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I started treatment for hair removal on my arms in 2005 with a PROMISE that all of the hair would be removed or I would be refunded the $1, 400 that I paid up front after two years but, not to worry, that would never be the case. Initially I felt very little pain but over the months I actually had an INCREASE in hair. When I expressed my concerns I was told that that can happen if the laser is set too low so the intensity was increased and I was BURNED on 2 separate occasions leaving scars. On other occasions I would be left with stinging red spots for days in some areas while most others seemed untouched. Some times the technician would rush through the process in 20 minutes and other times I was there for over an hour. No consistency and always a new face. Because of my dissatisfaction they extended my treatments in the same lame way (but they were nice about it so I didn't want to make waves) and now in 2009, after going religiously for four years and getting about a 30% hair reduction result, I was sent a 'Dear Valued Client' letter telling me that my time was up and if I wanted to continue with treatment I would have to pay up. After tracking down the customer service number (since the number that I was sent in the 'Dear valued Client' letter was bogus) I was told by "Amber (she wouldn't give me her last name and said that she is the only Amber at ext.272) that "I am sorry for your inconvenience, but there is nothing further that I can do". She is very aware of the lawsuits against the company, by the way, and delivers her lines like a trained parrot ( I'm guessing that the phrase, "I'm sorry for your inconvenience, but there is nothing further that I can do" is a full time job for her but hopefully she is able to turn it off before she gets into bed with her significant other.)
In short, Don't Go To American Laser Centers! There are plenty of other laser places that know what they are doing. Also, don't just sit back and get ripped off, do something about it.

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  • Da
      Aug 14, 2009

    OMG I attend a American Laser Center in Broomfield, Colorado. I have been told the EXACT same thing!! I am 22 years old and so very disappointed!! I too think its a scam and warn YOU ALL DO NOT GO TO AMERICAN LASER!!!

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  • Sp
      Oct 29, 2009

    Most definitely the worst experience, painful and unprofessional...
    after 10/12 sessions every 8 weeks for nearly 2 yrs only resulted in about 25% hair reduction.
    every times with a different staff and 3 differents office manager, i tried to be brave, take the pain and make my money worth but i give up on my 2300$ and won't go back there, they should be closed down.
    they lie and don't listen to any complain ...and there is no refund!!! nice scam!!!

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  • Ra
      May 13, 2011

    this company takes your money and does not deliver!! that must be why they changed their name!!! too many complaints from unsatisfied customers like me. They took my money and their "hair removal" was completely ineffective!!

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