American Education Servicesthis company is terrible!

I originally had three student loans with american education services. I recently consolidated two of them with a different company. When that company sent over payment for the loans apparently they sent the wrong amount and were short approx. $20. I was not notified of this. I made my monthly student loan payment in full expecting the payment to be made to the one loan I still had with aes. Aes took my payment and split it between the three loans to cover the balance left behind from the consolidation which I did not know about or approve. The following monday they listed my account as delinquent and began calling me, my co-signer and my references trying to collect the past due amount when I had paid them the full amount due. I have since emailed them five times and called them three times in attempt to remedy the situation. Each time I am met with conflict. They are rude and condescending. They harass me and hang up on me. They continue to call and harass me and they refuse to remove the delinquent status from my account until they reapply the payment that they screwed up in the first place. This is 100% their mistake yet I am somehow the one being harassed. Delinquent by definition means past due or overdue. This does not define my account status since I paid them the full agreed upon amount. They applied my money to the wrong loan without my consent or approval. Not only is that misappropriation on their part but the fact that they call me several times daily to harass me about a bill I paid is illegal. Misappropriation and harassment. I want it to stop.


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