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American Express / awful experience

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I am wondering if anyone else has had the following issue. Every month, when paying my first of the month bills, I schedule my payments for my green card and optima online on the american express website. For years I have never had an issue. Then a couple of months ago for some reason my payments didn't post and American Express claimed no record of the payments. I was able to call to immediately pay and since this was my first 'late' payment in 15 years, they were willing to remove the late fees and the 14% increase in my optima interest rate. For the next couple of months out of sheer fear of the same thing happening again, I didn't schedule payments and instead went ahead and paid until the month of October. I scheduled payments to be paid on the due dates for both of the cards at the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month I decided to pay my green card off in full, so I deleted the scheduled payment for my greencard and paid the balance in full that day which posted just fine. I did not touch the optima scheduled payment which was due to pay on the 21st.

When I went online to check today on my new statement, I saw that no payment had ever posted for my optima card and the rate had again been increased 14%. A call to customer service promptly allowed me to pay off the balance in full, and remove the late fee, but they were unwilling to drop the interest rate. (which doesn't technically matter since I paid the account in full but still it is irritating). The customer service rep asked if I had the confirmation number from the scheduled payment (I do not) so I asked him back if it was possible to look it up, he said he could not. It seems odd that he could find it if I have it but if I don't have it they can't look it up to find out if what I am saying is the truth. That seems improbable since these records would seem to be something you would want to be able to prove in either direction.

So I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if it is possible that AMEX is either ignorantly or even maliciously losing scheduled payments. I do wonder if they would dig for my lost scheduled payment transaction if I had a lawyer asking for it.

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  • Jo
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    I thought I was the only one or that I was going crazy. I distinctly remember scheduling a payment for my Blue card at the beginning of the month only to look today and see that it had not posted. The result was a $38 late fee. A call to AMEX and the charge was removed, but I know I had made the payment. I like the cash back, but this company isn't being run properly. Add to that the fact that their retailer rates gouge small businesses and I'm seriously considering canceling my card.

  • Ma
      11th of Apr, 2009
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    I'm so glad I found this post, which confirms mine isn't an isolated case. They charged me a late fee plus a 75% reduction in my credit line. I told the CSR the situation and she said she's never heard of prescheduled payments disappearing before. I'm sure it's some sort of scheme to charge late fees and get rid of people who pay the whole balance on time all the time. They only make the real money with those who carry a balance. I'm going to say bye bye to AE and try someone else.

  • Hu
      30th of Sep, 2010
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    I have had trouble w/ online payments as well. They now send you a confirmation email, but they changed my bill closing date from what was posted on the website when I made my payment vs. what was paid on my bill.

    When I have tried to talk to the 'drones' that work in AMEX customer service, they refuse to listen...

    I used to love AMEX... Now I despise them... I have been w/ them since 1995...

    The other thing this situation demonstrates is that to AMEX, cardholders are only as good as their last payment. A long past history with a card does not mean a thing to them...

  • Lb
      5th of Nov, 2010
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    I have had the same issue just today. This is definitely a scam. I schedule my payments online. I check my bank balance daily and have noticed that my pmt due Nov 2nd was not getting processed. The money was still in the bank. So I log into Amex this morning, and guess what? No record of the payment.
    The rep said they have no record of it either. The supervisor waived the late fee of $25. But I am still upset. You can't trust a business like that. I used to have autopay. I guess since I removed it, they screwed something up and just deleted my manually set up payment. Who knows...

  • Be
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    They absolutely do not recognize any business with them beyond the previous month. I had been an American Express blue, then gold and also a corporate card member for 20 years. One month I missed paying my balance that coincided with the company I was working for shutting their doors. Suddenly I had to speak to their collection department who were very rude. They had actually sent my file to a collection agency. The representative from the collection agency was extremely aggressive using various tactics and threats. I won’t even mention his name since he was [censor]. When this happened I called American Express and spoke to a Mr. Fernandez. After I gave him a piece of my mind from 20 years of loyalty, he called the collection agency to cool them down. An agreement was made to pay in installments over a period of time. The collection agency representative couldn't believe it and asked me "who are you and how did you manage that". Well, since he was [censor], he had no idea how the business world worked, he was puzzled. Now Mr.Fernandez also promised me to re-activate my card once the balance was paid. When I completed the payments, I called back Mr. Fernandez and no one knew where he was in the company. He mysteriously disappeared and my request to re-instate my card was completely refused. What they don't know is that I record all my telephone conversations when dealing with over the telephone promises. One day, when time permits, someone at American Express will re-instate my card when they listen to the conversation.

  • Sa
      11th of Aug, 2014
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    I can swear that happened to me too.
    First, about 8-9 months with Amex Blue and I thought perhaps it was my fault so did nothing and paid late fee. Now it happened again! I always schedule a payment as soon as I get statement for all my cards and have not missed any of my credit card payments except for Amex. Seems a strange way of going crazy if it affects just one of several credit cards that I have. Also, why can't Amex have a normal autopay function that allows to pay on due date? I bet they chose to make it difficult on purpose by making customers
    choose "# of days after statement".

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