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American Home Shield / plumbing

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I initially called in a service for plumbing on 12/19/17 for slow drainage in both showers, sinks, linkage in hall shower, toilet stoppage in master bathroom & coming up through shower drain. When the first technician came out on Thursday he said he couldn't get through to solve the problem for the drainage & toilet stoppage & AHS would have to send someone else out who had a locator & camera. After he informed me of that I asked him would you at least be able to fix the link in the hall shower & he stated it was not on the order. I informed him that I know I reported it & it should be on there & his response was since it's not on there he can't fix it. I informed him I understand & that it wasn't his fault & I contact AHS & let them know & I would also inform them of needing to send someone else out. While he was loading up I placed a call to AHS & informed them that the leakage I reported didn't get fixed because they didn't include it on the work order. The representative looked in the system & also stated that it wasn't added to the order. I then informed her that I was aware of everything that I reported & I had 3 people in the vehicle with me going out of town that heard the call & also can confirm I reported a leakage. She stated that nothing could be done & I informed her that was not acceptable for me & I want to speak with a supervisor in regards to this matter. She stated that one was not available at the moment but she would get with her supervisor to have the call pulled. I then asked how long would that take & she said I should hear from someone by tomorrow. I informed her that when they have the call pulled I need to be able to listen to the call as well because I know I reported a leakage. I then informed her about needing someone else sent out because the first technician they sent was able to fix the problem & specially what was needed. After informing her of that she then tells me I have to wait until they report the problem couldn't be fixed before it could be assigned to someone else. I then informed her that I don't have time to wait until he makes all his stops then calls in his findings all at one time when I got [censor] coming up through my shower drain & the holiday is approaching. That is another issue for me but thank God the other company had an available appointment for Friday & was able to fix the problem. Due to trying to enjoy my holiday behind all that I called back to follow up on the leakage yesterday on to find out that no one can tell me anything. The representative by the name of Diane in GA told me that she couldn't even figure out who ALE initials belonged to so she was going to have to get a supervisor to find out for her. Then once they find out the initials belong to they will send a message to her to see if her supervisor had the call pulled yet or not. I then asked could you just have your supervisor do it so I can get it resolved because I'm trying to get my bathrooms renovated & she informed me because the other representative put she was going to have the call pulled in the notes that she couldn't request it to be pulled. Then I asked her could I get a call back once she had done what she needed to do & she informed me that she would call me back once she got an answer & she couldn't even give me a time frame for that process. I also informed her that when the call is pulled I wanted to hear the call as well & she informed me that I wouldn't be able to & I would have to have an attorney to request it because that is between me & AHS. I informed her since I am one of the parties I should be able to listen back to the call just like they are unless it's the company's way of getting over on people. I informed her from here on I am documenting everything for my record & they need to do the same if this how they doing business. If this is the kind of service that I will be receiving from AHS in regards to getting things fixed & not including everything on the work order that I reported I will be discontinuing my contract due to poor customer service. I would like a call back in regards to this matter as soon as possible & I can be reached at [protected].

Dec 27, 2017

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