American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]being charged monthly bill when I cancelled and never renewed

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When a person does not renew a policy it is canceled. I told my bank to stop payment on my policy because it was due to be renewed (I did not renew it). I tried time and time again to call ahs to cancel my policy but got nothing more than the runaround. They are more than happy to send a customer to a nonexistent person who will be glad to help but there is no such person, it literally takes an act of god to get out from under ahs. When my policy was due for renewal I did not call ahs and renew it, so please tell me how I can have reoccurring charges for something I never asked for?? My policy ran out, was expired and I thought that was the end of it, I did not call for a renewal!!! The website absolutely will not show a person how to cancel online, this is a scam and I am not going to be a victim.
How can ahs keep trying to run the monthly payment through my bank when I never renewed the policy?? I am accused of being delinquent and ahs has the nerve to send this so-called delinquency to a collection agency and destroy my credit. I am contacting the attorney general about this underhanded business practice. I will not go quietly, so you had better contact the nationwide credit inc, and fix this!


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      Oct 31, 2018

    I am having the same issue since 2016!! Fraudulent auto renewals. Taking payments without authorizations. No records of my repeated phone calls. Can I post negative stars?

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