American Freight / Queen Cherie Hill Mattress / website price was not given at store

Hilliard, OH, United States
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I walked in to the store this evening looking to purchase a queen mattress. The store was closing and we were in a hurry, my husband and I wanted to leave with a mattress and found one we liked. When we asked the employees about the pricing of the mattress for the queen, first we quoted $1498, then $998 just for the mattress. The employee told us this was a $2000 mattress for $1000 and it was the last one, we felt bad to keep them waiting so we decided to purchase the mattress. When I got home I did some research and found it advertised online through their website for $599 each piece. At the store we were under the impression the box-spring would be another $998. I realize I should of taken the time to do some research before I bought it but I chose to believe this guy and only had a truck for that day, I ended up feeling pretty ignorant and scammed so he could make extra commission from me! Now I don't have a truck to return the mattress to the store, and I'm stuck with it. I also purchased a sofa 6 months ago that had a leg that broke 3 months after purchasing it. I think I'm finished with this company!

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