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American Express / hardship blue card

1 533 s 17 streetPhiladelphia, PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 215.670.2180

Due to a surgical injury I was forced downsize and eventually close my business leaving an upaid balance of 36, 000 on a blue american express card which had a limit of 45, 000 at 8.9%. I wrote American Express CEO and SVP North America after 7 phone calls asking them to accept half the monthly payment at the same interest rate until I could settle my medical malpractice case. I lost $300, 000 in savings, RE that had to be sold but paid all my bills on time. Finally In January of 2007 I was forced to accept PA welfare to handle my medical bills, food and try to live on $204.00 a month. I provided AMEX with details of the filed lawsuit being handled by one of Philadelphia finest malpractice law firms, documentation from PA welfare. There is no hardship plan whatsoever, they insisted that I pay the $850.00 a month or made it clear I would have my 750 credit score ruined. I should add that I have continued to pay the gold card which as a very small balance. And I have been an AMEX customer since 1974 while still in college.
I pointed out that had I simply pulled out the remaining 10k on my credit line, put in the bank and paid the min. due no one would have cared. I did not ask for 'deal' but even the best prepared people with gold cards and assets are not immune to unforseen medical accidents. Beware of Mr. Axelrod, he has no soul and frankly gives the impression he could care less. Everyone of the rank and file was sure they would help me after 34 years and proof from the state of PA and my lawyers. NOPE.
I would like to use the internet to find others who have worked their entire lives to have their futures destroyed by AMEX .. I only asked for six months of help.
Why dont we all pitch in to buy a full page ad in the NYTtimes addressed to the stock holders of AMEX and the CEO. Your thoughts?

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  • Ha
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    My husband suffered a hardship aswell. He went out to do an injury and AEX closed his account and sent it to a Collection Agency(if you want to call it that). They called and harassed us and when we stopped taking their calls they contacted his parents and insisted that they are responsible and called us losers and dead beats and told us it was a fraud account and that we used my fathers SSN and all kinds of untruths. However we know our rights and are putting a complaint in against the Collection Agency and AEX for dealing with such low class company practices. My husband tried over and over again to work out a payment plan for the $16, 000.00 but they insisted payment in full. I totally agree we need to take a stand against them.

  • Bi
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I have been a American Express card holder since 1975. I always paid my account in full every month. I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago and had to sell my business, which was a third generation business, I can no longer run the business. Since that time all of my credit card debts have risen to the amount of $30, 000.00. American Express put me on a hardship case and lowered my intrest to 6% with the stipulation that if I did not have the funds to make the payment I call them 48 hours prior to the payment date. They were to automatically take the payment from my bank account. They failed to take the payment out of my account and took me off the hardship case. I called them and explained our agreement. They said they were sorry and reinstated me in the hardship case. This month they did the same thing again and have refused to put me back on the hardship case. I have had a perfect credit rating my intire life until my MS put a halt to my earning ability.The money stopped coming in but the bills kept on coming. If they would have kept their word I would have eventually paid off the debt. As it now stands they will not get another cent. No matter how hard you squeeze a turnip you will not get a drop of blood out of it.

  • No
      30th of May, 2009
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    I have been with American Express for years and recently within 60 days all ego boy and his administration have done with their new legislation that they claim we are out to help you and protect you from them the bad credit card company rants have cost me to be attacked by American Express 3x's in less than 60 days!

    First they cut my credit limit. Fine, never wanted it anyway. But thanks for dropping my credit score in the process. Let's see how this works. I don't ask for a credit limit increase but you increase it anyway. Then if I ask you not to do one you ding my credit score for that. I come out golden how?

    Then they declined my card. They changed my no limit Gold card to a limit and told me it was not a limitless card. Did they really think I didn't know that? I had moved. My company gave me relocation money. I used the card and all of a sudden they call me on it? And I paid everything off like I said I would when it was due! Not to mention they screwed up my address change which also declined the card! Lovely story really. At Wal -Mart in a self check out lane with the machine yelling to everyone my card was declined. And why, because they screwed up my zip code in the Amex database! How many unemployed people are there right now and how many of their CS reps have a job that they can't even do it right?

    Next is this month’s statement. My min. payment was increased by $100 with no notification what so ever. No change in my credit terms, finance charge, limits, nothing! So why the increase? They did it in order to help me lower my balance. Funny, I didn't know I had an extra $100 lying around. So they offer me a hardship plan. 0% for 6 months, then 6.99% the next 6 months with no use of the cards during that period and then I return to my fixed rate.

    Do I trust them? Well how can I? In two letters they call me every name in the book, the first telling me that my Gold card is not limitless and the next where they berate me and drop my credit limit. But over the phone they tell me how great of a customer I am. I have paid everything on time and my Gold Card always paid in full! Two-faced much?! And oh, btw, here is an offer for our Open Card at our lowest prime + 4% but the rate is variable and the prime is 3.99%.

    Wait. What? I called them on it and they stumbled on their words.

    Here is the fun fact! I pulled my credit reports from the free service the gov't offers and it is spotless! Completely clean. And all those credit inquiries Amex scolded me on were from them! Oh and the one I had to have so I could move into my new place. Bad me for moving to take a job within my company to stay employed! And at a 21% pay cut at that!

    And then the rep went on about too many high balances. I have 2 credit card balances and Amex is $33k and the other $2, 500. Wow! I'm horrid! Not to mention one school loan and another loan I'm paying off this month over a year early!

    I've had it with them! The economy is not my fault! I didn't do anything wrong! And while they won't admit it to any of this, the new legislation is the reason for these attacks!

    Someone tell me there is an attorney out there that is going to fight for our rights. Because all ego boy and his administration have done is send the credit card companies running and blasting every customer they have. And I for one am tired of taking hit after hit with no right to hit back!

    I want to find the loophole that protects me from these attacks!

    Everyone who voted for ego boy ... gee thanks. What you don't understand about him is all he wants to do is make the dependant more dependant and those who aren’t into dependants. It’s working. Just watch. It’s happening right before your unopened eyes! Here are two easy words that show you how he will accomplish this: Stimulus Package. Coffee served!

  • Ca
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    I agree completely with your complaint and with your assessment of our current situation!

  • Sp
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    "No More Attacks", this had nothing to do with Obama -- the regulatory reform began under Bush and would have continued under McCain or even Hillary Clinton.

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