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American Income Life / Fishing scam/pyramid scheme

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Phone: 7046059797

I was also contacted by a persisent person from American Income Life trying to schedule me for an interview. I asked if this was a scam and if this position was commissioned based only. They responded with no and that they were interviewing for senior, middle management as well as sales position. I scheduled the interview in hopes that it was not a scam. However I recalled that I only submitted my resume with cell number on careerbuilder but never applied for any position in the insurance field. I searched the internet and found someone had also filed a complaint against American Income Life with the same person I was scheduled to interview with, Jim Logan. Luckily I found the complaint and saw that they interviewed people and then asked for money in order to train their employees..definitely not a fortune 500 company! Dont waste your time!! Thanks to the person who posted before me and hopefully I can prevent someone from wasting their time to interview with companies asking for money for training their employees!

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  • Wh
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I'm moving to another state in the next week and posted my resume on I received a call today from a recruiting company that noticed my resume on Monster. He stated American Income Life would like to interview me for a position as an Executive Assistant to the Director of Sales. It sounded very promising. I scheduled the interview and was very pleased at the thought of finding employment so soon after moving to another state. A few hours after setting up the interview the Lord put it upon my heart to research the company further than the website I was given. Upon my research I found the name of the Director I would be working for, Mr. Aaron Gebke had several alias. Upon further research I stumbled across many unpleasant posts regarding this company. I didn't want to pass judgement so I contacted American Life myself and asked if there was an Executive Assistant position available. The receptionist I spoke with had no knowledge of an Executive Assistant position available in their office but there were only Management positions available. As soon as I heard that I knew the posts on this company were true because they all spoke of interviewing for a management position and presenting a fresh resume. It's awful how they get your hopes up on a lie. I thank God he put it upon my heart to research the company before they wasted my time and further let me down.

  • Le
      27th of Aug, 2008
    -2 Votes

    really it shows how shallow you are, that you can be so easily persuaded

  • Ra
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    I too was contacted by AIL. They called me on my cell and said they had reviewed my resume and wanted an interview. When I asked what positions were availible and what the company did, I was referred to their website. I think that's an immediate red flag if the person doesn't even want to disclose what the company does. STAY AWAY!!!

  • Ra
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    "[...]easily persuaded"

    ?? I think I'd be persuaded If I researched a company and the first link that pops up when you Google "AIL" is a bunch of complaints about how unethical the company is.

    I bet AIL has a separate department devoted to giving this cr@p company praise in online blogs.

  • Ni
      29th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    It doesnt make anyone shallow because they are easily persuaded by money, who isn't? And that doesn't make sense anyways. These are hard times rite now and that company is sick for praying on people to hire them just to pray on other ppl and sell them crap. I recieved to emails after posting my resume on monster for administrative positions and immedietly figured it was a scam just because the email was very script-like and both were identical, from two different people. I simply deleted them. I feel like messaging monster to let them know about this company. But at the same time they are not doing anything illegal so it's realy up to the individual to hopefuly find out on their own.

  • Ch
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Thanks for the warning. I received a message from American Life today and decided to do a little research first. I don't have time for their scavenger hunt. They must be getting enough candidates to stay in business. Hopefully this site will slow them down.

  • De
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    Thank you to all who have posted. You have saved me from yet another online scam. When they call, I will be ready! Thanks again.

  • Al
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    Thanks for this site, I was contacted by National Income saying that they saw my resume on CareerBuilders/Monster, I did not respond for a while but after receiving numerous emails I responded and was contacted today 12/10/08 by a Representative from American Income and have an "Interview" scheduled for tomorrow, but being leery because of the lack of information I was given (also it sounded to easy) I have spent the last hour trying to find out as much as I can about this Company. After reading the postings on this site I am convinced my first gut instinct was right and it is a scam or misleading entity.
    Thanks. Needless to say I will not be attending that "Interview"

  • Br
      20th of Dec, 2008
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    I feel completely stupid, I just had a baby and I am trying to make some extra money to buy her nice things for Christmas. My husband is having trouble getting customers at work and we have virtually no income. The kicker about this is that I actually TOLD the person that recruited me to sign up for this and take classes about our situation. She was so sweet and nice and seemed very genuine. Either she doesn't know she's working for a scam or she's just that good of an actor. Either way I am very sad to see the lack of remorse in humanity now a days. I wonder how many people have been left with a pile of bills or homeless because of the bills they racked up off this scam. I paid for the Insurance School in Nevada before I found out about this.. at least it was only a hundred bucks, and none of that went to them that's for damn sure. I hope the rest of you get out before they bury you!

  • Is
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    Any type of money that needs to be put up is for the state. Every insurance representative for every insurance company anywhere needs to aquire a license in the state that person wishes to work. If you can't pass the test than your not cut out for the business, sorry.

  • Si
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    Sure, if you sell insurance, you need a license. ANd a license costs money. But the Employer should provide - free of charge - the training necessary to obtain licenses to work for them. Virtually every industry works that way.

    I was contacted today by American Life. I don't think the Company is a scam. The insurance they provide covers thousands of union employees. That said, it is not a stable or predictable compensation package - and it requires you to solicit friends/family. Its fine to say - like I did - that a job with such a lack of stability and predictability is just not for me. But that doesn't mean that the product the company sells is a scam. It is a valuable and beneficial package. I just don't want to be selling it.

    Thanks for the comments, etc...

  • Mu
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    No, most agencies DONT pay for you to get a license. Are you kidding me? If they supply the training yea, sure they're not going to charge you. But to pay for things like insurance classes which run from 75-150 is crazy. no company can afford that. 103 for the state test on top of that. Oh and your license with the state itself will cost you 180. YEA!!! Things add up. The license is something YOU own. You are the keeper of it. If you leave AIL they dont go "woops lets rip that up" its yours until you need to renew it in 2 years. Why would they pay for that?
    Get serious. Big money costs big commitment. If you want an easy job with big money this ISNT it. go away. There's no such thing. But if youre willing to work, go for it.

  • Ag
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    I currently work for AIL, I was made well aware in the interview process that this would be solely commission, which to me was fine, seeing as I would get paid for the amount of work I produced... if I did not put the hours in I would not reap the benefits of putting the hours in...the products they offer are AWESOME...they pay directly to the funeral director within 24 hours via wire transfer...and their accident policies... wow... you have any clue how much money I would have been able to collect had I had their policy last year? between 11/07 and 8/09 my daughter broke her arm twice, I got stitches in my thumb from not paying attention while cooking...and broke my foot... their policy pays $200 for every accidental emergency room visit... did I pay for my schooling?.. yes... did I pay for my licensing fees? yes however they did front the costs for me and deducted it from my income in equal installments...and rightfully so, that license stays with me not the company. The class they held allowed me to pass the state exam first try, I have attended other classes for different state exams and this was the first one I passed, where all the classes I took I passed with flying colors.. what is my outcome with American Income Life training and offer.. I am grateful. Regardless of where I stay or end up, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people who most of which I adore, they have become like family to me. from recruiting to booking to going on the road... the fun that is had is irreplacable. The one complaint I do have is the union members who request benefits through their union do not know how to read the letters attached to the card they fill out... THAT is one thing I have to say.. anyone here make sure that before you sign any paper from anyone you read what you are signing. I have read the letters the members receive and yet some get angry that you are selling insurance they weren't aware thats what you were going to do... dont waste your time filling papers out you are not ready to follow up on and certainly dont waste other peoples time either. It is also in my opinion that selling people life insurance is helping them to care for their family. I am not a person who can sell something they do not believe in, and American Income Life Insurance is a product I believe fully in.

  • Ex
      8th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @agent Oh my God. You must have been directed by your SGA or MGA to write this masterpiece of feces (in which you verbally "bj" the whole company), and I also know to be a practice required by newer agents at many agencies under AIL. Do you know AIL veteran Chris LaFond? Because it almost sounds like you attended his "Tony Robbins" school of "things douche bags say to other douche bags who want to hear douche bag things". I sold the same lame-a** product that you peddle, for a period of time. I put in way more hours than the reward I reaped. I coerced clients at the behest of my "leadership" to purchase crap they didn't need or want. At the end of the day I was a con man and I couldn't find any excuse to convince myself to continue.

  • Ma
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    I was one of those who got suckered by AIL back in 200o-2001. I went through the entire hiring process (which, in hindsight, was total BS), got trained at my own expense (that too was BS) and got a producer's license in my state (I knew that would come out of my pocket beforehand). I went out on the road and did it for a little over 6 months. The result? I made a whopping $559.00 total during that time.

    The ethics? Definitely non-existent. The training? Sucked. The expectations? Seven day work-weeks from the people I worked for.

    It was just not worth it. And I would definitely wave a red flag in the direction of anyone considering going to work for them.

    At least I could write off the losses when I did my taxes...

  • Ag
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also got recruited by American Income. Im still working at the company and love. Im not sure why some of you get upset that they recruited you. You all don't have emplayoment and you ### and cry when someone is trying to help you out. You can make so much money in this company it is ridiculous. I have only been here for 6 months and I've with out a doubt made close 65, 000. In all honesty you just seem lazy to me and you want a borning customer service job where you come in at 9 and leave at 5. Also the company just got rated #1 by Yahoo finance for insurance jobs to work for. Also by the got rated a+superior. So you all should do informative research before you cry and ### like a baby.

  • Eb
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    I would like to personally thank every single person who decided to post on this site about AIL. Like so many of you, I was contacted by them, stating that they'd "found" my resume online and would like to schedule me for an interview for a "management" position as an account executive. Well, when I googled AIL, I found it strange that I couldn't find and actual link to the company, only ads on other job sites for positions. Then, after scrolling through a couple of pages, I found this site. Once I read a couple of complaints, I was convinced I'd done the right thing by researching this company. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your wise words. They've saved my family and me a lot of hearache.
    To anyone out there searching for a job like myself, please beware. There are, I'm sure, many more companies out there who would like nothing more than to work in the same or even worse unscrupulous ways like AIL. Take care, fellow job seekers. I sincerely hope we all find what we're looking for.

  • Sc
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes;_ylc=X1MDMzk2NTExMzc4BF9yAzIEbGlkA0hKMTAwVG9wQ29tcGFueQ--?ultsrc=HJ100§ion=TopCompanyList

    What is not legit about a fortune 400 platnium company with an A+ superior rating with AM best (the best rating to achieve) and a company that was just listed as the top 37th company to work for in america by yahoo hotjobs 2009 . The only company on that list that provides supplemental benefits to the working class man. The company doesn't advertise because they made an agreement with the union board to not advertise to help keep the cost down. SO do some real research based on facts rather than opinons and reading peoples slander!

  • No
      19th of Oct, 2010
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    In a word or two, if american income or logan calls, just hangup. It's not worth the cell minutes. Same as all say, it's not a job it's a scam, i work for a company that is real and they provide free training. As do most companies that are reputable. If i wanted a job from a two bit half broken English speaking Chicano Ill visit my local fast food restaurant or fill up station.

  • Eg
      27th of Aug, 2013
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    I got a call from AIL this morning and right away i researched this company and found all these complaints to stay away, Thank you. But I'm still curious to know what goes on during the interview...

  • Lo
      3rd of Jun, 2015
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    I won't be attending the interview after reading all of the complaints about this company. There are just too many and if they were successful, they would have a way to clean it up if the complaints were not legitimate. Why waste the gas and time. When I called out of courtesy to tell them that I was not coming due to all of the reviews I see on the internet, the woman said she loves the company and blah blah blah. I asked her what her position was and she said customer service. Why is customer service answering the phone for interviews?

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