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American Express / insurance fraud!

1 3016 Hopskins court, Fort Meade, MD, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 443-889-4832

Phone number: [protected]
Fax number: [protected]

I am requesting an appointment/complaint form in regards of American Express Processor CardPayment Solutions using Nigerians to steal from Americans using American Express products on a life insurance scam and I had the correct numbers on the checks when I called them in to the American Express fraud Department. I have it on a conversation recording at the local courthouse in Annapolis Md. that I did called and confirmed the numbers as required on American Express policy. I was charged with 5 counts of fraud and all charge was immediately drop after State Attorney Warren Davis [protected]) listen to my conversation with American Express Fraud Department. The American Express Fraud Department clearly told me all check was good. I notified American Express Fraud Department after I find out it was fraud and provided the all the information and they clearly tried to cover it up by replying back with different numbers and providing personal name (two) on they American Express cover letter that are not even employed by their company per American Express H/R. I inform the Maryland Attorney General and they forward it to the FBI over 4 months ago. When I spoke to the FBI on the status, they clearly stated that $5000.00 was not enough money for them to go after overseas. I clearly have the person handwriting of this person who sent this fraud material to me from CardPayment Solutions FEDEX account. This fraud material was sent 100 miles away from the CardPayment address as Chris Curry (CardPayment employee) would not give up there location. I have this in writing from FEDEX. I am a retired military (20 years) who have use American Express all over the world and I feel this is a disgrace of this company that is a international company who does not stand by their word and somebody need to step up and stop this now. Several website went up doing time frame when I got scammed requesting for information of this fraud activity and I clearly have all of them and the system is clearly not set up to stop them. I have informed every agency that is required and nothing has been done about it.

I am humbly requesting that you investigate this issue on my behalf. I would gladly send you all the evidence if you request it. If you like you can contact me at anytime at number listed above. Thank you very much for your time and cooperation pertaining to this matter and please have a wonderful day.

William M. Harley.

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  • Da
      31st of Oct, 2008

    I have been an american express customer for years, always paid my bill on time and never charge to much i could not afford to pay. I have a nice credit limit, I happen to call American Express to inquiry about a balance transfer, at that point I was told my limit was reduce to 800.00 what a joke, whats the point of having an Amex Card with a 800.00 limit. I was told a letter was sent, this is a lie, I never rec'd a letter until after I called. Here I am walking around using my Amex Card thinking that I had a high limit when in fact it was reduce to nothing.

    I can't believe companies will treat there customers who pay there bills on time this way, I got a recent letter telling me that the decision will not be reversed. So I'm writing a letter to the CEO Kenneth Chenaurt.

    It seems we all have been a victum of American Express and this should not be allowed to continue. We must a consumer bring a class action suit against this company, bring them to there knees because without cardholders they will not exsist we have the power to do this.

    I am sick and tied of companies bending the consumer over and sticking it to them, acting as though they are high and mighty, well lets show them who has the power and bring this company down and make them put back our credit limits.

    This has got to stop, and it stop here right now, today not tomorrow, not next week but now.

    We need chat room where we all can meet and discuss this and we can create that chat room in AOL, i would assume everyone has a computer and access to AOL. I will be checking back on this site for an comments or email address to contact anyone

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  • Ja
      3rd of Dec, 2008

    Amex is trying to cheat its card holders by taking away their cards for no reason and taking away their points. They need to be stopped . They are damaging people's credit scores, causing service interruptions and in many cases elderly abuse.
    Please contact me if anyone has been abused by Amex in this manner. [protected]

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  • Ch
      27th of Jan, 2009

    To: American Express From: An angry Customer On December 30, 2008 I spoke with an American Express representative. I re-explained that I was In a National Disater Area due To Huricane Ike. This was the reason I was behind on payment. I explained I had spoke with someone after the hurricane and was informed that they will allow me time to recoup from the disaster. I had 3 feet of water in my business and lost everything due to the storm. I explained that I wanted to pay around $6000 towards my account to catch it up. She advised me to pay off the line of credit and enter into a payment plan with the Business Gold account. I was informed that she could set it up on the auto pay system and it would autumaticly be deducted from my checkings account. I paid off the line of credit with conformation # 52860 and paid $390 towards the Business gold card conformation # 55350. I was told that $390 would be automaticly deducted from my checkings on the 7th of each month for one year. It was my understanding that it was taking care of for this time period. Now I have a a collection agency calling me and your coustomer service telling me they have no information of this account. I need to call the collection agency and they will not let me talk to their supervisor or direct to someone that can help with this matter. I am very dissapointed in the way this has been handled and I would like an explanation of this. Is there anything that can be done about this? I was told last week by a coustumer servece representive that they would check into it and call me back. No response? I called back today and they treated me with no concern and would not help me with this matter? Email:[protected]

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  • Li
      7th of Feb, 2009

    On July 22, 2008 I used my Amex at a local restaurant, Kennedy in the District, Las Vegas Nevada. I joined one friend for appetizers. My bill was 109.00 including tip. When I received my Amex two weeks later I had two separate charges on my account. One for my legitimate charges of 109.00 and another separate charge of 509.65. As a 17 year customer of Amex I've never had this happen. I immediately called Amex and reported the mistake/fraud. I was assured that the fraudulent charges had not been paid to the restaurant and they would investigate. They also explained that it would take 90 days. 30 days later Amex sent to me a copy of both receipts. Unbelievably, the fraudulent receipit had 46 cocktails, 25 appetizers and 20 beers, the signature on the receipit was a big letter "J". Our waiter Jose had also given himself a 60% tip. And guess what? Anerican Express determined that was my charge and I would have to pay. Their reasoning: "I had given my card to a service establishment so any charges on my card would be mine to resolve. I immediately tried to contact some type of manager with Amex and was given the same answer by a customer service representative . The charges stood. I was able to obtain a name of the SVP of Consumer Relations. Doria Camarazza. I wrote a letter to Ms. Camarazza explaining exactly what had happened and would love to be able to speak with someone that actually had seen both receipts. Her response to be was to immediately close my account and submit my balaInce due to a collection agency. This had been a complete nightmare. In researching the Mission Statment for American Express it states that they will never charge the customer for fraudulent charges. question is can American Express "break" their own policy and am I liable for charges not made by me. I have not cooperated with the collection agency hoping that I can resolve this with American Express and not have this type of issue on my 720 credit rating. Just this morning I was served with a Judgment. I'm in a state of shock that due to the economy Amex has taken the stand to immediately "stick it to" their loyal customers. As I previously stated I've been a perfect customer for 17 years, never once late on my billing. Obviously I'm not alone with suffering from the use of Amex. I would love the opportunity to speak with a representative from Amex. Email: [protected]

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