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Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

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Letters and Correspondence
P.O. Box 2461, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2461
Express / Overnight Deliveries
1200 N. 7th St., Harrisburg, PA 17102
Payments (except payoffs)
Payment Center, Harrisburg, PA 17130-0001
Payoffs (payments in full)
AES - Paid in Full, P.O. Box 2251, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2251
Credit Disputes
AES Credit, P.O. Box 61047, Harrisburg, PA 17106-1047

American Education Services [AES] Complaints & Reviews

American Education Services [AES] / loan servicing

Aug 23, 2019

Customer service with this company is beyond horrible. I email an inquiry to them in reagrds to whether or not a credit card coudl be used for payment. I have 3 children 8 loans of various amounts. I have been paying the loans for 7 years - not one late payment. The first email response...

American Education Services [AES] / student loan

Jul 09, 2019

They acquired my loan from MEFA. In doing so took down the wrong birth date. From there on they have been unable to answer questions, unable to fix the situation despite my providing the required information and proof via phone and letter. They keep calling my retired father when they have...

American Education Services [AES] / unresponsive, unethical behavior

Apr 15, 2019

I have been paying on my student loans for years, I originally took out $16, 000 and as soon as the deferment period ended, my balance shot up to $27, 000! My balance is at $22, 000 now and I have no job, no extra money as unemployment has not even paid me yet (2 months laid off now) and...

AES Credit / loan

Feb 18, 2019

Oh my, where do I even start. AES is ruining our lives. I'm perfectly fine with paying my loans that I took out, that's not the problem here. I moved to Canada after school, so I'm paying Canadian dollars into a USD loan. What a nightmare. My 7 loans have a payment altogether...

American Education Services [AES] / apathetic, dishonest, and unprofessional customer service.

Nov 06, 2018

I'm the caretaker for my 83-year-old mother who's suffering from both dementia and leukaemia. I've her durable power of attorney and am legally able to act on her behalf and to protect her interests. I've been attempting to work with this company for some time and throughout they've been...

American Education Services [AES] / interest rates increase every three months.

Oct 02, 2018

American Education Services [AES] Parent Plus loans are outrageous. Interest rates are increased to often, every three months. This is a total ripoff /scam. Why is there no forgiveness for parents trying to help their children? AES needs to be investigated. This company is a legal loan...

American Education Services [AES] / harassment

Aug 27, 2018

Our daughter had a "Student Loan" which we DID NOT Co-Sign...Which AES does not acknowledge. We have started receiving phone calls about once a day asking to speak to me and wanting my "Date of Birth" which I will not give them. I have told them to use a "Skip-Tracer" which they won't. We...

Aes American Education Services / customer service, i'm a co-singer reporting me to equifax and others without contacting me.

Oct 13, 2017

I co signed two small loans for daughter's schooling. She has been hospitalized and just gotten back home. I have been traveling. I received a letter she was some days overdue on payment. Same day my service of Equifax and other 2 service indicated my credit score was decreased due to non...

Aes American Education Services / theft/ harassment/ lawyer name?

May 16, 2017

I need the name of an attorney to represent my case. I paid off my private student loan thru a chapter 13 in 1997. Yes 1997. I assumed all was well until in 2003 when all of a sudden I start getting letters that I am defaulted on a loan that was bought from Met then sold to Sallie Mae then...

American Education Services / student loan chase private loan

Aug 09, 2016

No one likes dealing with customer service agents especially one involved in collecting a debt but this company is by far is my worst nightmare! I took out my student loans through chase bank as an undergrad and since graduating apparently chase no longer does student loans AES took over my...

Brookes College and American Education Services / They still want to get full debt

Jan 22, 2016

My daughter attended Brookes College and American Education Services. She got the credit and hasn’t finished the studies, so we have paid back the half of the credit and this college sent us notification and letters about the remaining debt. 4 months later this college was closed, but they...

American Education Services / blocked online access

Jan 16, 2016

These people are so rude, clueless, and condescending. Apparently, they reversed my last payments on Christmas because of to many stopped payments. And they didn't tell me. What kind of sense does that make? When I asked to tall to whomever made that decision I was refuse because they said...

American Education Services / horrible service

Sep 27, 2015

This is the worst company to deal with. For over 2 months we have been trying to lower payments from a student account My daughter was in the Peace Corps for 2 years, when she returned she was able to get a job with a non profit company, but was not able to make the payments for her...

Aessuccess / loan repayment

Feb 16, 2015

For the third time, my payment through their online portal has not gone through. There is no discernible reason; I'm on time, I'm paying more than the amount due, and I even got a confirmation number. At what point am I able to sue for the damage this is doing to my credit?

AES Services / I have been blocked

Mar 23, 2013

I have purchased an item for my car back through AES Services and the seller and I have had contact. But now they keep putting me off. Today when I tried to email the seller, I understood that I have been blocked and my emails don't go through.

AES / billing errors/customer service

Nov 07, 2012

Aes maybe a "servicer" but they are fraudulent. I have been paying double on my student loans and the principle has not gone down. I called several times to ask why... And they stated that I had to pay off all the interest first. I asked for a print out to see where my money has gone they...

American Education Services / misappropriation of funds

Sep 23, 2012

I have been paying on my daughter's Keybank loan through AES since April 2004 through online banking using the same account number and address from the beginning; I have never changed it. I paid $20 over the payment amount in hopes of getting the loan paid off early and then start...

Aes American Education Services / customer serv is the worst and they have the worst policies

May 18, 2012

The Customer Service Dept. has got to have the rudest level of service that I have experienced in a long time. The reps are very condescending, almost like they went to school to be a customer service representative. I think they forget that if people do not take out the student loan...

AES Student Loan Servicing Center / US Department Of Education / student loan scam

May 17, 2012

To the person who is obviously an employee of AES. Try blaming this one on me, instead of the scam going on with the student loan system. As a single mother of three young children whose father ran off with another woman, I went back to school so I could earn enough to support my children...

American Educational Services / Horrible Service

Apr 03, 2012

This company is horrible. I paid my student loans with ease for years!!! Then as soon as Uncle Sam got involved and decided the federal government could "help" me and handle the loans through a different provider the nightmare with this company began. First, it was general confusion. Now...

American Education Services AES / lying

Mar 28, 2012

Recently, while working with Sallie Mae to bring my defaulted loans current they sold the loan to AES behind my back. When I called in tears to AES the heartless, nasty rep gave me an earful of what I recently investigated and learned were lies!!! The collection reps work on a commission...

Aes Student Loans / loan is supposed to be deferred!

Feb 25, 2012

Oddly enough, “aes” stands for american “education” services, and so you would “think” that their employees would at least be “educated” but I cannot understand why this simple issue has been going on for 6 months and yet, they just cannot understand simple english? This is a college loan. I...

AES Student Loan Company / miss applying payments

Feb 07, 2012

I have 2 loans, made in different years, with these idiots. I have been making payments thru my banks bill pay referencing the loans as SEQ 1 and SEQ 2 as the idiot at the AES call center told me to. Up until this year (2012) they have been being applied correctly to the proper account...

American Education Services / student loan buyout

Dec 19, 2011

American education services calls me from multiple numbers on a daily basis trying to collect my debt. My mother paid to get my loans current so I could again enter deferment or forbearance and had them send the form in the mail. The company still has not sent the forms and it has been...

American Education Services / this company is terrible!

Nov 19, 2011

I originally had three student loans with american education services. I recently consolidated two of them with a different company. When that company sent over payment for the loans apparently they sent the wrong amount and were short approx. $20. I was not notified of this. I made my...

American Education Services / unethical

Oct 18, 2011

Since AES purchased my student loan from my former provider, I have been charged additional fees of $3500.00 that AES states was an oversight on the part of my former provider. In addition they have had me re-submit my IBR forms which my former provider did as well, but have sent them back...

American Education Services / fraud/incompetence

Sep 08, 2011

Do not do business with this shady company. The first payment my husband sent AES was over $1800 to cover the interest that would be rolled into the principal if we didn't pay it. Well, we made the check out to them, mailed it to them in their envelope, and the check was cashed, but...

AES Student / misinformation and negligence

Aug 23, 2011

I was delinquent on my student loan from AES. I received an email stating if I did not catch up, they would report me to collections. I called them up and asked the minimum amount to pay to stay out of collections, and they said $180. Sure, no problem, I paid it. A week later I get another...

American Education Services / fails to return overpayments

Jul 16, 2011

I recently had a conversation with an AES supervisor about the payoff of my law school loans. She gave me a final payoff figure that corresponded to the amount of the final payment due if my electronic bank transfer was completed in two days. I told her that I would have my bank do the...

AES / complaining at others for there stupidity

Jun 15, 2011

Please help me understand why you humans, that we call people go to college. I mean seriously, you take out loans, you obviously do not read what you are signing for then, years later you # and complain. Like seriously, what the hell are you people complaining for? Like give me a break, do...

American Education Services / studnet loans

Apr 14, 2011

American Education Services is the worst student loan company anywhere! I have $80, 000 in student loans between Direct Loans and Express Loans. I recently consolidated all of my loans with Direct Loans. Direct Loans paid off Express Loans and sent them a check for the amount I owed them...

American Education Services / shady business practices

Apr 12, 2011

My student loan was moved to AES after the company I originally borrowed from, Student Loan Xpress, went out of business. I was never informed of this change; I simply got a mass e-mail from AES about some new service they have, which of course I thought was spam and almost deleted. I did...

American Education Services / billing

Mar 15, 2011

Do not obtain a student loan through this company. The employees are all rude. If you are one hour late with a payment they start houding you with phone calls. I am on maternity leave and unemployed collecting no income and they refuse to defer my payments. The lady I spoke with on the...

American Education Services / unethical business practices

Feb 16, 2011

I consolidated my student loans through a company called ISM which sold my loans or was taken over by AES, not sure which. Once mine and my husbands loans were through AES it has been a living hell. First, I was eligible for interest rate discounts through ISM which AES said they would...

AES/Student Loan / negative note on my credit reports

Jan 24, 2011

I am a cosigner for my daughter's student loan. She decided to return to school to obtain her BSN. My daughter contacted AES and began the paperwork for defering her two loans. She had been in weekly contact with AES and was told not to worry about the August 2010 payment. I received...

American Education Services / ft medical student - in repayment?

Jan 07, 2011

So - I am one of the poor souls who must deal with aes. I took a private loan when starting medical school with "my rich uncle" managed by aes. I am now in clinical rotations. You know - the part where as a medical student, one works long hours with no pay - and apparently, aes does not...

American Education Services / incompetent/ unprofessional


i have done everything in my power to assist these people in correcting the problems they have caused with my accounts. i have two loans each requiring a $25.00. i send them a check for $50. or more every month. they will post the entire amt. to one account and let the other become...

American Education Services / unprofessional, rude, clueless customer service


AES is reporting that I was 60 days delinquent on my student loan, but my account was supposed to have been in forbearance since July 12, 2010. On that day, I called all of my student loan lenders to request a financial hardship forbearance in light of the fact that I was about to go on...

American Education Services / horrible company


I am very frustrated with this company. I did a federal consolidation of all my loans (including my AES loans) through Direct Loans. Last month, I recieved a bill from AES that said that all of my loans were paid off and that my remaining balance was $100 (left over interest). I made a...

American Education Services / incompetent and unethical business practice


I had a PLUS loan with American Education Services (AES) on which we were making quarterly interest payments while the loan was in forebearance (principal deferment until my son was out of college.) For some reason that was never explained to us, AES changed the invoice format on these...