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American Signature Furniture / horrible delivery service

1 PA, United States Review updated:

I have never in my life experienced such poor service. I ordered a living room and dining set on March 14th for delivery on April 7th. When April 7th rolled around, I received everything except the recliner and sideboard. Delivery for these 2 items was then scheduled for 2 weeks later on April 21st. Since I received most of my furniture, I didn't think too much about this and went back and ordered a bedroom set on April 9th for delivery on April 21st along with the other 2 remaining items. BIG MISTAKE! On April 21st, the only items that were to be delivered were a pair of nightstands, a box spring, and the bed. No sign of the other 2 dressers, recliner, or sideboard. In addition, the head and footboard of the bed that were delivered didn't match so the delivery guys took them back. The third delivery was scheduled for 9 days later on April 30th. I just learned today, the 29th, that everything will finally be delivered tomorrow except for the dresser which will be in on June 2nd. June 2nd! Are you kidding me?!? I have to wait another month for a dresser! At this point, I ordered the recliner and sideboard 6 and a half weeks ago. The bedroom furniture was ordered 3 weeks ago. How long does it really take to get furniture?!? This is insane! Did I mention I've been sleeping on the floor for the last 3 weeks.
The only good thing about this nightmare has been the delivery guys. They've been awesome. I had the same guys for the first 2 deliveries. They were the ones who noticed the mismatched bed.
DO NOT ORDER FURNITURE FROM AMERICAN SIGNATURE FURNITURE!! Yes, it's cheap but you may never ever receive it.

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  • Ji
      8th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    'American Signature Furniture sucks!!!'
    The above review sounds like a similar experience my sister-in-law had earlier this year also.
    My husband and I should have read the reviews about AS and spoken to some of our family and friends before purchasing from this place. We ordered a bedframe, a mattress set, a hall table and a large mirror. We were told that our old bed would be taken away at the time of delivery of the new bed. When the delivery men arrived they said they could not touch our old bed frame as this was against their store policy and additionally the bedding could be removed only if it were completely encased in a plastic bag which we should have gotten at the time of our purchase. Needless to say this was all news to my husband and I. Since we were completely unprepared for the delivery we could not accept the bed at this time. We rescheduled a new delivery date for the bed.
    Once the bedframe and the mattress arrived and were assembled the bed was about 4 feet high because of an unneccessay box spring the salesman sold us with the bedframe! They took the boxspring back with some hesitation and we were refunded our money, but at the time of our refund came to learn that the other items we purchased were out of stock and would not be delivered until 4-5 weeks later. When the date for delivery eventually came we noticed that we were not contacted re the time frame for the delivery. AS was contacted and at this time they mentioned that the hall table was no longer going to be carried by the company but we could get the last one on display in the store at a discounted price. We agreed and a delivery date was set for the following week for both the mirror and the hall table. The CSA called to give us the time frame in which our items were expected to be delivered, we confirmed what was to be delivered and the CSA agreed. On the day of the deliver we called AS to find out the status of our delivery which was now late only to find out that the mirror would not be delivered as spromised and was presently out of stock until the end of November. We purchased these items the first weekend in SEPTEMBER!!!
    The furniture looks good at reasonable prices but what's the point if you can't get them in a timely manner if at all. We purchased from the store on Roosevelt Blvd...I hope that the owners of this family owned business really take a closer look at what is going on in some of their stores. From the looks of some of the reviews from stores in other states we did not have an experience unique to us and rather this experience is more the norm. What a shame.

  • Do
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    STOP.. do not buy from this company unless you have LOTS and LOTS of DELIVER TIME...

    My 4 piece sofa set - deliver date has changed 5 times 6 weeks later... today... I still do NOT have what I paid cash for. and Guess what.. if you wish to CANCELL the order that you paid CASH FOR... you will need to WAIT until the HOME OFFICE ISSUES and Mails a CHECK REFUND.

    This delivery SUCKS. Just like clock work every week someone CALLS and says the deliver date has changes and it is a SOFT deliver date.. which means it still is NOT guaranteed.

    What a big pain in the butt.

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