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horrible company

I am very frustrated with this company. I did a federal consolidation of all my loans (including my AES loans) through Direct Loans. Last month, I recieved a bill from AES that said that all of my loans were paid off and that my remaining balance was $100 (left over interest). I made a payment on this amount and I finally thought I was done with this company. Then this week I received a bill from AES that says that I owe them $6, 000 and that I am 25 days late on my payment, so they added $30 of late fees to my bill. I quickly called them up on the phone, and after 20 minutes on the phone, the guy on the other line said "Oh yeah. It appears that we processed your payment towards the wrong loan. We will fix it in 3-5 days." They offered no apology and in the meantime, my credit has been negatively affected by something that I did not do. I have never been so horribly treated by a company before in my life.

Resolved incompetent and unethical business practice

I had a PLUS loan with American Education Services (AES) on which we were making quarterly interest payments while the loan was in forebearance (principal deferment until my son was out of college.) For some reason that was never explained to us, AES changed the invoice format on these quarterly interest payments to ones that had a big THIS IS NOT A BILL watermark across it and a $0.00 amount due in the invoice section. However, in very small font above the invoice section, it stated that you could make interest payments if you wanted to. Since I set up the loans, and my wife usually pays the bills, she just started filing these when they arrived in the mail thinking that they were some type of status statement. As these were quarterly payments, a year passed before I realized something wasn't right with the loan balance. The situation was even more confusing given the fact that we had another direct student loan in my son's name with AES in which the invoice format hadn't changed, and we had continued to make payments. I tried FOR OVER SIX MONTHS to get account information back from AES to determine the correct status of the PLUS loan, and each time I contacted them, they either gave me incorrect information or told me they would get back to me and then never did. This incompetence went on so long that the interest owed was re-capitalized into the loan principal, causing additional unwarranted interest owed. I paid the original loan principal and filed a civil suit against them for the unwarranted interest amount. They petitioned the court to have the suit transferred to Harrisburg knowing that it would be very difficult for me to represent myself 250 miles from my home. They were granted the petition, and I had to withdraw from the suit. The bottom line folks is that this company is both incompetent and unethical, and you should, at all costs, AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

  • Fo
    foolmeonce... Apr 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just posted a complaint similar to yours-- all my loan statements from AES said that $0 was due, and I kind of forgot about the loan for a few months before I got worried, e-mailed them, and heard back that apparently their statements don't have to say how much is due and when. Meanwhile, interest accrues and the principal balance stays the same, because most people don't have time to go chasing their student loan company around just to get them to say how much is owed.

    Anyway, I ended my complaint by saying that I hated to think about other AES borrowers who may have forgotten about their loans, as I did, while AES chuckles all the way to the bank. It sounds like that's exactly what happened to you, and I'm really sorry it did. Good for you for trying to take them to court. I hope someone nails these guys for their supremely unethical (bordering on illegal) business practices.

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  • A forbearance or deferment means you do not owe anything actually while on it. Regardless if its a student loan or car loan or any other type of loan, YOU ACCRUE INTEREST. Common sense here people. It is your responsibility to make sure your paying attention to YOUR ACCOUNTS. Or you can take the route your taking and blame it on someone else or AES.

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  • Fo
    foolmeonce... May 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did not have a forbearance or deferment. All of a sudden, all my bills just said $0 was due. I'm not an idiot, lovepeoplewhocomplainaboutstudentloans, I just don't have the time to go around hounding a company just to figure out how much I'm supposed to pay them. None of my payment history or loan information was available on the AES website (or the previous company's website), and I didn't know if AES would have the same interest rate as the previous company, so there was no way for me to know the total amount due that month. I absolutely take responsibility for not having checked sooner, but I also believe that it is a company's responsibility to properly inform their customers.

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Resolved Accidental overpayment on student loan

My wife has a student loan that is serviced by American Educational Services. In late October we used our credit union's electronic "Bill Pay" service to submit our monthly payment on the loan. We accidentally authorized a payment much larger than what was owed. After the money had been transferred, we contacted AES to request that they 1) refund the whole amount, or 2) refund the difference between what was paid vs. what was owed on that particular monthly payment. The customer service staff indicated that they would probably refund the entire amount rather than calculate the difference. Today I received a curt letter from AES stating that no refund would be made. Do I have any recourse to force them to cough up the funds?

Resolved fraud?

I took out my loan when I was in school (2005) They started charging me interest then! My real complain is... my minimum payment is around $240.00 a month. I always pay at least $50.00 a month more. Usually I pay $500.00 a month.

I owe more money than when I started. I've probably paid them over $15, 000 towards my college loans. Why is this happening to the people that are trying to contribute to our country?!? Shouldn't we be the one's getting "bail-outs"?

I know how people feel when they want to rob a bank... I've been working my butt off for 4 years now, and it's affected every aspect of my life. I can't go out, I can't eat properly, I can't be healthy because I'm spending every dime I have on these crooks.

I went to college and took out this loan so I could make a living one day. I'm only getting older and would like to own property, and live a simple life. Didn't our government take over student loans??? Who's making money on us now?? The banks or the government?

I hope something is done because my advice to everyone is... if you can't borrow the money from your family for college... Don't go. It's business PERIOD.


Resolved aes complaints

It's funny, every complaint i've read is complaining about how aes didn't grant a deferment or a forbearance. But, the lenders (Ie, banks, the people who actually gave you your money) set the rules on deferments or forbearances, not aes. Aes would be in breach of contract if they did not obey the lenders rules.

Your anger is directed in the wrong places. If you call a company and complain to them about crap service, they're going to laugh at you as soon as you're no longer on the phone. This isn't burger king, you can't have it your way.

Suck it up, and pay your bills. You seem to forget who paid for you to go to college.

  • Pi
    PissedCustomer6666 Feb 02, 2011

    I had created an online account at AES and thought I had emailed myself the pdf signature page but when the file was corrupted I had trouble logging back in. After a series of arguing with the customer 'un'service help desk ### because I didn't get the answer correct to one of my stupid security questions him and his stupid supervisor played a game to BLOCK my account access and now we cannot get back in to print the signature page of the app, which puts my daughter's grant status in jeopardy. I'll be writing a letter to the CEO this weekend. These people are idiots thinking they are punishing the customer! What a group of losers.

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  • Bo
    boobies Jun 16, 2011

    You are wasting your time. See when your daughter wants to get her a loan she is the only one allowed on her online account. It may sound dumb, but lady there are a lot of ignorant people that ruined the ability to get on others account. To protect the borrowers private policy and to make sure no one is trying to get a loan under her name...this is what comes about.. Which by the way, also states before creating account it also has the terms and policies about doing so. Thank goodness for smart people like yourself, that make the world interesting. This is why Aes has dumb rules. Just because of people like you.

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Resolved deceptive business practices

My daughter applied for a private student loan with PNC bank, which uses AES to process their student loan applications. They tell her that she has been approved for the loan, and the next step is to sign the promissory note. Sounds good, right? But wait - they haven't told us the terms of the loan yet. They haven't told us the interest rate. And they want us to sign the note? This is a dispicable business practice, but unfortunately it's just typical of the way these companies run things. Sallie Mae does the same thing, by the way. Their customer service is terrible. Just spent 20 minutes going through their stupid phone system menus, only to be told after entering all kinds of information, that the office is closed. Well, ###, why didn't they just tell me that in the first place! I'm really sick of these ###s and their ### service. Luckily we have family we can go to for a loan, so I'm going to tell these [censored]s to go pound sand.

My advice to any young person: wait tables, clean toilets, ANYTHING, but don't take out a loan from these scammers.

Resolved interest rate does not make sense

My terms are as follows:

4.940% interest rate
$18375 balance. (Original balance was $22000)
$154.75 payment per month

They changed me to an "interest only" loan basis. If this was the case the payment calculates to around $74.60 per month. I do not understand what they are doing and they will not explain what they are doing. Every payment I make of $154.75 makes my principal balance decrease by $0. Can anyone make sense of this for me?

  • Lt
    LT0558 Jul 28, 2011

    Your payment is for the stated interest rate. In additon to the amount they say you have to pay they charge you accrued interest daily which generally is tied to the Libor interest rate and generally is equal to or more than the stated interest rate- this little fact is most likely hidden in your loan documents. The amount of interest accruing daily will show on the web site under accrued interest. Every day AES takes your principal amount adds the stated interest as well as the daily accrued interest. Sign up for the AES website, put the loan on bill pay and pay them a couple times a month which will hopefully lower the amount of accrued interest. If the numbers still do not add up contact the Federal Trade Commission.

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fraud lying cheating

Aes is comprised of lying, cheating thieves and need to be put out of business and/or striped of the right to...

I am faced with harassment because of their own mistakes in their accounting practices

About five years ago, I co-signed with this company for a student loan for my son-in-law. He wanted to go to school in England and could not get a loan from any Brazilian banks to go to school in a foreign country.

My son-in-law has graduated and now holds an very high position with the Brazilian government. He has made all of his loan payments in a timely manner and pays more than the amount due. For the past year I have been getting harassing letters and threats from American Education Service. Instead of contacting my son-in-law or looking to him for payment, they go after me. I am currently on Social Security Disability and now I am faced with harassment because of their own mistakes in their accounting practices. Recently I received a notice from them demanding that I write them out a check for the entire amount of the loan. The amount was almost double the amount that was borrowed and I believe this is fraud.

  • S1
    s12pilot Oct 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in touch with an attorney that is, in fact, a class action attorney that was recently screwed by these ###s. do you want to get on board with me and some others and take this cess pool down.. [email protected]

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I am very disappointed in this company

I am very disappointed in this company. I did not receive letters stating repayment of my loans until it was too late. At that point they were stating that I owed 19 percent extra and it had to be paid in full. I had not finished school but because I sat out more than 6 mos, they went into repayment. When I asked what options did I have, they told me to pay it in full or my checks would be garnished.

Resolved we should all boycott this company

Here's a good story. I took out a student loan with AES in August 2007 to finish my BSN in nursing.

In May of 2009, I received a statement with a balance of $2467.34 due by June 12th 2009. My payments would have started at that time also and they were going to be $25.38 per month. I decided to pay this amount in full, so on June 10th, 2009, I paid AES the balance of $2467.34 in one full payment. The payoff was the same day, as I have confirmation with my bank. A couple of days later AES sends me a bill with another balance on it of $25.38. When I called AES, the rep informs me that the balance on the first statement was not actually a balance and gave me some story of how that was just an amount that they put on the statement (who knows)...blah blah blah. When I informed the rep that I had paid the balance in full and that I didn't owe any more she became hateful and I just informed them that I would not be paying the other amount then I hung the phone up. Since then I have received numerous phone calls and letters from AES stating that I still owe them money. Now the amount is $25.13. I even recieved a letter from someone in the main office stating that I still owed the $25.13, she gave me numerous equations on how her company came up with the amount of $25.13 and then they started sending statement again with a balance of $25.13...I'm assumming if I pay this amount then I will again be told that I owe additional moneys and they will send me another so called statement that is not actually a statement. I commend this person on her Arithmatic abilities but I feel she is lacking in her English skills as she does not know the meaning of BALANCE due. She may have missed that day in class when she needed to know the meaning of BALANCE. Maybe she should look it up in a dictionary. I am sick and tired of this company and I have saved every piece of statment and letter sent to me. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General Office.

This company has 411 complaints filed against them in the last 36 months and over 100 in the last year with the BBB. We should all boycott this company.

  • Fr
    FranticDad May 21, 2010

    I have a severely ill child, my wife's payments had always been timely up until his birth (9 weeks premature, born with kidney failure that has progressed to ESRD, he will soon need a transplant); naturally one of us had to be the main caregiver, and my wife has assumed that roll. Our finances have always been maintained separately, so they cannot come after my salary for repayment (mercifully, because our medical bills and medical insurance eat up all but about $1300 a month which we actually live on, after rent, utilities, and car insurance).

    We had to file for bankruptcy shortly after the baby was born (uncovered medical bills hit the 7-figure range, even though nothing else was late); there are programs in place that can put student loans into limbo and halt the interest accrual; sometimes all or part of the principal may be forgiven. AES refused to work with our attorneys because "the baby may die, and she'd be able to resume payment". I do so wish that I had that comment on tape.

    So, for five years now, every avalable forbearance has been used, and they are now exhausted. Over the five years, her balance, which was down to $16K has mushroomed to over $40, 000, and they are threatening to add another $7000 to it to place it in collections.

    They call constantly; and because they are Federally Guaranteed loans, we can't even make the phone calls stop (any other company gets a certified letter tellin them to sto calling, and instantly, no other communications besides mail can be sent.

    So I have the phone ringing, sometimes more than once daily, and they apparently have used Lexis-Nexus to find the private number that we use only for my child's medical care...which they will call immediately after our public number, all the while I'm trying to keep the family fed, clothed, and keep him as healthy as we can until transplant.

    These people suck.

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  • St
    studentlnrep Aug 15, 2010

    Don't know whether this is a federal or private student loan your wife has, but if federal they are forgiven if the borrower themself is deceased or disabled. Private student loans are not forgiven in any situation. It's all in the promissory notes that were signed.

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  • St
    studentlnrep Aug 15, 2010

    Your billing statement tells you the amount listed is a current principal balance not a payoff amount and suggests you contact the servicer for a payoff amount. Doesn't seem you did that.

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Resolved horrible student loan servicing

I don't even know where to start with these ### heads. Let's rewind to this time last year, seems like a fitting place to start. I was involved in a workplace injury and immediately applied to have my AES serviced loans put into forbearance for 6 months while I recovered from a severe head injury. The forbearance was due to expire in November, and knowing I had a payment coming due, I checked my AES online account the second week of October. To my surprise I saw that 5 of my student loans (of 8 total, since they won't consolidate mine since they are somehow ineligible) had exited forbearance and I was now 14 days late with my payment. The other 3 loans from Keybank were still in forbearance til the end of Nov! Immediately I called AES to point out the mistake, and was met with the rudest, dumbest group of people I have ever encountered on a phone. After receiving at least 3 different stories, all of which I have documented in e-mail, I was finally told that 5 of my loans had been sold, and the new owners did not have to acknowledge the forbearance if they chose not to. I was even told at one point that I never filled out any forbearance even though the other 3 loans were obviously still in forbearance! I asked why no bill nor notification was sent to me regarding a due payment, late payment, and was told they do not HAVE to send me a bill, it's only courtesy for them to do so. Immediately, I applied for another forbearance so both sets of my loans were due together, as they should've been in the first place. After submitting one packet of paper, and waiting 10 days for a response, I received nothing. I immediately inquired as to why nothing had been reflected on my account yet, and was told I had filled out the wrong paperwork (meaning, they mailed me the wrong paperwork). I filled out another (different) packet of papers and sent them in with the exact same results. After repeating this cycle a third and final time, I had to abandon my hopes of forbearance and try to raise the funds to cover the $400 payment due (that I did not owe). I inquired how much time I had until the loan would be reported to the credit agencies, and was told at 60 days it would be reported. I busted my ### to raise the $400 necessary to make the loan current and payed it as soon as humanly possible, only to find out 5 loans had been reported to the credit agencies two days earlier (at 29 days no less) and they were all reported INDIVIDUALLY. Do you know what happens to a recent college graduates credit score, when I don't have much credit to begin with, and 5 30 day late payments are reported against me? An immediate 100 point reduction is exactly what happens. My score dropped from 675 to 575, and any chance I had at finding a new place is gone since no one will accept me with a credit score under 600. I should also note that I have a government job, with multiple security clearances, all of which depend on my suitability as a citizen and rely on my credit score. I am now at risk of losing my job, and a great job to boot, because of AES. Please, I am begging you, do everything you can to avoid this company. I once had a conference call with one of my loan originators, AES and myself which ended with the AES rudely hanging up the phone on me and the Wells Fargo manager both (which the WF manager was none too happy about). I also spoke with a manager from Keybank, and she affirmed they are well aware of AES shortcomings, but have no other options. A student loan company who's "help" website is entitled "you can deal with it" should not be trusted. Seriously, check out their "help" site, if it's not the most ridiculous thing in the world, or you actually find something helpful on there please let me know.

  • Ca
    CarloGigante Mar 10, 2011

    Someone call the AG or an attorney. These people need to be sued.

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  • Cr
    CRCook Sep 19, 2011

    These people are horrible. I have an ID theft investigation against them. In 2006, someone apparently used my name to take out a loan with a four year forbearance until I was out of school. At a trade school that doesn't have four year degrees and to make matters worse, one I did not attend. I have the transcripts to prove it. I've been told various things and finally was sent a copy of the promissory note that has wrong information, my grandparents listed by nicknames at addresses that don't exist, my disabled veteran mother as co-signor and our signatures do not match. AES "never received" my fraud packet, and I had no idea I even had this until suddenly I found it on my credit report when checking to see if other ID theft issues were resolved. And suddenly this was there. Now they call all the time, call my grandparents and mom and scare them to death, want more than my monthly rent, and refuse to work with me. Everything is conveniently not eligible. It's not even mine!

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Resolved rejects valid payments from checking account they've deemed invalid

American education services has been rejecting my payments from two valid checking accounts for over 90 days. If I knew what I was doing wrong I could fix the problem, but no customer service representative has any idea!

They've told me to try forbearance while I "fix the problem." I don't understand why I should go into forbearance when i've been making timely payments from checking accounts that work everywhere but aes. This has already affected my credit rating, and aes says there is nothing they can do about it. One customer service rep told me "well, try a check from that account again and see what happens." why? So my credit score can take a bigger hit while I wait around and get no answers because the rep's can't pull up the specific information on my individual payments? All i'll be told is that i've entered some invalid info for my account, and i'll go back and check everything i've entered (Again and again) find no errors, and confirm that this is the exact payment info i've been using on other sites with no problems.

I want to make payments! I want to give this company money as I agreed to do when I signed onto the loans, but I can't get an answer from any service rep when I ask them how I can go about finding the reason for an "invalid" error on a valid checking account. I'm in tears because I feel so helpless, and because I want to do the right thing and i'm unable to for reasons that feel entirely out of my control.

  • St
    sthrnbelle Jun 19, 2010

    Payments are due on the same day of the month, there are other ways besides making a telephone payment or online payments. Try sending in a check or a money order?! I mean c'mon people. Stop using aes as an excuse. Nothing about a payment date changes unless you request another due date change. Anytime that you take out a loan or a credit card, you know if your atleast 30/60 days there can be a neg hit. Forbs bring your account current, or stop your payments for a few months, they dont stop neg hits, they dont take off the credit report, its states that on the form. IF you would read, before you sign and date, you wouldnt be in this mess.

    Depending on what bank your using, they may not allow you to make online payments with certain companies.

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  • Ae
    AESHELP77 Aug 30, 2011

    email me at [email protected]

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Resolved customer service is bad and the peps are rude

Customer service is bad and the peps are rude, automated phone payment system is hard to use and takes forever. Payments can not be made by talking with a rep but thats ok they are rude anyway.

  • St
    sthrnbelle Jun 19, 2010

    Do you really want to give your banking information to each rep that you call in and make a payment? I mean you are already complaining about how rude people are. Thats why they set up an automatic payment center so represenatives aren't at fault from all the mess ups that happen anyways. You complain about people being rude, but us people have to sit there and listen to your life stories on why you cannot make a payment because of all the debt you had taken out for school. AES is not a [censor]ing bank. We service student loans, meaning we handle all the dirty work for all private educational loans. So by meaning that, we have to follow the terms of the contract that YOU signed in order to get YOUR money. Now thats it time to pay, all the sudden you cant pay and you are taking it out on us. Not our problems, we do what the bank tell us to do. So AES shouldnt be the main complaint of the topic.

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  • Be
    Belsebub Apr 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rudest company ever and you can not speak to any body who will listen. They only hire slugs!

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Resolved they consistently give me wrong information

Aes employees are incompetent and dangerous. They consistently give me wrong information. They have called me on my cell phone insisting I make a payment immediately because it was late, so I made it, then found out months later that they had been wrong, then misapplied the other payment to principal and continued to harass me again about the next another instance, I made a full payment of 500 as agreed and they thanked me by reporting me to the credit bureau.

Resolved rudest people I ever worked with

These people that work for this company are the rudest people i ever worked with they said i was behind on my payments when i wasn't they reported to the credit and messed things up so bad. because they refuse to remove the wrong info from my credit report now i can't get a loan for a home. and now i don't know what to do.

Resolved simply terrible

American Education Services (AES) at one time was the average student loan lender, until they changed something. I cannot make an online payment anymore due to them saying my bank send a letter saying my routing number changed. I called my bank and they stated that they never sent such a letter. AES customer service has twice now gotten in a heated debate with me stating that my bank has sent in the letter, who is the one that would know more? Of course everytime I call there is no one on the clock that is available to assit me in this matter, and they cannot let someone know, so I must make yet another call to talk to some other jerk that will not get anything done.

Resolved harrassment

I too have had several problems with AES. I borrowed from them to complete my BSN in nursing and before my loan matured I paid this company in full. AES sent me a statement with a balance of $2467.34 so I paid the full amount before the due date. After paying the balance in full AES sent me another bill with a balance of $25.00 due. Does this company just add to the balance of each statement sent out so they can continue to collect money? I disputed the amount and have been harrassed ever since. AES calls me several times a day now but I just hang up on them. They have also reported a bad rating on my credit report. I have reported them to the Attorney General Office of PA. but they merely relay messages to AES and send me their response. I would love to find an attorney that is willing to sue this company for fraud and breach of contract. I am sick and tired of dealing with this company and would like to start a boycott against them.

  • Jo
    Johnny Azer Jan 21, 2010

    My name is Johnny Azer(youtube). I was the victim of an ugly divorce hattle, where I did not realize that my mother was going to force my father to pay for college. He picked the school which was a liberal arts ciriculum less than what I learned in high school, he also forced me to take out student loans for the school. The degree was useless and the school would not help me find a job. I did not recieve any notices, but eight years later, people would say I was getting notices about student loans with unreasonable interest. My father told me my stepmother who is now deceased paid off the loans. Starting in 1995 on, collection agencies would disguise themselves as Red Cross Emergency personell, and then once they got me on the phone they would disclose themselves. The National Education Department in Greenville, TX has been over the top with harrassment. In 2000, I proved full disability with a brain tumor etc, and then Diane Spago of the National Education Department said it was not good enough. The notices kept coming in, with unreasonable interest, and sometimes it would go way up and then down. I have told them to call my father in NYstate and they refuse to. He refuses to show the truth. So far in the last three years I have had to change my number twice. The collection agencies would threaten to have men come and take away all my possessions. It has been brutal. My father refuses to cooperate, and the harrassment will not stop. If I work they will garnish my wages, and all my income taxes and stimulus checks have been taken by them. My number is 802-865-9681.

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  • Ni
    NikkiSb Apr 03, 2011

    Yes, The same thing here. My daughter has been paying for over 5 years and only has paid down 600 dollars. She has made attempts to find out what has been going on with this loan only to get the run around. She is now attempting to get legal advice

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Resolved debt

this company convinced me i could legaly get out of credit card debt for $3500.00 Now i am being sued and my credit destroyed.I am a hard working tax paying american and i don't no how these people sleep at night. David Leadbetter [protected] [protected]

Resolved harassment

My husband co-signed for a loan for our son with AES. My son has moved out of state but continues to make payments. Unfortunately, he is about 10 days late every month. His payment is less that $45/month.

AES calls my husband up to 4 times a day, emails him at work, calls our home 2 or 3 times a day and they are extremely rude and threatening. We don't even answer our home phone anymore because of this.

We have always paid our bills on time and have good credit ratings. I wish we could do something about this and stop this harassment.


  • St
    StormyW Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They've been harassing me for almost 2 years and I DON'T HAVE A LOAN WITH THEM! I never have and believe me, I never will. Yet I've recieved hundreds of harrassing calls to my cell phone trying to reach someone named "Frank" who was listed as a reference for another name.

    I've repeated told them that I'm not Frank, I don't know anyone named Frank or the other person's name, and they have a wrong number. They just keep calling and calling. They call very early in the morning, very late at night - and the won't believe me when I say they have the wrong number. I let the calls go to voice mail and try to get the info to call back. (oh - don't bother calling them early in the morning or late at night - they won't answer!)

    The voice mail were always static-y so I couldn't get all the reference numbers and details before. Finally, last night a clear message - I called today and when I tried, very nicely to explain they were calling the wrong number, the rep "Abraham" hung up on me. I called back and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I told her if she couldn’t stop the calls, I would report the company to the Do Not Call List authorities (it’s a fed agency).

    Get This: She said when they have a person’s name but a bad number, they find similar names and use those people's numbers to try track the own the person they want. I told her it’s not likely that’s how they got my number because my number is unlisted, a cell phone, and it’s on the national and state do not call lists. I don’t know either of the people in the voice mail and my name isn’t remotely like either of the names given on the voice mail. She promised to take my number off the account and stop the calls.

    As soon as I threatened to report them, she was much more cooperative. Kind of makes me wonder – randomly calling people who have a similar name can’t be legal if that number is on the Do Not Call lists. Since I've never done business with them or provided my information to them, they can't "randomly" call me. That violates the Do Not Call List rules. If I get so much as one call after today, I will report them.

    Kind of funny – I was somewhere recently and my cell was vibrating. The person I was talking to asked if I needed to answer it and I said no – I know the number and it’s just another “Frank” call. They laughed and said don’t you mean a “prank” call? So I had to explain about my “Frank” calls.

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  • Ae
    AESHELP77 Aug 30, 2011

    email me at [email protected]

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  • Co
    CO1960 Feb 02, 2019

    My husband co-signed on a loan for our daughter with American Education Services. She graduated from college in 2011. If you are one day later, they begin with the harassing phone calls and threats. If it is only day late they will tack on a late charge. They are a bunch of marauding creeps. Wonder how much they get paid to harass the crap out of people?? Her loan is not due until the 3rd of every month, and we got a phone call from these jerks yesterday 2/1 asking when the payment will be made. When is Trump going to do something about the student loan crisis in this country?? Instead of the division and the catfights in Washington, when are they going to do something about this?? So sick of it all. And by the way, I am going to report them to the BBB and DOE for their harassing strong arm tactics.

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