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  • Mi
      Jul 12, 2010

    l dont have a complaint l just need to know is there a american income life insurance company in waco texas? l have been with then for over 25 years and l would like to up grade my insurance my e-mail is [protected] there zip code is [protected] just like to know if you can help me in tracking then

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  • Im
      Mar 01, 2011

    I have been reading all of the complaints. I work for AIL and I can assure you that some of the complaints you're reading is a flat lie. Others are grossly exaggerated, while the rest are misleading, or not telling the whole story. I don't know if it feels cool to join in with a negative group, but it looks like unemployment has put too much time on someone's hands. If you want to know the truth come by and see for your self. This company has produced more millionaires than any other insurance company. Our products are incredible, inexpensive and every single one of our products are valuable and effective.

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  • Ra
      Mar 06, 2011

    Will all of the miserable people plesae stand up, so we can get together and feel sorry for ourselves and blame someone else for our missed opportunities. Let's join together with individuals who may be mentally insane or mentally challenged. Lets trust people we never met before. Lets believe in the writings that we read on the internet everyday. Lets base our entire lives on one persons experience.

    Wow. What a sad soul. Another under acheiver trying to influence the general population to ease the pain of his failures. This is a total and complete lie. I am amazed by some of the garbage people are allowed to post on the internet. When a person accepts a job for 100% commission, they have no one to blame for their inability to succeed but themselves. Its hard to look at oneself in the mirror and say, "I am a failure because I did not use my time or resource correctly." It would be much easier to blame an entire company for one's failure. For those of us who are intelligent, I will say this, the day you let the internet dictate your success and your destiny is the day you have surrendered your own ability to think for yourself. Never let anyone's poor experience keep you from achieving your goals. Remember that internet garbage is a one sided story. You may be agreeing with a lunatic . Who knows why this person was not successful. Perhaps he had anger management issues that could not be controlled. Or maybe, he was not as bright as he thought he was and would do better working as a w2 employee. Whatever the reason, it takes an angry vain person to post such negative garbage with the sole purpose of keeping you from realizing your ability. I would like to invite all readers to the website to view the increase in stock and client base. I love the company that I work for and the clients that I serve. They are happy with their products and come from all different walks and backgrounds. From the businessman to the farm hand, I will always be there for you to handle your insurance needs. May God bless you.

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  • Ax
      Apr 17, 2011

    I think that most of the anger comes from being told that: people will be in business for themselves and making their own schedule, getting leads that people sent in asking for insurance, and making a lot of money very quickly. Did I miss anything? I use to train new recruits and those who left always said that the job was not what was described to them. I think the immature attitude of some of the agents who defend AIL doesn't help matters. You can't really build credibility with insults and sarcasm.

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  • Re
      Aug 06, 2011

    I'm sorry, but the people on here that are taking UP for AIL, are the ones scamming people. I have been doing booking for 4 weeks now and still have not been paid for the last 2 weeks, nor have I been paid for the booking I did for the "boss" of the office here. All I have heard is one excuse after the other! They are making money and the agent I book for gets paid to pay me, but she still can't pay me? And I too was offered the hiring manager postition, which now I'm sure was just another scam to keep me working for free, thinking I would be getting this big promotion, right? Just there way of keeping me quiet...woulkdn't wanna loose my promotion, yeah...right! This company is nothing but a big scam! I would love to join the class action law-suit against them. They don't care if you get paid, as long as they do!

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  • Dh
      Nov 09, 2011

    I am a former employee who worked for AIL from October 2010 through the end of November 2010 at the Woodridge, IL office under the ownership of Bob Olson. Olson actually was a somewhat decent guy, however his "underlings" were and are complete ### of the Earth. First off, I had to purchase my own laptop and pay for it out of pocket, without any reimbursement, just in order to get the job. Then I had to load their crappy computer program, which even after I removed it, has crippled my computer and slowed it down to turtle-like speeds. Then there was the "training." I use that word rather loosely because were weren't being trained to sell insurance at all. It was all about how to lie to the customer to get them to do what you wanted and bilk them out of hundreds of dollars of their money so that AIL could make money. Half the time, the person who was supposed to be leading the training session wouldn't even show up so we had to sit there and waste time. By the end of the two weeks, my training class of 15 people was down to 4 people. The people training us didn't care if we understood anything since they were in such a rush to get us out on the street.

    Next were the people that supposedly held positions of power there. I am not afraid at all to name these people because I want everyone who reads this to know what sleazy ### they were. Their names are Mandus Buckle, Cherie Adams, and Matthew Barrion to name a few. Ms. Adams would frequently get up on her high and mighty horse and belittle the rest of us who weren't as good at lying and stealing as she was during out afternoon meetings. She often told us that we needed to talk to our inner city clients in a "ghetto" or "black" manner, even though Ms. Adams herself is African-American. I found this particularly off-putting. Then there was Mandus Buckle, my boss. This guy was, and still is, an egomaniacal narcissist and steroid abuser who propositioned himself to every attractive female employee that worked there with the promise of more money and better leads if they slept with him. His boorish behavior was absolutely disgusting! Often times this clown would single me out during meetings and humiliate me in front of my coworkers. When AIL let me go, which was a blessing in disguise, this spineless coward didn't even have the stones to look me in the face when he fired me -- instead he sat with his back to me the entire time like he was some sort of big shot or something. I was extremely pleased to hear from my former up-line manager, the one decent human being that worked there, that Mandus Buckle was later fired due to an overwhelming amount of sexual harassment claims from various female employees.

    Now on to the actual job itself. The lead packs that we were given often times was made up of leads that were well over 2 years old that were simply union workers that filled out a card requesting that we enroll them in their free benefits which was a $3000 accidental death and dismemberment policy. Once we were in their homes, however, we were to show them the fancy pants lap top presentation and try to get them to hand over their personal checking account information to purchase an outrageously priced $30K whole life policy. In addition to this, I spent numerous hours of my day in a very dangerous area of the West Side of Chicago "door-knocking" to set up potential future appointments and meeting with prospective clients, most of which were broke to begin with. There were many nights that I put myself in danger driving and walking alone through these neighborhoods in the hopes that the crackhead that I set an appointment with on Monday was not going to blow me off that Wednesday when I showed up for the appointment. Several of my coworkers even had their cars broken into while they were on appointments. I honestly felt that I needed to carry some sort of weapon to ensure my safety while performing my job. Not exactly a great working environment if you know what I mean.

    I have since went on to work for a very successful and legitimate insurance brokerage and I must say that there are WAY better opportunities that AIL out there. Do not listen to the propaganda from idiots like Rainfire or michaelAIL. They are simply spewing the company lines and I have seen Rainfire post the same thing on several other links. They will try to tell you that YOU are lazy or unmotivated or not "AIL material" and that is why the people who have made these legitimate complaints have not succeeded at AIL. DO NOT BELIEVE IT!! It is all [censored]! Please people, as a former employee, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! They are NO GOOD!

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  • Ca
      Oct 17, 2012

    Glad I researched this company first. I too was invited to an "interview", which actually sounded a lot like a sales pitch rather than an actual opportunity . I will not be attending this "interview" and would like to thank all the people who shared their experience with this company. Time is money thank you for the warning and saving me my time and money. Troy, Michigan.

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  • Kn
      Feb 06, 2013

    I feel that people have the right to form their own views. I can say that reading all of these bad reviews I wonder two things. Why take on the position knowing you will actually have to work hard. Two complaining about the position when you fail to do so. Life is what you make it. People are so focused on the what's in it for me they have become lazy. You want a base pay go work for a fast food restaurant. You want great income work on commission. Example car sales, marketing, or insurance. Commission careers set people a apart. Either you got the ability or you don't. Do not ruin someone else's chance due to your lacking in the development of yourself. Nor a company because you didn't make it.

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  • Ma
      Jun 01, 2015

    American is a pyramid scheme worst company in the World, it a Hole in the Wall

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  • Ma
      Jun 01, 2015

    Worst company Ever

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  • Me
      Nov 12, 2015

    You get paid and are offered, also work in positions that you deserve. Plain and simple. Negative feedback is always spread like wild fire, and well positive feed back is always expressed by the profit amount. This company wouldn't exist if it didn't do well by its clientele or the actual employees. In every organization there are people who felt mislead, mistreated and blah blah blah because that's just human nature.

    Sales is sales plain and simple. It's not meant for everyone. If you do not have a positive mindset and the motivation, ambition, and disciple to do it, you will fail.

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  • Jd
      Dec 04, 2015

    AIL embraces a meritocratic philosophy just like democracy, but just like democracy, AIL retains a small percent of successful people on top of the ladder. It is, in other words, a microcosm of our nation. Arguing that your success depends upon your efforts, motivation, ambition or whatever is not completely true when not everyone gets the same amount of preparation or training. There may be unlimited opportunities but there is limited support. It is a company of opportunities but not a company of equal opportunities, but if you recall, they never promise you equal opportunities, so i cannot call them liars. A general manger, for instance, can have up to 10 or 20 regular agents, so think about how much support can each agent receive from one single person. Even with supervising agents it is insufficient to prepare regular agents properly and effectively. You certainly cannot expect all people to hustle in a way that a salesperson must do. Success is often a slow process and the problem here is that many new agents in AIL have families to sustain and cannot wait for two months or even three to get paid. Subsequently as they see this shadowy panorama they quit AIL and remain jobless thereafter. In addition, most people enter with no selling experience. Now let me share some observations; If you are a latino you will want to sell insurance to latinos who can sympathize with you, but we latinos normally lack the money and hardly believe in the importance of life insurance, so you will sale little, if any. If you're african american you will want to sell to african americans who actually do understand the importance of life insurance, however the resources are normally limited also. Of course i did witness successful agents who were culturally diverse but i ignore for how long their success lasted. What is am arguing by sharing these observations is that culture is an element that may either further or hold back your opportunities to succeed. I cannot deny that i did develop numerous skills throughout the 6 months i worked for them. I sympathize with the complaints, however, i feel neutral in relation to this topic because indeed there may be, just like they promise, unlimited opportunities but they never promise equal opportunities. I did not succeed as i wanted to but i understand that selling is not a strength of mine. I joined AIL because i was brainwashed about the unlimited opportunities but they never specified that this whole deal was about selling until i began my training. I decided to give it a try but wasn't very effective at selling in part because i am anticapitalist and in order to succeed in sales you need to have a rather cold heart when taking money out of lower income families. I felt i was rather hurting them financially instead of helping them and my purposes in life are more humanitarian. It is true that having life insurance will help them save money when losing a loved one, however the problem is that it is hard to educate people on life insurance within a short time frame, especially when you have not been TRAINED PROPERLY. People complain because they expect positive results but in order to get positive results you need more than just selling skills; you need support and good leads, and the leads in real life translate into the resources a family can provide to you as you grow up. A teacher cannot blame students for their poor academic skills when the majority belong to disadvantaged minorities whose children seldom can inherit any academic skills from their parents; the most successful students normally have parents with rich educational backgrounds. I believe therefore that AIL needs to work on better addressing the needs of new agents and thus i firmly believe that the negative critics will fall.

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