Americas Servicing Company / Wells FargoWe are all victims and should file a class-action law suit against ASC and Wells Fargo!

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In October of 2006, I fell behind on my mortgage payments and contacted ASC. They sent me a package to fill out for a repayment plan for the 2 months I missed. I have never heard from them! I called every month and got the same answer, your file is with the "Negotiator" (is that Arnold Schwartzneager?) and that there are a lot of people in front of me and to be patient. Also they told my not to pay anything until I hear from the "Negotiator". Yesterday, I received a call from guess who...the "Negotiator"! February 21, 2007. That was 5 months later! WOW! We decided to refinance to get rid of this company and when I called to get a payoff, a very rude customer service rep told me "YOU ARE IN FORECLOSURE"! WOW! This must be how they make money by telling people to not pay their mortgages and stall you till they file FORECLOSURE papers (which by the way, I never received any notice ). After speaking with the "FORECLOSURE ATTORNEY" I cannot get a payoff amount for 7-10 days, so we have to wait to pay off this loan and I'm sure we'll have to pay interest on those 7-10 days!!! Something is wrong here and consumers need to be aware! The problem is... no one financed through this company, this company bought out mortgages from other GOOD companies. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS AND SHOULD FILE A CLASS-ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST ASC AND WELLS FARGO!!! I have sent two complaints to the BBB, ASC in Iowa and ASC in North Carolina (loss and mitigation department), and also a complaint to my Attorney General. If anyone out there knows what else I need to do, please reply. Aren't there any laws against these practices? It sure feels like fraud to me!


  • Le
    Lenore Zur Welle Apr 05, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I will join any class action suit against ASC/Wells Fargo. Wells just informed me that they are assessing a pre-payment penalty of 6 months interest on a purchase contract. My original contract was purchased by Wells and it does not contain a pre-payment penalty. The payoff statement will contain the payoff penalty, which I don't owe. Customer "service" stated that I would get a rebate of the prepay after I fulfill Wells Fargo requirements. I have nothing in writing as to what those "requirements" are. And they will not supply the above-mentioned requirements. This is robbery and an excuse to obtain illegally another 6 months worth of payments. Any suggestions? Keep me informed as to anything I can do to be of assistance.

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  • Pa
    Paula Minatre Aug 28, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I am with everyone here about ASC. I will be in line with the class action lawsuit. I worked out a payment plan with ASC where they required a huge down payment which we came up with only to find two weeks later they wanted another $3000 or the payment plan would be voided. They have a program called loan modification where the past due amount is suppose to go to the back of the loan. Yeah right ASC doesn't use that program instead they tell you they did by requesting a huge down payment and then it will go to the back of the loan. Where is the down payment going. They are famous too for not getting back to you right away when you are working arrangements with them. They tell you it will take 40-45 days. Guess what your payments are late again so now more fees and another month of no payment because they refuse to accept payments even a day late.

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  • El
    El Veata Lampley Sep 10, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I am trying to get a class action suit going against ASC and Wells Fargo. The same thing happened to me. Please email me back.

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  • Ev
    Evelyn Warner Sep 26, 2007
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    I have been involved witth Wells Fargo every since the 1990s. Yes I was a peerson paying ACS. I told them I was having a problem paying my mortgage and for an chance to refinance I was told it take 45 days by that time I would be in forclosure I got another co to give me a mortgage it turn out to be WELLS FARGO. Ihave all type proof as to how they cheated me.

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  • Su
    Susan Gomez Sep 27, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I agree in every way. This company needs to be put out of business. I am currently going through the same thing. "The Negotiator" has never contacted me either. I also think that "The Negotiator" is a fictional character; a ruse made up to distract the prey, which happens to be their customers. I will go for a class action law suit!!

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  • Br
    Bruce Devonshire Oct 07, 2007
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    Verified customer

    So, is there now a class action suit against that company and/or its parent company? We are going for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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  • De
    Denise Knudsen Oct 09, 2007
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    Message Yes, I have had the same problem. ASC can't help you until you're in 'Default', and when you are, they become the donut effect, going around and around in circles with no viable or rational answers for negotiating when honest people need help. I am one of many victims, and I will fight. We all should. America is not the land of the free, and our democracy is a failure. This country is weak by corporate political agendas, and the American people are suffering. We all need to take personal responsibility and not rely on an political leader, since most of them are pro-corporate junkies fed by criminal lobbyists who pay them off. Our leaders are failures, and the American people are just as much failures for being so damn complacent or not putting personal indifferences aside to obtain much needed humanitarian goals. We need to be tolerant and vigilant of one another to succeed in this failure of democracy before we are all homeless, and more violence occurs as a result of such failures to protect the working class people of this country who really are the ones that have lost for someone else's greedy gains.
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  • Bl
    Blake Ostergaard Oct 17, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Are you kidding me people, yeah blame the mortgage companies for your problems, tattle to your mom about the problem. First and foremost every company has the waiting period for a payoff, it's the trouble with large companies. Secondly every company I know , except Wells Fargo Financial, sells their mortgages, its how the business works. Finally, not paying your bills is dumb, yeah you can not pay them as you are trying to get a payment agreement, but you would still have the interest and even worse if you cannot do anything in the end, this happens. It makes no sense as you get mad at the companies trying to help other people out. Get mad at the Fed for the overall shape of the market.

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  • So
    Sophie Teitelbaum Dec 11, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I absolutely agree 100% that there needs to be a class-action suit against ASC a.s.a.p. We are not in forclosure, or not even behind with any payments YET, but that doesn't mean we haven't already experienced ASC's (America's SCAMMING Company) absolutely appalling "customer service"... They can be held accountable for not only ruining thousands of people credits, but probably also -as a result thereof- thousands of marriages, lives. I know, i know... ultimately its really only the Bush administration that should take the blame for the horrendous state the market is in, but really, companies like ASC ARE SCAMMING COMPANIES, they will screw you over, all ten thousand of us, that IS how they make their money. PLEASE lets get these crooks out of business!

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  • Le
    LETITIA RINGO Jan 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will definitely join in a class action...I currently have a loan restructure with ASC and they have added 0ver $23,000 to my principal balance without any explanation even though I have asked numerous times. This company is horrible. If I didn't like my home some much I would be done with them, but unfortunately we owe now more than the house is worth.

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  • Iv
    IVAN Jan 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Mo
    mookie78 Feb 29, 2008

    I have got to get some help.

    I was a month behind in my mortgage since I lost my job. Got a job and my boyfriend went into the branch to pay the late mortgage and the current mtg. The teller and manager advised him my automatic mortgage payment had been stopped and wont start until the following month so he paid the teller cash for both payments. He asked the teller for the toal amount and she would not give him the total so he gave her what he thought would cover it. The late mortgage got posted fine, but the second was short and she applied it incorrectly to my mortgage. The teller and manager were wrong about the autmatic payment because 3 days later it kicked in and overdrew my account. WFB I worked with several people and was told over and over all fees would be reversed dont worry. Days later nothing changed except my growing overdraft charges. Contacted WF home mortgage and got someone who actually knew what he was doing, all the fees have been reversed except about 400.00 which was the overdraft part which should be reversed since it was not their in the first place..the problem is the BK department took the overdraft funds that went to my mortgage stating any overpayments went to my 5 year old bk fees...Which I never knew I had in the first place. All my debt was discharged and I have nothing in writing from them regarding fees. They said even if your mortgage is not affected by a BK you will still have to pay WFB lawyer fees (which the amount keeps changing). On a 3 way call between me, wells fargo mortgage and BK department, all I got was belittled and told by the bk dept that they are not giving the fees back, even though wfb mtg says it was a bank error and the money is to be reversed....So as it stands I got all my original money back, all fees reversed except the 400.00 overdrawn in my account which wells fargo mortgage doesnt understand why it hasnt been reversed it their was insufficient funds in the first place! I want to close my account but customer service says i have to pay the overdrawn monies first, which arnt mine in the first place.....what to do next????

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  • Rs
    R Satre Mar 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wells Fargo and ASC are doing one even worse on me, they have doctored documents to make it look like we signed a forbearance agreement, while all along I challenged the amount owed. Send emails to me to help me show this is a pervasive tactic on ASC/Wells

    the also told me they were going to send loan mod, but only sent the cover sheet not the modification and had already filed foreclosure 3 days before it was due!

    I need other statements by other victims.

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  • St
    Steve Robbins Mar 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    America's Servicing Company want help you they want your house. Even after Bush ordered Mortgage company's to work it out with their customers ASC feels that they are above the law. Lets file and take them down.

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  • Be
    BENITA BENTLEY Mar 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I filed a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency. As a result, Wells Fargo executive specialist is working with me. However, I am open to pursuing this legally if the issue is resolved. Background, I had to file bankruptcy because Wells Fargo misappropriated my mortgage payments. I have found 62 questionable items in my account history. I recommend that everyone review each transaction on their statement for errors.

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  • Br
    Brad H May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For all the people who have a complaint against America Servicing Company and/ or Wells Fargo, it's owner, please contact me at this email address ([email protected]) as a paralegal is preparing a class action lawsuit for the common person, in which they can make their grievances about these companies known to the court and the United States Congress. An investigating committee has been established to collect all of the cases that show the "pattern of conduct" of these companies for preservation and presentation to the committee. You will be contacted and informed of when you will be asked to make out an affidavit or appear in person before the committee if necessary. This is the only way that the common person will ever be able to get his case across to these lecherous corporations who have prayed upon such victims.

    Thank you for your support.

    Class Action Lawsuit Against America Servicing Company

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  • Ta
    Tammy Jun 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I lost my job after 11yrs and have been trying to work with Wells Fargo since Oct. 07 I have been in review. I called on a weekly basis and got the same replies ( I think they were reading from a que card) Send no money, do nothing as long as you are in review, we don't want your house . keep calling every week to see if there is any changes. I did that, 120th day to the day I called got still in review. 121st day I called you are in forecloser. Wow no letter no phone call no nothing. At this time Maryland Bridge to Hope has been trying to help me save my home. I personally have paid over $8000 in 2 months the balance has not gone down because they are charging me $560 month late fee's and other penalties, and even though the State of Maryland has the money waiting, there hands are tied until Wells Fargo is ready to work with somebody. I am not sure how this chapter in my life is going to turn out, But, I have been dealing with loss mitagation 8mnths now and still nothing is settled. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF YOU ARE HAVING FINANCIAL DIFFICULTS DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR FAITH THAT THE MORGAGE COMPANY IS ADVISING YOU CORRECTLY. AFTER YOU ARE 120 PAST DUE NO OTHER COMPANY WILL TOUCH YOU AND YOUR MORGAGE COMPANY DEPENDS ON THAT.

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  • Na
    nancy moore Jul 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been working on getting my client approved for his short sale for 7 months now. In the first month I had 8 offers on his house. Many, were over the listing price. Wells Fargo has dragged and dragged...eventually every offer has disappeared because of the long wait.
    My client is a vietnam vet with severe health issues along with the illness of his wife, that resulted in her death. Those exorbitant bills are why he can't pay his mortgage.
    The loss mitigation officers are in my opinion, incompetent.
    I would love to join the class action suit.

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  • Wo
    worstcompany Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is the worst company ever!!! folks keep in mind every dog has a day. the phone numer they have for me is one thats not being used, so it goes into voice mail, and when its full its full. until i'm done with my payments.i never knew employees could call customers ### and MF i wish i could get away with this at my job. must be nice.

    it would be nice to pull together and deal with this company in court.

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  • Li
    Linda/Rose Ward Aug 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to be in the class action suit if there is one filed can anyone tell me who to contact. They went up on our mortgage saying it was personal property going up. Wrong. My mother singed a statement with the tax acessor that they never would go up. So then they came up with our insurance went up. Wrong again. I called the insurance agent the insurance amount was still the same. I go behind two payments. They hounded and hounded. Finally they did a loan modification which I had to send them money in order for them to do this. It took awhile before they modified they loan. Once again they went up on the loan. This should be preditory lending. Let me know if there is a class action suit. They should go out of business for messing up everyones loan

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  • Ki
    kill asc Sep 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    go here to bring down wells fargo's stocks to next to nothing,

    wells fargo/asc are profitting off the frauds they commite against you [email protected]!

    act now. their shares are 33.85 each! how can that be when other banks are failing at the current condition of our economy?

    something must be done. REPORT TO THE MEDIA/CNN/Wallstreet Journal ETC!!

    bring this company's stock prices to worthless garbage so that their ceo's and employees and it's shareholders sent to the poor house!!!

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  • Ci
    Cindy Sep 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree, I am just starting the short sale process and the drama is already beginning. I was supposed to get a call from the "negotiator" today to do my mortgage counselling and she never called. I feel very strange getting this so called "HUD mortgage" counselling from WF directly. I am convinced that they are stalling so they can foreclose. If they don't work fast on this short sale I'll throw the damn keys back at them and they can sell it.

    I will be in line with everyone else if there is a class action. I was only two months behind and was told I couldn't make any more payments. I called a few days later for another questions and they told me I could have but it would be put into a "hold" account, not applied to the loan. I don't think I have ever been so mad in my life. I lost a good job and make a lot less now and they think I'm going to let my money sit with them and not be applied they're NUTS! There are plenty of other people I can pay.

    This whole process is so convoluted. The banks would make so much more money if they cut their losses and worked with us. And now the government is talking about yet another bail out program for lenders? What about our bail out?? The FHA program in October is supposed to do that but if you read the preliminary fine print you have to requalify for your loan and come in with a down payment. Now let me ask you, if you had a down payment would you be behind on your mortgage? I don't think so!

    They're all crooks and this country is going to look like a getto if this keeps up because no one is going to give a crap about owning a home anymore.

    Email me if there is a lawsuite in the works, I would love to see them squirm!

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  • De
    deb Sep 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In Feb. 2007, I signed a contract with Wells Fargo for a construction loan. This was to be a one-time closing. The contractor ran over the one year mark. However, Wells Fargo kept extending the maturity date for a fee of $500 for each two month period.
    When construction was complete, and I was ready to have the loan modified, Wells Fargo ran another credit check and said my scores and debt to income ratio were too low and I need to find someone else to fund my loan.
    We already had thousands of dollars invested in the land, and ran up credit card amounts to make upgrades to the finished product.
    We have not been behind in payments, which allowed us to extend the maturity date.
    I thought I was working with the modification specialist. After two months of no communication, I asked what was happening. I finally got a response that "the rules have changed", they could not modify my loan, and to find someone else. I don't know where to go from here. I have no lates, no bankruptcy, no repos, and not in foreclosure or pre-forclosure. I think this is very wrong.

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  • Ma
    Marina Stamos Sep 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All adjustable rate mortgages are fraudulent, middle-man scams. Residential and commercial. THe ARMs are at the heart of many of the mortgage issues.
    I want to join a class action suit against Wells Fargo for participating in enforcing ARM loans, that are predatory on their face.

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  • Li
    Linda Chartier Oct 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    has anyone asked ASC for help under the bailout scheme?

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  • Ce
    Cenobia Quintanilla Nov 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Include me in a class action lawsuit. Please contact me at (310) 866-7419. My e-mail addresses are:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Thank you, and please contact me 24/7

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  • Bu
    Butterfy Princess Mar 10, 2009

    I am in total agrrement with the class action suit against wells fargo. They are not interested in working out a modification that is affordable they have given me the run around for almost a year now.

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  • Ch
    chris Apr 09, 2009

    I have paid 60k in interest in two years, i have now been told as i own a small business and dont qualify for a refinance with asc or wells fargo and have been denied again today for the third time on a loan modification!!! Asc points at wells fargo and says they dont deny anyone as wells ownes the loan, however on two rejection papers asc is clearly the one who rejected me. I have only missed my first payment last month and the comp controller opened an investigation up on my behalf due to how things have been handled. Today the executive office in des moines tells me i have not been rejected but the mitigation department said i was uncoporative because i didnt return a phone call on april 1st and therefor they denied me, but did it also on the paper work i sent in december not in march!!! I am so frustrated and maybe the one to start a class action suit as I have been totally screwed around by this or these two entitys. I guess we all qualify for a higher interest rate and higher payment and we cant afford a lower one to keep the crooks in business

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  • No
    noragloria Apr 16, 2009

    Questionable business practices? Yes. I had a mortgage on which I fell behind due to not enough of a financial cushion to help me through what ended up being very, very tough times. During this period, ASC would send me priority mail envelopes (with nothing in them) and then charge some exhorbitant rate for "drive by inspection". Shameful. I kept one of those empty envelopes, just in case.

    ASC is also very unresponsive. I had to send the same letter THREE times in order to get a response (which was less than clear, in any event) - and this IN SPITE of provable delivery. I hated having to sell my house (lost my life savings), but there was no way of working with this service company, and this was before the new government-sponsored programs went into effect.


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  • Mr
    MR. C May 04, 2009

    I am going on my 6 month without making a payment to ASC and have a broker working my Mod for me. I call him to see what is going on and he keeps telling me that it is in ASC 's hands and that it is in Negotiations.
    I have received Certified Mail Letters stating that I am in default and that they are attempting to collect a debt. No threats of Foreclosure yet... But after reading all these blogs, i am very concerned that I will to go through a whole lot of BS with this ASC CO.
    Is there any succesfull stories with this Company? I too paid on time and in full for 3-years before I got into financial troubles and now can make reasonable payments but I will not pay for a bad loan that will get worse. I too feel that I will be facing your troubles and would like to ask if it would be a good Idea to let go of my broker and consult a lawyer. If anything what if I let go of the house will ASC come after me for ther difference of the loan amount if they sell it for less!

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  • Rp
    RP19 Jun 15, 2009

    hey you will eat your words, when you lose your home if you have one, just keep living you will see the real life... you will lose your job and will not be able to pay your bills, then here come the repo man...

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  • An
    Angry at the Banksters Oct 02, 2009

    After my husband lost his job, and we burned through all our savings, stocks, retirement, etc., while he looked for employment, our mortgage adjusted up and doubled in October 08.

    We've been working a loan modification with Wells Fargo's glorious "call center" since January. A few months ago we were turned down, then they said they wanted $3, 000 a month for three months, a balloon payment of $29, 000 and then they would "reconsider" us for a loan mod.

    July 2009, our kitchen flooded from an indoor fridge leak, and destroyed our wood floors, baseboards, etc. Insurance company issued us a check in the amount of $15, 000 made payable to us and Wells. Wells required that we endorse the check and send it in to them, and told us we would get the check back to pay our contractors within 5-7 days. This was on August 4, 2009. As time went on, they changed their story...suddenly it was a third here, a third draw there. Then because of our "default" status, it had to be approved by the "default department."

    As of this date, we only recently received one small check (for the demo), and everything else we have had to pay out of pocket. Even though we were declared 95% complete the middle of September, Wells has stonewalled us, lost documents, faxes, lied and changed their stories over and over again as to why we aren't getting our insurance money that WE PAID FOR. Meanwhile, we have had to pay so much out of pocket, that we obviously are unable to meet the $3, 000 a month payment they asked from us...

    The worst part? Our insurance company inadvertently added a charge to repair our broken fridge, in the amount of $535.15. When I contacted Wells about returning these funds as they were PERSONAL PROPERTY and not part of the structure of the house, at first they said no problem. To date, I have not received those funds either. I have sent 5 written requests begging for those funds as we had to divert all our funds in to fixing the floor so we could retrieve our insurance funds from Wells. Our family has been living out of an ice chest, in the garage, during the heat of summer since JULY 22, 2009!!! Despite repeated requests, proof of payment to contractors, cancelled checks, a 95% inspection that deemed we had done the work, they STILL have yet to release any funds.

    Since August 4, 2009, I have sent over 34 pages of faxes. Spoken with 21 different people. I have kept very, very detailed records of each and every conversation. I am more than willing to investigate our options willingly.

    Please contact [email protected] if this rings the bell!

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  • Go
    GoodCreditForcedtoForclose Oct 22, 2009

    ASC / Wells Fargo are Skandalis, predatory lenders that should be stopped immediately. I have NEVER been behind on my mortgage. Not even once. I am simply trying to sell my house and get out of a home loan that is ballooning up to 13.5%. How in the hell is this stuff legal? For those of you that think I got myself into this, you are crazy. It is too easy to judge people when you are not in the situation yourself. People I trusted (close friends and family members) were working with me to help me purchase my first home. I was told that if I signed the contract it would be easy to re-finance my loan after 2 years and I would have no problem keeping my interest rate low. I trusted these people and signed the contract. Now My house is worth only half the amount I paid for it and I can not get it re-financed without agreeing to pay an additional $10, 000 added to the top of my original loan. ASC wants me to submit 30 pages of paperwork (my short-sale application) every 30 days. Are they kidding me? I have a life. All I want is to get out of my house and save my good credit. They are leaving me no choice but to just walk out and foreclose even though I have good credit and I have never been late on a payment in 3 years. I have been getting the run around for over a year now. I just want out of my house! Any suggestions? This has to be illegal. It is like THEY WANT US TO GO INTO FORCLOSURE

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  • Hu
    hucksoll Nov 13, 2009

    I know I'm a little late on this entry but i completely agree i could ramble on about this ridiculous company i would love to join a suit, I'd be happy just to know someone got some justification. i went around for two years finally i got a lawyer wasted a lot of money just to keep my house

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  • Wo
    wonderboylongbeach Jan 03, 2010

    I have recently lost the building I own/live in to foreclosure. I've lived here for over a decade, This is a huge shock to me, in October I renegotiated my mortgage loan with wells fargo, they put me in their "h.a.m." program, Home Affordable Modification, I have the terms of my new loan in writing from wells fargo, and made my new payments in full & on time. the representative at wells fargo said that even though i was enrolled in the program, that the "H.A.M." program was no longer available, and they apologized and told me they weren't able to let all the people enrolled know that it was discontinued. I was then instructed to fax Wells Fargo my proof of income, a hardship letter detailing my current situation, and a financial breakdown of my monthly income & expenses so that they could place me into another assistance program. I faxed in all the information, and was told to wait a few weeks and to give them a follow up call.
    After a few weeks, I called Wells Fargo and they said they no longer had my loan & that I needed to call Freddie Mac. They advised me that their loan modification dept must not have communicated with their foreclosure dept that I was in a new arrangement, they foreclosed on me without any warning or notice. I wasn't contacted at all via telephone, mail, or email. I was unaware until I was visited by a Remax associate. The Remax agent said they were there to see if the property was vacant or occupied and that they were going to sell my property. They informed me that I was the former owner, and my home was foreclosed on Dec 21, 2009.

    The Lawyer handing my inquiry said that they were advised to begin eviction proceedings. I am so worried, stressed out and saddened by all this, I want to do whatever I can to keep my tenants & myself here in the building. even though I have been communicating with the attorney & my own lawyer, I have yet to hear directly from Freddie Mac Bank. I have called them everyday, and everyday they tell me my inquiry has been assigned to an agent and I need to wait for their call. Today they told me the same thing, and confirmed that an agent is due to call me and if I don't hear from them by Monday morning to call back. I am still in shock and have no idea what my options are or we can do.

    Thank You,
    Chris Cooley
    Wonder[email protected]

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  • Mi
    MISTY GREEN & BLUE Mar 10, 2010

    I too I'm having a hard time with them. I fell behind on the mortage, I took a loan from
    my 401k. sent them a check which was more than I need to get caught up. I sent the
    check on the Feb. 8th from Chicago to New Jersey they held it untill the 19th and cashed
    my check. On March 3rd they sent me a check for the same amount I sent in.
    I called and they told me I had to pay the Lawyers Codilis & Assoc . I call the lawyers
    and told them what ASC told me, The Lawyers knew nothing about me. And told me
    that ASC could have reenstated my account . Called ASC again and got no where .
    I told them I will not cash the check and I will sent the balance to them.
    Not sure were this will end up. I don't want to lose my home because they can't function
    as a real mortage company !!!

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  • for anyone thats dealing with wells fargo /asc, i have been dealing with them for almost 1 year now. they are the masters of delaying mods. if you find yourself in the midst of their bull such as not qualifing or getting transfered, and them telling you they didnt recieve your paper work, etc, . ny advise to you is never give up! document every call, ask for the persons name employee # time and date of every call and DONT QUIT! stay on them. eventually they will transfer you to the office of the president. once there contact the states attorney, HUD, and anyone else you can. YOU MUST BE PERSISTANT. I'VE CALLED SO MANY TIMES ALMOST EVERY OPERATOR KNOWS WHO I AM. you can get a mod if you stay with it. tell them you will file BK tell them your sending letters to your congressman and do it. so many people are trying to do the same thing and they find it easier to sa no but if you keep pushing they will crack. but please keep detailed notes of every call, letter, and timeline. you will get them to counterdict themselves eventually. the presidents name is john stumpf, his assistant is kim keenan and joe bird. the executive negotiator is dawn woolard, she is the person that gets things rolling. i cant stress the point enough that you need excellent notes and give them the impresion you are not going to stop until they help you. guidelines are changing every day and if you give up they win. lets face it they dont want your house they want money. be prepared to enure lies, misleading coments and a lot of NO's. but stay focused. HUD can be very helpful and 955hope, a nonprofit company will 3way call with you to help. dont give up people these banks are ruining our american dream and they got hundreds of billions of dollars to assist us but unfortunatlly you have to fight like a prize fighter. call them until they are sick of dealing with you. like i said earier i've been fighting for 1 year and i'm now getting across to them. and remember they cant get you out of your house unless you leave. if you get served to appear in court dont worry the courts are overloaded and they postpone the case constatlly. you mortgage company may even offer you cash to leave your home, DONT TAKE IT. fight people, i cant stress it enough. our president wants people to stay in their home. focus on your health, dont let the stres ruin you cause the they win. if you write a letter or somehow contact the O.O.C(office of currency) they will contact you mortgage company and your case will be escalated to an executive desision maker in the office of the president of your bank. they then have 15 days to respond back to the ooc and prove they are working with you. and also most important do research on the web to find similar situations like yours and that will give you more avenues of attack. i got my intrest rate dropped my unpaid balance lowered and they are extending my term to meet my budget. it does work people but its up to you and how bad you want it. i feel the goverment gave them the money to help us but they only have to help the ones they want to. sdo you make yourself the one they help buy being persistant. in these times its the hard working squirel that gets the nut. amke it you passion to get help. i hope i've encouraged some of you to fight for what you deserve. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. WE ARE THE PEOPLE SO STAND TOGETHER AND WE WILL PREVAIL. just a side note, i've been told by my mortgage company that i'm very persistant and they can tell i wont quit till they help me. THATS WHAT YOU MUST DO. HERE IS SOME INERESTING ARTICLES I'VE FOUND DURING MY RESEARCH;

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    Feb 29, 2008 ... I am collecting names and contacts for fellow ASC borrowers who have and are currently experiencing misleading FRAUD tactics with the Loss ... - Cached - Similar -

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    10. america's servicing company ceo - Bloglines

    I sent an e-mail to the CEO of Wells Fargo, the owners of America's Servicing Company, to report the ongoing fraud at America's Servicing Company. ...'s-servicing-company-ceo.html - Cached -

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    Attached are two different HAMP write-ups, one for FHA HAMP and one for the Treasury HAMP program.

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  • Re
    reecy May 26, 2010

    Thanks for your encouragement. I can honestly say that I have been in this fight for about 2 years. I have learned through talking with them that I needed to keep detailed records, employee ID#, dates and times of conversation.

    I read one of the responses from someone saying that it is OUR FAULT. We mismanaged our funds, bought too much house, or whatever insults they can throw to make us feel like our complaints aren't justified.

    YES, i fell behind 2 months. After being laid off in, I lived off of my SAVINGS paying all my bills on time for 7 MONTHS before falling behind. After my inital default, I WAS ABLE TO AFFORD my mortgage being REHIRED and have SINCE PAID MORE THAN $22, 410.00 to ASC. I have spoken to asc numerous times and They say I AM STILL 14 months behind. MY MORTGAGE was only $1055.00. They sold my second mortgage and CANNOT tell me TO WHOM.

    However, I will say that after 2YEARS of dealing with ASC and speaking to 38 different reps, I can FINALLY say that for the past MONTH I have spoken to the same ONE rep for Wells Fargo at least 5 times. She calls me and I her. I almost cant believe that she is the ONLY one handling my file. I am a bit leery about the HAMP program and whether I will receive my JDAY!!! but I am extremely HOPEFUL.




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  • Co
    Coming to get them Jun 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sick and tired of dealing with these rip off artists!

    Back in 11 Feb 2010, I was given the chance to catch up on back payments through remittance. I was told I would be on a 3 month trial and that as long as I kept up with the payments, everything would be alright. So here I was thinking this should be easy enough, no problem. I had already put my house up for rent and moved back in with my parents for the meantime. They knew this before they even agreed to the remittance. Nothing was ever said before hand that this couldn't be done. So 3 months go by, all the payments were in on time, no delay, and accounted for. When I called them to verfy for the last time they said, everything looked good. No problems or changes occured.

    3 weeks went by...

    I get a letter in the mail saying that they couldn't get in contact with me and that the house was back in foreclosure. Why? Because I wasn't living in the house, that I was renting the house out, they couldn't help me. Are you kidding me? So here I am, running around in circles, looking for answers. They knew I'm not home during the day time, and that I'm a single home owner. They knew all of this and never once offered the chance to have a 3rd party included to help me out. Me being a first time home owner was oblivious to this even being an option. Not only that, all the times they claimed they've tried to contact me, it was while I was at work. They knew I wasn't at home between 12:00 am and 10:00pm. To make matters worse, they never attempted to give me an option to at least catch up on back payments, and they rushed their paperwork in to their lawyers, Kolzeny and McCubbin, the biggest crooks in St. Louis, MO. I was asked to send them more information on my tenants, which I complied, then they asked me to resend all the information they had on me previously, renters agreement, bank statements, pay stubbs, the hardship letter, etc... I complied with all of that. Only to had to do it all over again, because they said they couldn't reach me on the phone.


    So here I am, resending all of this information to them again, only to be told it was being reviewed. In the meanwhile, their crook lawyers resumed their part of the plan, submitting papers to court, never mind the case was being reviewed. they didn't care! They were only out to get paid. Court papers and back payment accounted for $8580.32 total. That's what the lawyers were talking about. But the story Wells Fargo had was vastly different. I've called them to verify information on a quite a few occasions. They either didn't have an answer, or they were telling me stuff I knew 2 months previously. I'm not far from Des Moine, IA. I won't mind going up the road to put my foot square in their collective backsides! Just last week, if I hadn't called to verify the faxes I sent, they would have never told me they never received the Renters agreement! A whole week and a half went by before I knew they didn't receive it! A part of me thinks this was all part of a plan to get the money I was due for the first time home buyers credit. They didn't have to run to their lawyers without asking me if I was capable of making up for the past due amount. I had enough to make up for the amount due. But obviously, they had another agenda.

    They better hope and pray I don't go up there and raise hell.

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  • Ma
    mayt Jul 06, 2010

    To the post above and averyone else. I too was in the same boat as well. We applied for loan mod when the HAM was signed last year. Took them like almost 6 months to tell us that they got our request and are reviewing, . Before than, when we called, they just straightout told us that we did not qualify although we never refied and was our primary home.

    Then we decided to short sale and that took almost over a year and a half of resending paperwork and phone calls for them to just tell us it is still under review. Finally this year, we got approval from them and were waiting on second to sign off. Two days before the buyer was ready to sign, they tell us that it is in foreclsoure. Never got a ntoice, phone call or nothing. My realtor was shocked too.

    They were not even my original loan company so they do not have the note, I"m sure. If anyone is out there getting foreclosed by judicial proceedings, file a "produce the note." with the court. That should lenghen the time to let you work this out. I am so sick of this company and their ways. What kind of company has no acutal copany website? mission statement? nothing!

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