American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / mr. richard employee at ahs

Memphis, Tenn, United States

This call were recorded around 1028 am this morning this employees call me and talk to me like a dog he talk like a pure red neck it's sad we live in a dangerous world and if he don't like his job as an employer with American home shields he need to open up his own red neck business and only deal with customers that he like and not black customers but I am going to take this all the way to the top I am look at my statement knowing they done took a payment he calling me a black whatever and telling me that I need to call back and talk to a black employee caused he don't talk to black customers I didn't call him he call me from a collerville office with a [protected] telephone number this man work for American home shields and represents this company In a bad way they have in many lawsuits before and its understand why they stay in lawsuits but I will take this complaint all the way to the top and I will let customers know if you black customers make sure its not Richard calling you from America home shields

Oct 26, 2018

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