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Complaints & Reviews

student loan

I took out a loan over 9 yrs ago and I still owe more then I originally borrowed from them. I asked them for to a settlement so I can pay it off and they denied it. They also took away my online & phone in payment options. I was completely caught up on my loan when making my payments on line. However, now I can only mail I money orders to them. They are crooks who should be shut dowv to scamming students out of more money. I would love to start a suit against as I'm not the only person in the same boat.

aes student loans

Received class action lawsuit forms quite sometime ago. Thought it was a fluke. Aes reps haven't sent, or...

loan servicing

Customer service with this company is beyond horrible. I email an inquiry to them in reagrds to whether or not a credit card coudl be used for payment. I have 3 children 8 loans of various amounts. I have been paying the loans for 7 years - not one late payment. The first email response didn't anser the simple question -just stated they could not give out account information. I wasn's asking for account information - just a simple question. I responded back to them that I am not asking for acount information -just anser the inquiry please. The second email the same story - but then said no. Which if fine - just an inquiry to see if I could apply any extra 500.00 towards my children's loans from a gift card my employer gave me. I then get a third email stating our loan accounts are blocked because of a security. We now have 8 accounts that we can't access until we call them. We have been paying 7 years no problem - no everyone has to call and un block their accounts. This organization needs to be checked. Their is no information to steal except address and name onsite. Would be nice to have someone login and make payments for us. What a waste of time and energy. We will have all loans paid off in 3 years - can't wait. Don't use this company. Many more affordable caring firms!

student loan

They acquired my loan from MEFA. In doing so took down the wrong birth date. From there on they have been unable to answer questions, unable to fix the situation despite my providing the required information and proof via phone and letter. They keep calling my retired father when they have my phone number. I'm a grown woman and they won't give me information as to why they are calling my father and not me, WHILE taking the payments from my bank account. I ask for a manager and get and escalation rep instead. All this is stemming from a mistake that THEY made in the first place. I'll will tell anyone who will listen not to do business with them.

unresponsive, unethical behavior

I have been paying on my student loans for years, I originally took out $16, 000 and as soon as the deferment period ended, my balance shot up to $27, 000! My balance is at $22, 000 now and I have no job, no extra money as unemployment has not even paid me yet (2 months laid off now) and they refuse to provide assistance or options to pay.

I'm not allowed to contact the original lender, they do not provide any original information regarding the lender and claim they are the only people who I can speak to. I filed bankruptcy 8/9 years ago, and was told this could be included since I had applied for the loan through Chase bank. It ended up being a private student loan and was owned by National Collegiate Trust, sold to AES to service. They defaulted my loan and forced me into an agreement to bring me current instead of discharging my debt. I lost my home during the housing market crash and my job.

This company is rolling in the money on the backs of students who are being taken advantage of.

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Oh my, where do I even start. AES is ruining our lives. I'm perfectly fine with paying my loans that I took out, that's not the problem here.

I moved to Canada after school, so I'm paying Canadian dollars into a USD loan. What a nightmare. My 7 loans have a payment altogether of $912 usd which is $1300 cad a month. That's more than my house payment!! Every time they send me a form to fill out to lower my monthly payment, they deny it because... Get this... I do not make enough money! How stupid is that?! And they give me this form! What!?!?!

Then, they lost 6 months of my previous payments. How the heck do you loose payments? So they wouldn't accept my receipts (I have to mail in international bank drafts because they won't let me pay on the phone and will not take my canadian credit card). So all of my receipts show the days that the payment was paid and all the info they need, but they would not accept them. I fought with them for months, recieved about 12 phone calls a day starting at 6 am, my bank even called them multiple times a week to work this out.

Then, just this past month, they lost another payment and won't accept the receipt. My payment was 16 days late and they alerted whoever is in charge of credit scores and messed my co signers credit score up. Multiple employees of theirs have told me that credit scores are not touched until 60 days.

I have been told so many different things by so many employees. All say something different. So what is the truth? They definelty do not try to help you and it seems that they really do not want to get paid. And If you ask for a manager on customer service, they are SO RUDE! Talking over you, they will not let you speak. They do not want to help you and continue to say that it is your fault and you need to pay your loans. No [censored] Sherlock, that's what I'm trying to do!

They are a special kind of stupid.

The worst part is that the interest is so so high. Ok I get it, my mother took out the loan and signed for me. Yes, I will pay. But I'm paying CAD into a USD loan. My husband and I are re financing our house so we can try to put my student loans into our house with a much lower interest rate. This is so stressful! We're going to be paying this for the rest of our lives and probably have to deal with these idiots on a monthly basis.

Stop the hatrasment please, get your [censored] together, and stop "loosing" previously paid payments. UGH.

apathetic, dishonest, and unprofessional customer service.

I'm the caretaker for my 83-year-old mother who's suffering from both dementia and leukaemia. I've her durable power of attorney and am legally able to act on her behalf and to protect her interests. I've been attempting to work with this company for some time and throughout they've been uncooperative, unprofessional, and downright rude. These people seem to have no respect for the rule of law or what's a legally enforceable document like a POA. AES has done nothing but respond uncooperatively and place obstacles for me to be able to access this school loan on behalf of my mother. My belief is that someone took advantage of my mother's condition and forged her signature for a loan where somehow she ended up as the primary borrower. Unfortunately, my mother can no longer recount the details behind this loan's history and so it's up to me to get to the bottom of things. Just today, after multiple interactions both through the mail and on the phone they now claim the record for my mother's dob that they have on file doesn't match her actual dob. This was never brought up as an issue before today, despite my having had told people multiple times what her actual dob was. This smacks of retaliation to me for having to have been aggressive in repeatedly contacting these people in attempts to protect my mother.

interest rates increase every three months.

American Education Services [AES] Parent Plus loans are outrageous. Interest rates are increased to often...


Our daughter had a "Student Loan" which we DID NOT Co-Sign...Which AES does not acknowledge. We have started...

customer service, i'm a co-singer reporting me to equifax and others without contacting me.

I co signed two small loans for daughter's schooling. She has been hospitalized and just gotten back home. I have been traveling. I received a letter she was some days overdue on payment. Same day my service of Equifax and other 2 service indicated my credit score was decreased due to non payment of these loans. The loan is like 50+ dollars. Always in the past if this happened the company has called and I've taken care of it but not this time. They reported it without not giving me a chance to fix this. I called tried to get the supervisor to fix this. She was rude and unhelpful.
A loan company should be wanting to receive their money back from people who borrow it. Isn't that the goal. This supervisor had the nerve to say they contacted me. I checked and they did call but left no voicemail. Who calls back when an 800# calls them. Many times polite young callers have called and I've paid several months in advance but it seems your people just want to be punitive.
I request the reporting on my credit be removed and someone who has some authority contact me. Your supervisors are rude and just say they don't have authority. No one them. They all need to be cut. They do nothing more than the clerks. Save money and call your clerks supervisors. Get people who can make decisions and make changes. That is who I want to speak to. When people call they want solutions not"I can't to that."

theft/ harassment/ lawyer name?

I need the name of an attorney to represent my case. I paid off my private student loan thru a chapter 13 in 1997. Yes 1997. I assumed all was well until in 2003 when all of a sudden I start getting letters that I am defaulted on a loan that was bought from Met then sold to Sallie Mae then sun trust. AES has taken my tax refunds, they made me pay 6 months rehab loan something to get my credit straight and then had the nerve to have my nursing license frozen so I could not work until I paid them money to get it reinstated. I sent proof over and over that it was paid but they said they needed to see where the money went when I gave it to the clerk for the chapter 13. I even talked to an ombudsman but they didn't reply when I sent them proof. The only reason I am not still being harassed is because I am disabled and the non loan was sent to Nelnet. it is still showing up on my credit report and my friend who is a city solicitor said I have paid over 15000.00 on a loan that was not owed. does anyone know of a good attorney that has dealt with them before?

student loan chase private loan

No one likes dealing with customer service agents especially one involved in collecting a debt but this company is by far is my worst nightmare!

I took out my student loans through chase bank as an undergrad and since graduating apparently chase no longer does student loans AES took over my loans. Honestly, it should be criminal how they handle situations...

I have since entered into grad school and needed my loans placed in deferment. I have other loans that I personally didn't even have to communicate with and SOMEHOW they knew to defer my loans. But being an adult I decided to make sure I communicated with AES anyway. The first call the agent was such an imbecile I had to hang up, she kept repeating that my account was delinquent (which it wasn't) and taking me around in a never ending circle. From what I was able to gather I sent appropriate paperwork to my school and they would then fax the info to AES. My school did that and I heard nothing more until a collection agency calls my home. After talking with them I talked to AES again the girl said that she was going to send the forbearance form to the AES inbox--never was there. A week passes and the collection agency calls me again.

I would not recommend AES to anyone that values their sanity. I wish I never had to deal with them. Their customer service is deplorable.

They still want to get full debt

My daughter attended Brookes College and American Education Services. She got the credit and hasn’t finished the studies, so we have paid back the half of the credit and this college sent us notification and letters about the remaining debt. 4 months later this college was closed, but they continued to charge us for the credit. Is it fine? I don’t think and should stop it. Maybe someone can help me.

blocked online access

These people are so rude, clueless, and condescending. Apparently, they reversed my last payments on Christmas because of to many stopped payments. And they didn't tell me. What kind of sense does that make? When I asked to tall to whomever made that decision I was refuse because they said they didn't know who to connect me to. So, now I can't track anything. The interest keeps mounting and I don't know what to do. I'm paying them out of my ssdi check. Oh! And to top all this off the school I took out the money for is closing! !! Someone please help me, these people are vultures

horrible service

This is the worst company to deal with. For over 2 months we have been trying to lower payments from a...

Sterling Loans

loan repayment

For the third time, my payment through their online portal has not gone through. There is no discernible reason; I'm on time, I'm paying more than the amount due, and I even got a confirmation number. At what point am I able to sue for the damage this is doing to my credit?

I have been blocked

I have purchased an item for my car back through AES Services and the seller and I have had contact. But now they keep putting me off. Today when I tried to email the seller, I understood that I have been blocked and my emails don't go through.

billing errors/customer service

Aes maybe a "servicer" but they are fraudulent. I have been paying double on my student loans and the principle has not gone down. I called several times to ask why... And they stated that I had to pay off all the interest first. I asked for a print out to see where my money has gone they said they would send me one... (I have called 6 times over the past year and have yet to receive it!) I finally had enough.. I called of the payoff and asked what it would be if I over nighted a check. I got that $ and sent a check in, over night. It is 10 days later and my account now says it's over due. I called and they said the pay off amount was wrong because by the time they processed it, a day later, the amounts didn't match and they sent the check back, a few days later. Please remember that I am accruing interest for their mistake and they will not do anything about it. I am so frustrated.

  • Th
    th!sman Nov 09, 2012

    Hey stop being frustrated. Every time you call record the call and tell them you are doing so for legal and documentation purposes. Then always follow your call with a CMRRR letter.

    You should have requested the account print out and the payoff amount by CMRRR. Then mail in your check CMRRR. Make sure you obtain a letter certifying "Settled in Full" and keep it for life including all & every document.

    You say you have been paying double. I suggest you first get the printout so you can determine the current status of your account. Then request the payoff balance and reconcile that with the print out. If anything is a miss you should write a letter tabulating everything and what you think is correct balance owed. CMRRR it and cc it by regular mail to your state AG, FTC, CFPB, you attorney, etc. You will get their right attention.

    Also you need to learn about your rights as a consumer per federal/state laws. So google these:-
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

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  • Ma
    Marla Lovell Jun 25, 2014

    For two months in a row, I went on line to make my payment. However, AES took TWO payments out of my checking account both times! They refused to reimburse me for the extra payment THEY took out or any banking fees I had. THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I do not trust them at all!

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misappropriation of funds

I have been paying on my daughter's Keybank loan through AES since April 2004 through online banking using the same account number and address from the beginning; I have never changed it. I paid $20 over the payment amount in hopes of getting the loan paid off early and then start paying on her Federal loans, which were under forbearance. In July 2012 my daughter received a letter stating that payment to the Keybank loan was late. It was understandable because I has having some financial difficulty and did not authorize payment until later in the month. Then in August she received another letter stating that she was in arrears. She called AES to find out how that could be when we were paying extra and discovered that AES has been crediting her loan payments meant to go toward her Keybank loan to her federal loans since January 2011! When asked how this could have happened the representative got very belligerent. We also discovered that there are now 2 different account numbers, the one given to my daughter originally in order to make payments and a different one now printed on the letters from Keybank. I wrote a letter with a report of payments from my bank and the result was a letter from Keybank demanding that the loan be paid in full. My mother, who co-signed the Keybank loan for my daughter has been receiving phone calls about this matter and when she brings up the fact that AES credited the payments to the wrong loans the representatives get very nasty and demanding but refuses to give any helpful information. She also wrote them a letter asking how this error could have been made and where we were to send the payments in order to ensure that they would go toward the correct account, but so far neither she nor my daughter has received any helpful information. I finally, on my own, figured out where to make the payments (I make them online now) but it angers me that over $1000 was accredited to the wrong loans and AES refuses to make it right.

customer serv is the worst and they have the worst policies

The Customer Service Dept. has got to have the rudest level of service that I have experienced in a long time. The reps are very condescending, almost like they went to school to be a customer service representative. I think they forget that if people do not take out the student loans, then you would not have a job. I can't say it's much better with direct supervisors. I'm done speaking with the people there, the next time I make a phone call it will be to James Preston. Lord forbid, you have defaulted on a payment, you are now the ### of the earth and they do not realize that lately a lot of people have been going through changes economically. The customer service shows no empathy, they have no options for you, and make you feel like the world is caving in on you and you have not choice but to sit there and let it happen. I have news for them, no matter how long it takes there will be some changes with that company. I hate to make a big stink, but I would never want another individual to feel the way I feel when I speak to anyone at that company. Especially, if you are trying to resolve your obligations and you are actually answering the phone when they are calling you. Some people have all the nerve. It's sad that a company would employ people with that type of attitude. If anyone, asks me about that company they will hear a mouthful and to run in the other direction because they are CROOKS!!

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