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Complaints & Reviews

poor company!

American Laser Centers is such a scam! I work at the Head Quarters in Farmington Hills, Mi. We bug the hell out of people calling them every other day, making them think that the $300 coupon they just received is something special! HA! We are at every show/expo we have raffle boxes in every tanning salon, hair salon, gym etc. Don't fall for the WIN Free Laser Hair Removal It's all a scam! Our services are Thousands of dollars and with this economy who they hell would spend that kind of money. You could buy a new car or give your kids something useful like a college fund! On top of the complaints we get from current customers. Customer Service SUCKS! You will be on hold for an hour and they are no longer giving refunds! The head honcho is back, Rich Morgan the founder for ALC. He is all about money not satisfaction! He would rob a blind man if he could!! DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT book a consultation with the call center. You are only setting yourself up for HELL!

  • Ss
    sss Jan 22, 2009
    Everyone, Please sign this petition! If you have been burned, physically or financially by ALC, put your name on this list and we will take them down!!!

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  • Ll
    llbe980 Apr 02, 2009

    FYI- There is no way that someone from the call center would post this- they get a bonus from the bookings for the clinics!!

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  • Correction. There is a way I would post something like that. I could give a flying rats butt if I make a bonus. and by the way it is only a dollar per invoice. Way less then 1% commission. They rob their own call center reps. We bring in more then half the money for that company, does management care NO! They are laying people off, not giving refunds, it's a damn sweat shop in that call center. Not to mention we are cold calling people and telling them they entered a contest. I did not sign up to be a telemarketer. I have a freedom of speech, and damn it, if I want to voice my opinion and warn people about the dangers of singing up for a package, I can. I still make $10 an hour if I don't book a consult. Thank you for your concern.

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  • Ci
    Ciro1 Apr 21, 2009

    Rich Morgan, CEO, is a scam artist that is a known drug user and alcoholic.He also has a rap sheet for credit card fraud.

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  • He
    Help it hurts Apr 26, 2012

    HELP!!! I went for my first visit for Velasmooth. OMG it hurt so bad I couldn't continue. She signed me up for a credit account. Do you know if there is any way to get out of this credit card. I am 50 yrs. old and getting married in 6 wks thought this would help for the Honeymoon. The back of my thighs have bruises and are really sore to just sit. HELP!!! They told me to come back Saturday to finish the front. Should I try to continue or will it damage my skin and make it worse for my Honeymoon June 10th 2012? [email protected]

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vela shape treatment is false

American laser has an incredible bad reputation, when it comes to customer service and honesty. "vela' do not...

crystal medina & american laser centers

March 2008 - had consultation with Crystal Medina @ American Laser Center in Mesa, Arizona. I agreed to...

ex employee and I can tell you this company is a scam!!

Embarressed to admit, but currently an employee of American Laser Center and want everyone to know this company is fake! The treatments do not work, and only work temp. giving the elusion that it works. I am leaving this company due to unethical practices. The company is based on sales only and if techs do not make their goal they are fired. Thats why we push sales on clients! Please people beware of this company!!! Do your research and go to a doctor for treatments only! The regional manager Theresa Nelson is on a mission to make her bonus and goal and so are the clinical managers Joan Passow. They will do anything to make a sale and get their bonus! Including taking you for a ride! Also if you get a treatment and want a refund, the company will not give you one! And if you get burned, know one cares! The owner who just got out of jail said its not a big deal! Please dont go here!

bad results and custmer service

I have gone to the place in Denver and have never been so upset. On there web site they state that it is pain free, yes on the neck it is but the face wow it its like getting poked by a nail and then some one comes and burns the hole and then they forgot to give me the lotion. My first 6 appointments for a week, a full week my face was red with pimples and I have never had that problem. People at my job make fun of me ever time I’m done with a operation It looks like someone beat me up or some one took a razor after me. Face hurts for a week after as well. So I go in for more treatments after the 6th one and still I have to shave every day. So I’m basically paying $ 3700 to have some one burn my face and then it does not even work on top of it and also I have to have a red face for a week after the procedure. So I have been trying to get a refund and that has been a nightmare. On May 14th I called to ask for a refund, I went down there they took pictures and stated they would submit to the doctors and they would call in 7 to 10 weeks. well 12 weeks went by and no one called so I called 3 different days and finally I got through on August 13th Denver management stated that they need more evidence I sent them pictures as well So 12 weeks go by and I have to call them again and they stated that your request was never sent in. So then this new person states she will submit it and it will take 1 to 2 weeks so I call again and they state nothing has came in and then 4 hours later some one calls from Denver and says its been denied. I don’t think this ever got through to a doctor. And How do I get a refund, Do I take them to small claims court on this?

  • I agree. They did not hurt me as badly; however, they closed their office and took off with about $1000 of my money. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they never got a response from American Laser. As a result, I NEVER want to pay for any service "up front" again!

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  • Ka
    Kanzaki Apr 29, 2011

    The customer service level and success with treatment may vary greatly depending on which office one visits and what sort of skin type / hair color they have, as well as other factors. Laser hair removal is most effective for those with pale skin tone and dark hair, though that's not a guarantee that it's going to work perfectly. I've been receiving treatments at American Laser Centers for over a year and have always been greeted with an exceptionally friendly, caring staff that takes extra time to make sure I'm comfortable and understand everything that is happening both financially and with the actual procedure (power settings, etc.) and they check in on my throughout the process with questions like "Does this hurt too much?" It's not comfortable, and there is some tenderness and redness for me afterward (I am having my face treated) but I have been very pleased with the results and while I haven't been able to quit shaving entirely, I do so much less frequently, and the change in growth has been drastic.

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erroneous and dishonest information to lure me to purchase

I have no issue with the employees at the Novi location as they are all very hard working and wonderful...

customer service and refund

After I realized that I was getting ripped off I decided to ask for a refund before my first treatment. They said that the manager was going to call me to get my credit card information. She never called me. I left 6 messages before I decided to call the corporate office. I called the corporate office and couldn't get through. Their hold times are 30 minutes!!! I kept getting the voicemail for the corporate manager and she never called me back. I left 4 messages and finally had to threaten to call the CEO when they finally connect me to her. It has been 8 weeks and I haven't recieved my refund yet.

  • Hu
    Huntington Beach Dec 01, 2008

    I have been waiting for a refund for over 12 weeks. I do not recommend American Laser to anyone. Their customer service is horrible and their clinic managers can never give you any information and tell you to call customer service where you have to wait on hold for 30 min +

    DO NOT GO TO AMERICAN LASER...if you do ...make sure its a treatment you want because if you don't and want a refund you'll be waiting forever...

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ex-empolyee how to get a refund

I am an ex-employee of American laser centers and every complaint is true on here now when trying to get a...

burn scars

I have been a client of American Laser Center for 3 years and nowhere close to seeing any results! The only thing it did was scar my legs permanently! Not too mention the ridiculous price I paid. I think the public should be more aware of the consequences and the truth about laser hair removal. I have called the office manager numerous times and left messages but no one has responded. The last time I went in there was to take pictures to supposedly send to corporate but no one has bothered to keep me posted and follow up and this was over a month ago! They are the most unprofessional organization ever, and I have never known a company to change managers and have such a high employee turn around! Its crazy, they need to be shut down!

  • Na
    natalie Oct 24, 2008

    I can def. feel your pain, imagine having it on your face?!!! omg!! I am going crazy, I have been a client of theirs for 3 years as well and I went to talk to them yesturday to tell them that it was it!!! since I didnt get any results, actually it made it worst because of all the shaving my hair grew thicker on my face!!! and what they did is tell me they were going to try one more time and I should see results, ... but what they really did is finish killing my skin and my confidence, I have really BIG burns on my face because they increased the level of the laser and now I am going out of my mind and dont know what to do... so much pain!!! and I have missed two days of work because of it... i have clients to meet with but I CANNOT show up to work like this.
    should I contact a lawyer??

    The dermatoligist in the ER when I went last night told me that I have Perm. scarring =0(

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  • Ta
    Tal23 Oct 13, 2009

    I feel your pain too. I was left with darker hair and white spots on my skin from the burns :(

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fraud and cheating

I attended a bridal event with a friend who was getting married & we both wound up "winning" a $300 coupon from American Laser. Once you go in they overwhelm you with information and get you to sign up for services that don't work (my friend got the hair removal package for the face & I went for foto facials). They are not trained professionals, their staff are not dermatologists & my skin developed MORE problems because of the extreme sensitivity to light that occurred after I started. I was told that I should be wearing factor 50 on my face... AFTER I received serious sun damage. I am locked into a package I do not want and what they offer you is cheaper and safer elsewhere. DON'T do it.

  • Dr
    Dr. IC Apr 02, 2009

    I won a gift certificate at a Bridal show too. They called for a free consultation. The tech was almost 1 hour late and did not even apologize. I agree customer service was horrible. The tech tried to tell me that I needed to go see a hormone specialist. I did not tell her that I am a doctor myself but I asked her how she knows I need to seek out hormonal therapy and she stated because she doesn't think my hair grows evenly". I asked her what amount of schooling she has attended and she stated she was trained on the job and this was her third month. I told her she should not be giving out medical advice without appropriate training and she got upset with me and refused to finish the treatment session. I spoke with the clinic manager regarding the situation and the clinic manager, spoke with her and she agreed to finish but I requested another tech at this point and since none were available, they said they would do that area of my body over next time.
    After this, I could not get them to schedule me or call me back for 3 months. Finally, I spoke with the woman who signed my friend and I up and she scheduled me. I drove in 4 hours away and they called to tell me (less than 24 hour notice) that they closed the clinic this day. I switched to a different clinic and explained what happened and stated I have been trying to get scheduled for 3 months and they assured me they would help. Now on top of everything, they just called me today (less than 24 hur notice) and stated they can not see me tomorrow due to the only tech having "personal issues". After reading all of these complaints, I feel I have been scammed. Does anyone know how we can get our money refunded?

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skin tightening package

I bought a skin tightening package thru American Laser Center which cost me $2200.00. I have had 5-6...

rip off

I bought a 5, 000 dollar package And went to all my treatments and there was no difference.This place is a total rip off

  • Ji
    Jill Vopelak Sep 30, 2008

    Totally agree. I paid $1000's for a package. The treatments barely worked. Not only that, I was totally lied to. I was verbally promised that I would be hairless on my legs. After 1.5 years of treatments (of the 2 year guarantee), I expressed concern that the treatments were hardly working and the head of the Northeast area promised to extend me 6 more months. After my two years were up, the head of the Northeast denied ever promising me an extension and I was told that any reduction in hair is considered a success and that they never guarantee results. What a scam. I never would have paid so much if the results were not guaranteed.

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  • Be
    beth Nov 20, 2008

    this place SUCKS! The people that work there are like used car dealers; but worse. do not go to american laser in columbia maryland next to columbia mall. do not go to american laser anywhere in maryland. its a scam and complete rip off.

    save your money and get a wax; laser hair removal does not work;

    they tried to get a 17 year girl to get face treatment that middleaged women get.

    stay away or loose your money

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  • Pa
    Past ALC tech Jan 14, 2010

    I just wanted to warn others out there about how bad ALC actually is. First, most people go into ALc because they won a drawing for $300. Well, everyone wins if they put their name in the drawing. It's just a strategy to get new consumers in the door. Second I used to be a tech at ALC and could no longer take it because of how many disatisfied clients I dealt with. ALC doesn not train their employees well at all. The lasers are very poor compared to ohers lasers I have worked with at different companies. Also, the celulite tx's don't work at all!! I did sooo many tx's and not ONE person was happy with their results! I just felt bad for all the clients who paid so much money and were complaiing that they still high high percentage of hair left after two years. Basically, they will do anything to get you to sign a contract, because once you sign, they will not refund! When you are a tech at ALC your main job is sales! They don't care how your treat your client or how well you are charting and making sure you are giving a good tx. If you don't upsale you will get fired! So, I left because I went to school to do treatments not SALE.. So, I promise if you want laser hair removal GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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bad buisness

Do not waste your money on photofacials or microderms. They have you sign and initial paperwork that states if you do not have any results, sorry, they cannot control results. Well you probably will not get any resul;ts because the lasers are outdated or lame. I think they buy reject lasers at a low costs that do not deliver results. I wasted alot of time and gas to get a smoother and clearer complexion. I received zero results and spent over $2000 on nothing. Do your research and research the laser they will use, Ask how old it is and ask to see real patients and real results before you buy anything. I will not do any more business with them.

  • Gh
    GHICIU CONSTANTIN Oct 31, 2008

    tank you

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  • Gh
    GHICIU CONSTANTIN Oct 31, 2008

    tak you

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  • Gi
    Gina Sparks Feb 03, 2009

    I disagree with the person that did not get results from the photofacial and or microderm... the person complaining may not have followed the correct procedure before and after. I am 47 years old and I received 6 treatments and I sware I look 10 years younger.
    EVERYONE noticies my skin and my wrinkles are hardly there. Yes, it is costly -- but way worth it and much much less than botox injections every 3 months, or those expensive facials at Spa Winghaven which are way way overpriced. Trust me... they have great equipment -- they are featured all over the place and have had wonderful results. They use the up to date equipment out there.
    Some people want a magic wand...

    Thanks American Laser Center of Chesterfield. Everyone was just great. I'm looking forward to my cellulite treatment next!!!

    Gina Sparks
    St. Louis, MO

    -1 Votes
  • Ru
    Rukh Dec 18, 2009

    I totally agree with you, I wasted $2500 for no freaking reason.I couldnt finish it cause it started getting Migraines.I tried to get my money back but poor me, The paper they told me to signed on the first day also says, If no good result or other reason, No REFUND. Anyway, We have wasted our money but i am trying my best to tell others not to go to AMERICAN LASER .PLEASE.

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belittled and no refund

On May 12, 2008 at 6:00 in the evening, my sister and I had appointments at the 41 W. 72nd Street location of the American Laser Centers. I need to inform you about not only the most unprofessional situation that my sister and I have experienced to date, but also the most inhumane treatment my sister has endured. You must understand that it is extremely important to understand the entire background to this situation prior to me explaining about what one of your “professional employees” has done.

I will begin with the fact that my sister and I have purchased two Laser Hair Removal Packages…including a full leg, face and Brazilian bikini process. Previously, we were referred to the American Laser Center from a friend of mine that has had positive results from her treatment. We were then referred to the Center on 41 W. 72nd Street in New York City. We live over an hour away from this site and still chose to come to this facility because of the good things we have heard about the clinic manager, Marisa Penkalski, and the results I had observed on my friend.

My sister talked me into the purchasing the package, and although I was very nervous, decided to do it. On the way down to our first appointment, I was so nervous my hands were shaking. My sister on the other hand was the one who was not nervous at all and trying to console me to tell me everything would be okay.

Upon arrival, we filled out paperwork and awaited our procedures. My sister went in first to a room with a woman (and I use the term loosely) who even from the beginning seemed quite unprofessional. My sister explained that after she entered the room, ANGELA nudged Marisa right by the door and said “You are going to do this?” Marisa jokingly responded with “No.” Angela responded with “You know how I am!” and laughed out loud as Marisa walked away. Now, this could have meant just about anything at all, however, when you are there about to undress and hear someone laughing, you can imagine the thoughts that run through your own head-just unprofessional.

ANGELA asked my sister to undress and then lie down on the table. The first thing Angela said to my sister is appalling!!! She asked her in these exact words, “How many pounds are you? “ Normally, this type of question wouldn’t be questionable in a medical setting, but when my sister answered her, she looked at her with a face and widened eyes and she said, “Oh” in a condescending manner. My sister, although unhappy with her remark, didn’t think much of it because she had thought the employee needed to know the weight possibly to set the laser machine (which we later found out is not the case at all.) The session went on with a ‘quick lasering’ to the upper lip. (At this point my sister was asked about the strength of the laser…but as you will see there was no other time that she was asked about the tolerance or intolerance of the machine).

The employee then moved to the bikini area. (Later, after I spoke with her about EVERYTHING that this woman did to her…Her procedure was nothing like what I experienced…and like I stated previously, we ordered and paid for the same exact package.) In any case, after a very quick time spent in the bikini area, the employee lifted up the paper cover and told my sister that she could put her underwear back on because she was finished and going to start the legs. She then said, “You are not getting the back done right?” My sister said, “Yes, the back is included in a Brazilian, right? That is what my package includes.” With no verbal response at all, the employee rudely placed the paper cover back over my sister and went right on to the legs.

I should also say here that my sister said that it hurt on a certain area during the bikini portion of the treatment, and the woman told her “The pain is normal on these sensitive areas.” Having the same procedure done with another employee, I know that if I ever stated something hurt, the first thing she would do is stop and say, “Oh, do you want me to lower the strength?” Why wasn’t my sister given that respect of even a choice of what she could do to prevent increased pain?

As rude as it was for this person to not respond with a verbal answer to a question that my sister had obviously asked, and that she just moved on to another area of the body the second after my sister told her that in fact was a Brazilian that she paid for, is unprofessional and rude. She could have very easily said that she was sorry for the confusion and explained the next steps of the process.

At this point, the employee stopped where she started on the upper portion of the front of the leg, looked at the clock in the room, and said the following…in these exact words, “You know, your legs are going to take over 2 hours because they are really big.” My sister was shocked by the words she chose to use and then said, “Oh, well Marisa told me that it was going to take an hour or hour and 15 minutes for the entire process. How long is my sister’s going to take?” The employee responded with, “Is your sister as big as you are.” My sister was again surprised by the response and only responded with one simple word, “What?” She said, is your sister’s legs as big as yours are?” First of all how dare her!!! To make matters worse then they already were… She continued to tell her, “The bottom of your leg is the same size as the top of mine. Usually when women come in their 2 legs are the size of one of yours.” What person in their right mind compares there own body to someone else’s in a professional setting such as this. And when a person is in such a vulnerable state to disrobe all of her clothing in front of a stranger and then get ridiculed is beyond my understanding.

My sister could then only respond with this, “My sister is smaller than me…much smaller then me, ” in a sarcastic tone. At this point, my sister informed me that her eyes began to well up with tears out of shear embarrassment. My sister explained to me that the sarcastic tone in her in conjunction with the tears that had welled up in her eyes appeared to change the demeanor of the employee at that exact moment. The employee asked, “Are you okay?” My sister responded simply with, “Yes.” The employee continued on to say, “I don’t think you are okay.” My sister was mortified at this point but thought she should just stick out the horror to complete the procedure she had paid for. “She told the woman in tears that she was “fine and to just finish.”

A few seconds later when my sister swallowed the ‘frog in her throat” she explained this to the employee, “You know many people are VERY sensitive to things such as weight and that you really made me feel uncomfortable.” The employee stated that she was sorry and didn’t know what she said. (Obviously you can now tell that that remark is more condescending then anything else because right from the start, she had asked my sister’s weight which is NEVER asked of a client for this procedure. And of course, with the other remarks leading up to this, it doesn’t make sense that this person says, “I don’t know what I said.”)

When the employee finished the top of her legs and asked my sister to turn over, my sister was so embarrassed that she started to cry and told the woman, “You know what, I can’t do this anymore.” The person turned off the machine and told her, “No just sit and relax and I’ll get you water.” My sister said, No! I want to get out of this room!” As she dressed herself with the lady still in the room, the woman continued to profess that that she didn’t know what she said. My sister could only bring herself to say through tears, “The remarks you made to me in the manner in which you said them have made me feel extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable.”

My sister being the good person she is went out to the waiting room and cried as she later told me she didn’t want my new and exciting experience to be ruined like hers was. Without knowing anything that was going, I happened to be experiencing the exact opposite of experiences my sister had. A little more than half way through, my technician, Libby, went to the room my sister was previously in to see of the other technician was finished with the other machine. (It was quicker than the one she was using with me, and she wanted to use it on me when my sister’s session was over.)

Libby came back into my room and said to me, “I just want to let you know that Angela just told me that your sister seemed to be “upset” about something and that Angela said “she didn’t know why.” (We already know that my sister explained to her why she was upset, so her remark, again, was a lie!)

Then Libby had to go out one more time and when she returned she said to me, “Listen, I don’t know your sister but it looks like she may have been crying. ( I later found out that this was approximately 15 minutes after my sister had left her room). Shocked, I just asked, “No, that can’t be. Is her face just red?” Libby did say that her face was red, so I assumed that she was mad about something that went on with the procedure itself. Never did I think that it could have been anything so horrible and embarrassing and abusive as what I was about to hear. As I finished my process, Libby professionally explained to me that I should go out and speak with my sister in private to see what happened and that she would wait with the door closed to give us privacy. She also very generously offered to try to “fix” anything that may have happened to my sister during the procedure. Little did I know the only thing she would be attempting to fix was a broken heart.

As I opened the door to the waiting room to ask my sister what happened, my sister looked up at me and began to sob so horribly that I couldn’t even make out a word she was saying. Libby then came out of the room right away to see if everything was okay. My sister was crying so terribly as she tried to explain the story to Libby and me. At that point, I asked Libby to call Marisa, the manager, because this was more than unacceptable. She did so right away still offering her sincere apologies to my sister and me.

My sister attempted to tell the story to the manager still in tears, and something interesting came out of this. Marisa had informed my sister that Angela had called her earlier to say, “I think one of my client’s was upset during the procedure. I think she might have got upset because I told her that it might take a little longer to do her legs then what was planned.” (Here we know that THAT is a LIE, because before she had told my sister and Libby that she “didn’t know what she had said” and that “she didn’t know why my sister was upset.”) So all of a sudden, she decides to call the manager and she miraculously knows ONE of the reasons that upset my sister---of course with a little sugar coating.

My sister went on to explain to Marissa the EXACT words that came out of her employees mouth as well as the rest of the horrible things Angela had said and did to her. She made it clear that the remarks relating to her legs were just the last straw to one full hour of the most embarrassing experience of her life beginning from the second she was rudely asked for her weight.

As I took the phone to speak to Marisa myself, Libby tried to console my sister as I spoke. I don’t want to disregard the fact that I had a wonderful experience and that my person made me feel more than comfortable at all times and was very skilled in her technique during the laser removal process.

However, when I compared every step of what was performed on me to whatever was done to my sister, I was even angrier. My procedure was very thorough and throughout the whole time, I was asked about intensity and how much I could tolerate or not tolerate. My sister was not asked this at all except for in the very beginning on her upper lip. Also, I compared where the laser was placed on her body compared to wear it was placed on mine, and it was NOT the same as what this person did with the laser on my sister.

Honestly, we have paid a lot of money between the two of us for these procedures and I feel that even with all of the horrible things that have just happened put aside…we should have been getting the same detailed and precise work as the next person who puts their trust into your employees to perform fair, equal, and legitimate treatment procedures.

It is imperative that this be taken seriously, as I am classifying this as verbal abuse and harassment. It breaks my heart to watch my sister cry and hear my sister say to me, “I feel like this woman just did not even want to work on me from the beginning because of my weight.” I mean really, imagine something you have dealt with all of your life-both internally and externally- day in and day out-and then it happens…your worst nightmare comes true! All of the things you are scared of and think about on a daily basis…come to surface by the words and rude unprofessional actions of an ignorant, animal of a person in your most vulnerable moment- (naked in front of a stranger.)

I can’t explain to you the pain my sister is now going through at this moment, but it was and always will be harassment in the form of verbal abuse. This is by far unacceptable and what happened on this Tuesday evening at the 42 W. 72 Street American Laser Center is not going to end there.

There is nothing that can be done to heal what my sister has endured and is still going through at this very moment. I am sure the feeling of embarrassment, horror, sadness and even shock that a person could actually say and act that way, will not ever really leave her heart or mind.

---- It has now been over 2 months and not only has my credit score been affected, but my mental state has really been affected in a horrible way. All we are asking is that a full refund is issued. This has been mentally draining and I need this to be out of my life. I can’t understand how a company could treat a human being this way and it is appalling. Below I am going to list everyone I have left messages for, e-mailed, or spoke with without any resolution to my case.

Marissa Penkalski – Manager of Upper west side laser center

Carina Rodriguez – General Manager of NYC centers

Robert ? – head of legal department at ALC

Eva ? – head of refund department at ALC

Kim Kuster – customer service rep who “promised” calls and answers

Vita – customer service rep who also “promised” calls and answers

false claims on hair removal

I went to American Laser Center in January of 2005 for hair removal treatment. I paid a total of $2980.59. It...

class action in texas

There was a reference here about a lawyer who was looking into a class action suit, who I have now contacted...

horrible customer service

This will be short and simple. Do not go to any American Laser Centers. Especially the clinic in
Greenwood, IN. I just recently moved in the area looking for a place to receive great hair removal BUT OH MY GOD I was in for a nasty treat when I step foot in this place. My first tx was terrible some new girl burned me, at first I was going to let it slide, but I called and spoke to the manager Amanda her name needs to be AIR HEAD INSTEAD she was very short with me and rude she even had the nerve to say she was having a bad day and was very red in the face. But to make a long story short I for gave her. Funny me and Amanda even became friends, and she gave me corporates phone number for a friend of mine in Miami, FL that is having problems at the clinic there.[protected] aks to speak to or leave a message for the regional mgr or HR. STILL PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE GREENWOOD, IN CLINIC those girls need to be retrained.

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    HSmith Aug 15, 2009

    I have just read all of the other posts regarding American Laser and it is amazing how we have ALL experienced the same treatment-nationwide!! I was burnt two weeks ago by having a Photo-facial done. I stood at the reception desk and made other appointments, all the while the technician was looking right at me and booking these appointments. I walked home, and as I did, my face felt very tight and burnt. The best way to describe the feeling-go to the beach, splash some ocean water on your face and then bake in the sun for twelve hours! That's how I felt. When I got home, I went into the bathroom to put on more of the "special" American Laser Post Laser Cream...mmm...and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified. I had several burns on my cheeks, bilaterally, and a huge burn on my forehead. I could not believe this technician looked at me and booked appointments and never said a thing about how my face looked. After speaking with the manager, I realized that this company will try to put the blame on you in one form or another, and not take responsibility for any of it. What's funny, the manager tried to offer me another package for other treatments, rather than refunding me my $2600.00. I told her that in no way was I going near another laser. My daughter works in the industry and she warned me about this place and Sleek. She worked for both companies for a very short time. She told me horror stories as to how most of the technicians are not trained to do laser and do not carry a license to do most of the procedures. She left both companies for those reasons and would not have her name/reputation connected to them. She has since worked in other spa's and she said that if the consumers could see the difference, then anyone even contemplating going to either Am. Laser or Sleek should run! So, long of the short-I am seeking legal counsel due to the unprofessional treatment, and the fact that I was BURNT. They do not take any responsibility for that, amazing. The tech was so rude when I went in to fill out an incident form. She refused to help me obtain the forms and copies of information in my chart. The lack of customer service is just overwhelming. WARNING: NEVER GO TO, OR REFER AMERICAN LASER-EVER!!! Spread the word ladies.

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    achaplin Apr 26, 2011

    Des Moines IA West Des Moines Clinic is very unprofessional also, TRAIN YOUR PPL IN CUSTOMER SERVICE, have them answer the phones and call ppl back, we are paying YOU for services rendered, customer service included!!!

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    pissedofflady913 Apr 30, 2011

    I used tothere and you would be correct about the way the office is ran. They hire girls and then in 3 days throw them into a treatment that they have never performed before without any training or experience. The manager that used to run that place quit as far as I know and they still dont have another one. Amanda was a raging ### anyway so there is no big loss there. The reason that no one answers the phone is cuz they pack clients in like sardines and they have no receptionist. That location is an absolute mess. Shea is the one running things now cuz they cant find someone to be the clinic manager. She is incredibly unqualified. She could care less about what happens to the clients or the people that work there. She is there for a paychech with minimal effort. You can usually catch her on her cell phone texting or ordering people around to do work for her. She also has no manegeral experience to be dealing with employees. Her idea of communicating is sending a text message. I worked there for only a short time and you couldnt pay me enough to go back to that hell hole. We burned people constantly and they just cover it up as if nothing happend. They make you work a 10 hour day with no lunch breaks or even a 15 minute break to use the rest room. They also need help so badly that they keep the ### workers they have cuz they cant afford to let them go and start all over with people who actually give a ### about their jobs. The corporation is incredibly unethical. They will do anything to make a dollar. they dont care if you see results or not, they just want your money. Once you give it to them its incredibly difficult to request a refund because corporate is the ones who issue the refunds and they could care less about getting them done. American Laser Center is the biggest scam! They treat there employees like crap along with clients.

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