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American Home Shield / fraud and scam

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My mother had things go wrong with her air cond as well as her air handler upstairs. To sum it all up they don't fix anything, charge the service charge rig it then send someone out the next month to rig it again. They have enough small print in there contract to cover absolutely NOTHING. Our experience with them and the customer service was absolutely horrible. If you are thinking of using them find someone else's or believe me you will be better off paying out of pocket when something breaks. My mom paid them for 8 years 500$ a year for ABSOLUTELY nothing to be fixed when needed. They feen on elderly and people wanting the piece of mind thinking they have ins in case of a major break down. My friend works for a major electrical co and his company will not even deal with them being so crooked. They find co. that are desperate that just want that 60$ service charge to lie and move on to the next customer. IT IS SICK!!!

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  • Ki
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I have filed report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and my local department of Consumer Affairs on AHS. This company is committing consumer fraud.

    My hot water heater and furnace are both 16 years old. Recently they both went on the blink. AHS sent a technician to look at the furnace. He 'fixed' the auxiliary limit and told me my furance was in its 'senior year.' A few days later it is 18 degrees outside and my heat still was not working. AHS sends the technician back and he then says my evaporator coil is dirty and that is a maintenance issue. AHS refused service. I had an independent, well respected, accredited BBB company come out and look at my furnace. They said I need a new furnace.

    I called AHS and they said they would send someone for a second opinion. I had to call back twice to see what happened. The first time, they said they canceled the request, and the second time they said the company didn't get my fax. Stall tactics, because they did not expect me to get a second outside opinion. Christmas is tomorrow. This company that is so 'caring' doesn't give a hoot about denying me heat. AHS says if the technician finds that it is a maintenance issue again, I have to pay another service fee. Over my dead body. I am not giving them a dime, and if they try to take it from my bank account they will be in big trouble.

    With regard to my hot water heater, I contacted AOSmith the company that makes the heater. They said the life span of my heater is 7-13 years. At 16 mine has done its job. Why would I be maintaining something beyond its service life?

    AHS hires low grade service companies. Their MO is to say it is a maintenance issue, and even if your item has been maintained, they say your service company was incompetent or did the work wrong. Anything to get out of replacing the item.

  • To
      25th of Apr, 2009
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    AHS does not CARE about customer Service!!
    I have been with them for over 11 years and I have learned - throught experience - a lot of how they operate.

    As I just said -THEY DON'T CARE!!

    Not only do they NOT want to replace anythiong - when they repair something - guess where the vendor gets the parts that they need for the repair??
    AHS supplies the vendor with the part!! I have had the dish washer repairman out three times. The first time they vendor did not know anything about repairing a dishwaqsher!! So, I had to get another vendor - at my expense. AHS's policy is to give the 'rotten' vendor another chance to screw it up again. That is a very, very poor policy and not 'customer friendly'.

    The vendors that they choose -= for you - are not trustworth!! They hire them because they are cheap.
    AND, you have NO say-so with them. Because if they rule in your favor AHS will terminate the contract with them! ANOTHER GREAT SERVICE POLICY.

    I had three different policies with AHS. I have already cancelled two of them. My last on expires this month - and they are out of here!

    I don't know how they stay in business. But, I applaud all of you that take the time to file a complaint with the FTC or the BBB. That's what you have to do - take them to court. AND, good luck!

    And, don't worry about them reading any of these comments - they won't!!

  • De
      3rd of Aug, 2011
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    i signed up with ahs in may 2011 . I have had 9 service calls since then and finally convinced them to replace my air conditioning unit. They replaced it with a much cheaper unit and it has stopped cooling already in 5days. they have been out here almost every wk and nothing has been resolved.
    I have put in a request 5 times today and noone has called yet.Thhe hold time is 1 1/2-2hrs long to speak to a service rep.
    I would never recommend them to anyone.

  • Ma
      15th of Dec, 2017
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    It seems their business model is to collect premiums and then deny coverage. Ive had so many of their contractors come out, make false claims about the repair so that AHS denies the coverage. Then after denied the contractor puts in an obscenely high bid for the repair on their own. AHS has an appeals process, but it too seems to be a farce as they have you jump through hoops and then never respond to the appeal.

    Lately as bad as customer service was, it got way worse, now plan on sitting on hold for between 60 and 90 minutes to get one of their terrible agents on the phone. As I sit here writing this I was on hold for 78 minutes on hold about them denying yet another repair and then placed back into the on hold cue by a supervisor after finding out they are charging me the service fee even though the work was never done.

    Ive been with AHS for 10 years now... so why havent I left this horrible company yet? well because they are the only ones who cover multiple units and sometimes they actually do the repairs. Today was the last straw, Im back on hold waiting to cancel my account.

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