mention this to preface what dealing with them has been like. Similar to every experience I've had with Wells Fargo they do whatever they can to nickel and dime their clients and most of their employees are very rude and arrogant. This pattern is most accurately demonstrated by their need to charge for an internet payment. So I setup my automatic payment to avoid issues with the mail and to avoid the fee. I had it going fine for a month or two and then got behind again where my payment was getting made just later than normal.

I made my June payment at the end of the month and knowing that my July payment was in question canceled the auto payment. Since then they tried to charge my account 3 different times in July without my consent. I've called each time it's happened and each time they assured me they would not charge my checking account again. Each time this has resulted a $20 NSF fee not to mention the other costs and complications this causes when paying other bills and simply managing my money. How do I get them to stop this auto payment nonsense because this is making it impossible (considering my current financial situation) to manage my money. How many people will guarantee me that they won't charge me again before this stops?

More importantly do I have any recourse? Who will hold this company accountable for their consistent incompetence and manipulation?

  • Ly
    lynne sadler Jun 19, 2008

    this sound almost identical to what happened to us, made arrangments to have the payment taken out on a certain date, when somehardships came up we called to cancel the payment said no probelm set up for a different date and went ahead anyway costing us hundreds in overdrafts.fortunatly next year we will take money from an annuity and finally will be rid of them forever!!!

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Escrow account problems

After refinancing our home, we thought everything was taken care of, all the papers were filed correctly... come to find out the new mortgage carrier (ASC) did not set up an escrow acct for our taxes and insurance. We have contacted them several times in an attempt to correct their mistake with no avail. Think twice before dealing with this company.

Useful information

For those of you who can't seem to find help with ASC, their address is P.O. Box 1820 Newark, N.J...

RESPA violations - horrible service

My mortgage was sold to this company from Option One in October of 2006. I have had nothing but problems from the day it was sold. They do not have convenient methods of payments. You have to pay $15 every time to pay by phone. The straw that broke the camel's back was last month when I called to make my payment they advised me my payment increased due to taxes. I asked the rep when did they send me the revised payment she could not find any records of this notification. They refused to take my normal payment, they demanded the new amount stating the SYSTEM could not process partial payments. I advised this was a RESPA violation. I asked to speak to a manager, all I ever get is a senior rep!! This company is horrible. They advertise a website that does not work! The reps are rude & unprofessional to say the least.

  • Jo
    John Smith Jul 12, 2007

    It does suck having to pay the $15 but most companies charge to pay by phone... you can always mail a check for free. As someone in the business it is not a RESPA violation to not accept a partial payment. Also, if your taxes go up causing your payment to go up you should contact your taxing authority... or you can always see if you qualify to delete your escrow so you don't have to worry about it.

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  • Fe
    FEKADE MAKONNEN Jul 13, 2007

    Good idea. Report to FTC (Federal Trade Commission). It works. Go to their website

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Fraud / foreclosure / bad faith

So... I buy this property that I had been living in just... all my life... 32years... Granddad built it... my father grew up there, then later his children... he passed the torch to me and my children have not known anything other than... the homestead of my ancestors... my heritage and legacy...what once was just considered a really good place to raise some a small town... a country homeplace... a barn and an old outhouse and chicken coop... all that was left of the former 2 acre patch was the original home and about a.66 acre... our .66 acre.

My dad wanted more than anything for me to stay near and raise the kids there... I had a verbal agreement (witnessed) to rent to own... treat it as if it were your own... and an interest free owner carried loan... for the original price he had paid his mother...WoW... totally exciting news to a girl who knew her whole life that this was home... her home forever!

When my dad became ill later that year... the news of a stage 4 lung cancer was a huge blow... we tried to get as much done as possible but 5 months was just not enough time to tie up all the loose ends and what became of my home starts here... we mortgaged it out to pay my mothers own home off (she had no interest in the family home and not being of this country was headed home... a guy had offered her a lot of money for the property a guy that had been after all the surrounding properties for 20 years... turned down by all he acquired it the hard way. They all died in their homes... they all were sold off in estate sales by out of state children... our was the last... and a remedy to their almost landlocked situation... our property meant 2 extr outlets on 2 roads... the seal of a multi million dollar deal so long awaited... he offered my mom 40 k more than I could but last minute she had a change of heart and accepted the 120 I a could pay... 60 k more than dad asked but... I got to keep my home!

Family turmoil and small town-ism... made a the situation worse... for my dad was the glue... and he was gone... My husband lost his job of 8 years we had one hardship after another... pretty soon we're 8 months behind... our credit scores previously excellent, were ih the tank... we had a plan of development invested 15 k into the plan and refi deals coming out our ears... we might have had 100 + in the making... some almost made it... title companies were in the waits... yet know one ever made it... and when it sold to ASC was when it really got bad... ASC was nice as they could be... we told them exactly what was going on and they did nothing for us... I assume they were working with me... but in retrospect the ball would be dropped just after my updates to asc... pay off requests got nowhere and pretty soon i'm facing a forclosure... of which I found my own personal investor to bail me out... thats when the real trouble started... not wanting to put my friend out I did try another ave... a private lender name GINO the weekend before the sale... gino could lend me and would if I had a Realtor take a look... last minute he remembered he had someone... turned out to be a BROKER for remaxx... he looked giddy and excited... then latergino didn't call back... we called him and he says to us rather flatly... my guy said the value isn't there!!!

WHATEVER... it was a 380K piece of property I only owed 156 on... my bail out was 16... I was willing to pay him 30K... these guys took up my entire last weekend... I had no choice but to ask my friend again for help... and I did... and when I did ASC asked us to call The trustees... the trustees said to call ASC... ASC after being told to STOP the sale we have the $ turned us over to thier midigation dept... and proceeded to hang up on us EVERY TIME... I have phone records!!... I had the $... I made it very clear our intentions were to keep the home... the day after thesale I had a guy saying he was the new owner and if I could afford to pay the rent of 1000 I could stay till july...


I didn't believe it... the whole thing since the beginning stank... my 40 year loan ended up being a 30 year... and the payment were almost 400 more than we had originally thought... and when he lost his job... we sold everything we could to keep up on it so's not to affect our scores... so's we could get the financing we needed to make it an income producing property... we have 4 kids... there were soo many irregular things leading up to this... I am still in dis belief... I had the $... I NEED HELP... a hate crime is a brewing and I don't want to be a murderer... my kids need their mom... CLASS ACTION!! All the way...

  • Er
    Eric Lopez Jun 13, 2007

    Chances are if that house been in the family that long and its still not paid off... you shouldn't have had it in the first place.

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  • Ni
    Nikki P May 04, 2012

    I'm with you lady. See the comments under ASC. We should all file a class action!

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Charges, claims - they are lost and deserve a class action!

Unfortunate enough to have had my mortgage bought by ASC one year ago. It is a company run by computer and...

Should not be in business!

I too have had bad dealings with ASC, they are the biggest rip off company I have ever dealt with. Like everyone else we were with another mortgage co then sold to ASC. We had nothing but problems from the get go. We finally got fed up not only with the harassing phone calls and the horrible voice mails left , the threats of foreclosure and the threats of ruining our credit we sold our house to purchase a new one. Well while our house was on the market we were foreclosed on, never received any court docs showing a foreclosure or anything. Then when our new mortgage company checked our credit one last time before finishing our new loan they found a FORECLOSURE! So in order for us to buy our new home we had to get a higher interest rate instead of 5.6% we were given 11.7% and that was with $180k cash down on a $461k home. So when you think you will be paying $1900 per month for your new home you have waited over a year for you end up paying $2900 per month and have to jump through hoops just to get that loan. At the time this was all happening it is hard to explain to someone what is going on and hope and pray they believe you. It really doesn't matter because when they look at your credit report that is what they see, nothing else. You can talk until you are blue in the face, it all comes down to the report that they have control over. They can give the 3 reporting agencies any information they want without any proof just their word and wahlah! YOU ARE SCREWED!!!

Needless to say before we bought our new home and while we still had them for a mortgage company we refinanced and got out from under them, oh! About 3 years or more now they are still showing our loan as an open unpaid account and YES! Screwing up our credit still to this day. Our new mortgage company even tried calling to get a letter showing the loan was paid years ago they manager called him every name in the book and told him to never call there again and hung up on him. I tried calling everyday asking for the letter and was told "I already mailed it", "I will fax it right now, wait by your fax machine", "I will have to get your file for a copy of the letter". I was given every excuse in the book. So the stress continues on.

I HOPE THEY ARE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS AND SUED BY THE BIGGEST LAWYERS IN THE WORLD. And I hope all the employees they have there are never able to find another job, and lose everything they have.

Thanks for nothing!!!

  • Er
    Eric Lopez May 25, 2007

    Hahah that last paragraph made me laught you are truly funny first of all i am a collections rep for asc out bound collections ... and first let me tell everyone do you know what asc is ... its a NON-PRIME Loan servicer for everyone who doesn't know what that means it services bad credit loans, wait let me rephrase that horrible credit loans, and it makes me laugh when im talking to you and your there talking about how perfect your credit is and i see when im calling you and i see your true double digit credit scores.... also your payments are due on the 1st not the 16th people who have bad credit seem to find this confusing thinking the 16th is your due date because thats when you get your late fee... also have you ever wondered why you get stuff from wells fargo with your mort. payment stuff , because asc is affiliated with wells fargo but wells fargo just doesn't want to be labeled the company with all the bad credit loans... how does asc end up with your loans ... companies suck as freemont, countrywide, emc... etc companies originate loans the, prime loans (excellent credit) sub-prime(mediocre credit) and non-prime(bad credit)... the originating company keep your loan for 2 months if your lucky ,then thats where the fun starts the prime loans get sold to a company the non prime loans get sold to a company and then asc get all the non-prime loans get sold to asc ... so i hope all this info answers your questions to why you have this horrible company servicing your loan... all because you all have horrible credit no one to blame but yourself!!!

    Oh yeah i know asc is a screwed up company but i also find it funny when i hear people talking about sueing asc ... and winning ... yeah right when you walk in the court room with your bootleg lawyer and then asc/wells fargo comes in with its all-star team of lawyers who get paid more in 1 day then your lawyer will make in a year... do you really think your going to win your lawsuit.

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  • 5y
    5yrplan Dec 02, 2008

    I am going to copy and paste this into an email and send it to the higher up people at your company. They can track your ip address and find out exactly who you are. How dare you speak to your customer's that way. I understand that AHMSI is a loan servicing company and not a Mortgage company, but it is idiots like you that make me sick. Especially since I have to deal with you idiots. So what our credit may not be any good, you are still making money from us and you still have a job because of us. The bottom line is that ALL you employees at AHMSI suck and your feelings are hurt because you know it.

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  • Ja
    Jade Apr 17, 2009


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Forced placed insurance

We were forced to pay hazard insurance when we already had proof that we were currently covered.They have not issued a refund and are still being forced to pay out every month even after repeated calls of complaints.They keep stating we will get our money back as soon as the insurance company refunds them back.They stated it would take up to 30 days and it has been now 7 months.We are at a total loss as of what to do.

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First of all i am a collections rep for asc out bound collections... and first let me tell everyone do you...

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