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Complaints & Reviews

tuition refund

My girlfriend was going here " cori martin" up until she changed her mind, and penn foster is refusing to return her money to the point that we are going to have to file a bbb compliant, we would like her money back before we are forced to do that, then sue after that if we don't get the money back. She has already tried to email you guys, yet you still refuse to give back the money you took. You also said she had to make all payments for her tuition before you would even let her take any classes.

Pennfostertrying to cancel and they won't let me

Old account since 2017 havent even done anything on it due to personal problems these past years, yes I recently did want to try it again so my account was already in collections and somehopw they pressured me that it would be good for me and blah blah but I just got news that ill be laid off of work due to not very business where im from and they still want to charge the $900 cancellation fee where am I getting that money from? nor pay the monthly bill they want to give me. if I never even used pennfoster at all why is it fair for me to pay them $1000 I dont have. I need this resolved or I will be making a big claim!!

[Resolved] cancellation

Have recently tried to cancel with this have to cancel by email. And they leave no email rep would not cancel..their attorney would not cancel and upped my cancel fee by $70.. I have been in contact with an attorney about a civil case..if you have been scammed by this company..please email [protected] advertising does not match what they really do..

  • Penn Foster's response · Jul 23, 2019

    Hello, NeilColl66:

    We are disappointed to hear that our program was not the right fit for you. Students may cancel from their program by phone, email or mail. Our enrollment terms, including our cancellation and refund policy, are clearly outlined in the enrollment that is signed by each student. This information can also be found our website: Upon reviewing your records, we see that our solutions team has attempted to reach out to you, most recently on 7/22/19, by phone as well as email. We stand by to assist you: Please reach out to our team either by calling 1-888-427-1000 x4014 or email: [email protected]
    We look forward to helping you resolve this matter. Thank you!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

online school

I got kicked out of the page i was on, back to the student log in. Im really mad because i wrote a damn essay and its just gone. I clicked submit and it kicked me out to the log in screen. This has happened a few times, but this time im really mad because i wrote so much. I really thought about everything, and now ALL my work is just GONE. I pay for this [censored]. Excuse my language but im pissed. If no one can fix this then im not continuing my school here. Its freaking useless. And its not my internet connection. I pay $60 for highspeed internet and everything works just fine. Just not piss Penn Foster. Im really mad because this is money im wasting. I thought this was school. Its not just a damn application for something. This my goddamn education. 😣😒😠

[Resolved] high school enrollment

I enrolled my daughter in Penn Foster to finish her last few credits of high school. I was only supposed to be billed on the remaining credits for graduation. She only had less than half a year to complete. I ordered the transcrips online, I mailed them and her high school counselor mailed them as well. I was never contacted as to when she would begin. We let it go and decided to go another route. Then I got a collection notice for the full amount of all 4 years of high school. I tried on several occasions to contact someone there and was given the run around.


  • Penn Foster's response · Mar 11, 2019

    Hello, Mary. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are disappointed to hear that you feel you did not receive the support you needed for your daughter to begin her program. We would appreciate you reaching out to us by email: [email protected] We need a little more information to be able to locate your daughter's records. Once we have accessed the account we will be happy to escalate a request to management for review.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


I sent a message to cancel my studies and I got back an auto reply that withing 24 hours a representative will contact me.

All now no one call ore email. And I would like to cancel my course because of financial issues. I would like this to be cancel before the date for the next charge on my card

Hope to get and answer here soon.




I enrolled for $1 completed the first assignment, they then cancelled me. They said I was behind in tuition because they sent a $75 fee to my bank and the money wasn't in there. My 1st payment was supposed to be February 7th, 2019. So no the money was not available because I didn't agree to this. The agreement was I enrolled for $1 with a monthly payment of $79.I don't know where they got $75. So they are telling me I have to pay $35 return check fee in order to resume the program. One lady told me $70 I don't know. I feel my program should be resumed and I shouldn't be liable for anything since that wasn't the agreement.

enrollment $1 and ended up with a $1564 debt in my credit.

Enrolling with penn foster won't be a good choice, once you enroll in the program and cancel fee will be charge, it will be added to your credit. Access limitation will be granted...

I never did any online classes only got a username and password

2015 I sign up with Penn foster for online high school diploma .I paid the deposit that day and later that same day I was unable to use my laptop i only could get user name and...

unknown fees

Penn Foster pulled $178.50 from my account without my permission and I have no idea what they charged me for. I am beyond outraged and considering cancelling my membership. I have paid my finances in full, I don't owe them anything! I would like to know why they are pulling random funds from me without giving me a warning or letting me know what I supposedly owe them for.

being billed twice in one month for monthly payments

Things were going well until I realized I am paying tuition for my current student account and one which was cancelled by pen foster i was told by the student advisor upon sending her an email that I was liable however I did not complete any of the courses so what exactly am I liable for ?, I don't earn enough money to be paying that much this is horrible I was looking forward to completing my studies with Pen foster I did not anticipate this kind of set back . Please do better pen foster

[Resolved] canceling and debt

for the vet tech. Due to an medical illness, I had to cancel my account, I didn't even do one month. I made my first payment.
No one told me there was going to be an ugly cancelation fee. I requested a bill stating how you came up with the amount since I didn't even receive my contract. I received two different sets for payments for the same time but no contract. I couldn't even go into the account online.

website says $1597 if made in payments, it also says there is a 10% fee to cancel. Therefore, it should be only $159.70 but it's at $900.
I called and no one will help. now Ability recovering services is calling and they are rude... How can they charge amount without telling you details of the amount?

  • Penn Foster's response · Nov 03, 2017

    Hello, Jenny209. The terms of cancellation is posted on our website, and is also provided to each student when they enroll by signing their Enrollment Form when they join Penn Foster. We are sorry to hear that you felt you were not made aware of the terms of your enrollment and/or the terms were not clear. We would appreciate an opportunity to investigate your account to see how we can help resolve this with you. Please contact us by email at [email protected] Once we have the needed information we will be happy to forward your complaint to management for review. We look forward to hearing from you! - Penn Foster Student Care Team

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

Penn Foster College — veterinary technician program

56315 I enrolled into Penn Foster's vet tech program on 10/5/2017. After a series of welcome messages and links to additional courses and programs they want you to enroll into, and...


I was owed a refund 1 year and 6 months ago... I called In June of 2016 to ask about my refund the told me that my account was closed and that they had to reopen it and that I had to get a letter from my bank stating the credit card I used had a zero balance because the credit card I used to make payment was expired. I got the letter faxed it to them.. I get a call saying that the letter was no good I needed to a different letter. At this point am mad already I spoke to Jennifer I told her I wanted a disclaimer where it's said that I need a letter from my bank... I also told her it's against the law to keeps someone's refund at this point Penn Foster should be paying me interest with my refund for keeping it for so long... Jennifer said she would ask her accounting department about the disclaimers I also told what if I can't get the letter you want what are you going to do with my refund keep it?? Jennifer said she would ask and call me back. Jennifer did call me back and said we will be mailing out your refund check today you should get it in mail... I spoke to to Jennifer on July 6 2017 and it's July 19th 2017 and I still don't have my refund... It's crazy that I had to call them for my refund when they should of done it on there own...The question is How many people have they done this to... How many people have Penn Foster closed there account and they where owed a refund and Penn Poster keeped it!

grading and follow up

I you are an independent learner than the program is for you. Problem is most brick and mortar colleges will not take your classes and transfer the credits. Another thing is there are loop holes you have to jump through in order to complete a single semester. To be specific I completed an essay over four months ago and it was "loss" and I had to resubmit it, no one called to inform me or anything, I completed my other classes and waited over three weeks expecting my finals to arrive and they never came. So I called and asked what happened and they told me I had to resubmit it. Okay no problem, I resubmitted the essay and they informed me it did not receive a passing grade, so I asked them to fail me because I work two jobs now and cannot take the time to waste of this game of tag. It also takes usually 15-30 minutes to get a hold of an instructor because the call volume is so backed up. Also the material needs to be updated badly.

stay away

I have nothing good to say about this Penn Foster, I was not satisfied with it and in my opinion the whole thing is just a waste of time and money. They hardly update their...

russell day

I agree with the other poster that Chairman Russell Day will send emails out threatening to lead to disciplinary action. In their student handbook they state: "Never misrepresent...

lessons and grading

Below is an example of the "teaching" at Penn Foster Teachers are just graders who have no knowledge of the lessons they are grading. Some lessons have not been updated in...

took money after I cancelled

two weeks ago i cancelled my subscription with penn foster education, because i no longer could afford to pay for it and did not have internet to do the online work they said they would send me a bill for opting out contract i said ok well they took there monthly payment any way and won't give it back that was my grocery money for my 18 month old daughter i need that money back i have no other means of feeding her for two weeks.

  • Tr
    traska1 Oct 21, 2013

    I can empathize with you . These online schools are often fraudulent . They do not care about the students and there seems to be no place we can go to get help.

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  • Jh
    jhicks79 Mar 21, 2014

    I have a collection on my credit report from Penn Foster that I know nothing about. How in the world do they get away with something like this? I never even heard of this place until I went to try and get a loan for a vehicle and was turned down because of this issue

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  • Da
    Daintygoblin Aug 24, 2015

    Penn foster is a load of crap! Never received any study material, so i canceled, wanted a refund but instead they are charging me 375.00 what a load of bs! Biggest mistake i ever made.

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Penn Foster High School Coursecharged $ & put bad credit report after only 1 wk of enrollment

My daughter Angela Hinojosa joined and payed down payment on Penn Foster High School program. She decided she wanted to go to a College here in San Antonio, Tx. and receive her GED. Well she called after a week or two later wanting to cancel & they charged her $250.00 dollars which by the way was not told to us if she decided to cancel. It is now on her credit and she had no credit or problems until this. Angela is only 19 and is very good person and does not deserve this school to ruin her reputation and credit! Can you please help us? She has a car payment she makes on time and conn's credit which is in good standing. Thank you for your time & hopefully we can get this resolved & she can go on in life with good credit.

Deborah Ledingham
6431 Dew Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78239

Penn Foster Career School — scam/fraud/abuse

Anonymous writer: To all the public be aware! Do not enroll at Penn Foster school they will scam your money and if you complaint put a summons on you for no reason by a Judge by...

forced to buy books

My son was enrolled in Job Corps program finishing High School credits, this program helps youth who want and are interested better their lives and is also paid by the government...

wrongly accused of account

I have never had an account with Penn Foster. My son and I have the same names but his includes II. For some reason NOBODY includes the II on his name. He enrolled in this school but because THEY DO NOT have a Social Security Number on File THEY WILL NOT take HIS bill off of MY credit report. Apparently they want their money and will do whatever it takes to get it even if an INNOCENT person has to pay. I WILL NEVER USE THIS SCHOOL NOR WILL I RECOMMEND IT FOR ANYBODY ELSE. Please fix this problem ASAP~!~

no shipments recieved

i have done payed thses people three months payments of $48.00 an i have not recieved any shipment from them for my daughters schooling now i would like to have all my money returned to me because if im going to have pay for the schooling i want the shipments of book an not have my daughter do it online without the books a fail because she didnt have the books so please se if you can get my money back

my email is [protected] please let me kow what is going on please

  • Sl
    SLJ716 Jul 11, 2013

    I've had the same problem. I've been enrolled since May, have gotten through 2 courses and I'm just now getting my books. The thing is they sent me books for the courses I already finished, so now the books are pretty much useless. And honestly, your daughter isn't missing anything. The books are EXACTLY like the study units online. Word for word. The only thing I like is it's easier to do the Self Check with the book. I had to call Penn Foster to get my books.

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Russell Day Penn Foster Chairman — abuse!!!

Penn foster school a big scam!!! Do not attend!!! Russell day education chairman is a bad director and also their student serive is bad and gives bad and abusive service revoke...

wrongfully accused!

This complaint is in regards to Penn Foster a so called good school! However, their director of education chairperson Russell Day repeatedly accused me of asking repeated personal...

wrongful charge

My daughter called Penn Foster and got information on classes back in 2002. A collections company started putting this bogus $69 charge on my credit report back in 2009. After disputing it repeatedly and never being able to get them to remove it I finally gave in and paid the $69 bogus charge to get it off my credit report. Now a different collections agency is reporting it on my credit report. REALLY??? I paid you and you are trying to get the money again when I didn't owe you in the first place. Also this is from 10 years ago, ever heard of the status of limitations? I feel so completely ripped off by this company. Never ever even call Penn Foster or you will be screwed for life!


In 2006 i ask for info about some classes that i thought i might had been interested in enrolling in and i got charged for something i never enrolled into or the info . so now...

Penn Foster/high School Transcripttranscript

In 1994 when Penn Foster was under another name I graduated high school from the previous company. Then a few years ago I signed up for some career courses and decided not to pursue any further with the studies so a few years ago when I asked for my transcripts they didn't want to give or send me any copies of my transcript because I didn't finish the studies a few years ago. That should not have anything to do with when I graduated high school from years ago

  • Penn Foster Feb 09, 2012

    I am sorry you had trouble getting a copy your transcript. Can you please contact us at [email protected] so we can investigate this situation? It is not Penn Foster policy to keep our graduates from future successes.

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  • Pe
    pennfostersteve Feb 09, 2012

    Hi JC77, I am definitely sorry about this. My name is Steve, and I work for Penn Foster and had to check on this as I think somebody gave you the wrong information. I checked on it and was told If your high school program was paid up, and you successfully completed it, you would be eligible to receive your high school transcript for $10.00. However you would not be eligible for any transcripts that are not complete or that you own money on. I am very sorry (on behalf of the school) for the incorrect info. Email me your full name and student id number I can point you in the right direction on how to get your high school transcript. (Please replace the symbols in my email address by the way)

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terrible customer service

I absolutely never write reviews, but I feel I need to after my experience with the "Enrollment Advisor" at Penn Foster. In calling the school, which they suggest you do by putting the "Call an Enrollment Advisor, " button on their website, I learned just how rude people can actually be.

The woman that I spoke with was short, mean, uninformed and refused to give me information. When I specifically asked questions about Career Services, which she brought up, she said she could not tell me. She continually directed me to the website, and then would angrily sigh each time I asked a follow-up question.

Here's a tip to Penn Foster, if you hire someone who is suppose to work in Customer Service, try to get someone who is both knowledable and able to fake some service for a 5 minute call. If this woman is a representation of the school, I will take my money to Ashworth, Phoenix or somewhere else. Unfortunate.

  • Ca
    CareerChanger Oct 11, 2011

    I agree. The academic adviser had a very patronizing attitude when I called to ask him a simple question about the clinical training item in the Occupational Therapist Assistant course. He was more interested in the payment plan than answering the question. The problem is that Penn Foster is supposed to offer career oriented courses, but beware: it is useless unless you get some hands-on training. They don't do anything to help you get clinical practice. You will still need to sit for an exam and get certified to practice in your state of residence. So, I don't know...what good is a diploma from Penn Foster?

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  • Pf
    PF employee Dec 07, 2011

    They dont have an assistant course, it's an aid and it useless. But yes, the enrollment advisors are that way for a reason. I am one. We are trained to be like that. We get Qc'd on Every Call and need to go for the sale and answer as few questions as possible. Over 100 advisors get hired every year and on avg. 95 of them are fired within the year, then they hire again and fire again ect. The people you talk to have only been there usually a couple months and need to make these sales. Stay away. Please let other people know as well

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  • Penn Foster Feb 13, 2012

    Regarding your experience with one of our Enrollment Advisors, please accept our sincere apology for this Advisors lack of professionalism. You deserve nothing less than an exceptional experience every time you interact with any representative of Penn Foster. To that end, we want to know what we can do to make things right for you and earn the privilege of becoming a partner in your success. Please contact me at [email protected] One of our Student Services Managers will personally look into your concerns and provide you the information/guidance you were seeking when you first reached out to us for assistance.

    Best Regards,

    Penn Foster Student Services

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  • Ki
    Kim813 Feb 17, 2012

    Does anyone knows if the high school diploma program if the certificate is fake?? i just completed the course but they want me to pay 250 dollars but I want to make sure is not fake

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accounting/billing problem

I attended penn foster over 9 years ago and cancelled my enrollment and sent their stuff back to them and they are still on my back about it.
The statute of limitation ran out on the fair credit reporting act 2 years ago and it should have been removed from my credit report but, these scam artists at penn foster somehow are now claiming that i enrolled this year when ive had nothing to do with them since i cancelled over 9 years ago.
The fact of the matter they are out to ruin peoples credit even if they pay what is in the writing.
I have all the proof and will be in contact with my lawyer and the proper government agencies about this and with any luck a class action will follow.
I would report them through the BBB but, From what i read the BBB and Penn Foster are in the same bed so to speak and will just close the case instead of investigating the issue.

  • Ho
    Honest 1 for sure Jun 13, 2012

    Yeah so far I have only been in the course for two weeks and already have billed for the course as being late, and my first payment isn't due until next month. When I called them, they were rude and unwilling to resolve the dispute.

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  • Penn Foster Sep 11, 2012


    I apologize for any inconvenience you might have had, and I believe this can be sorted out. Can you e-mail me at [email protected] with your Student ID so we can get any issues straightened out?

    Thank you, and once I again, I do apologize.

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  • Du
    durant9999 Dec 10, 2012

    Penn Foster did the same thing to me. It has been eight years since I took their course. They never billed me for $80 then they reported me to collection agency and said I owed $800, not the $80 that I had already paid when they called me. Now 8 yrs later it is still haunting me. They reported it as a recent problem when it was almost 9 yrs ago. Count me in for the class action. i was just recently denied a refinance because of this and almost did not qualify for a car loan and had to take an 11 % loan for it.
    James Hinckley
    [email protected]

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access to courses

About three weeks ago I paid off my daughter program at Penn Foster. I was late with payments so they denied her access to her classes (which is understandable). It has now been three weeks and she doesn't have access to her classes. When I spoke to a representative about this, they informed me it could take upto a month. I would never recommend anyone taking course with Penn Foster. It should not take that long to get access. When I first enrolled her, she had access the first day of enrollment.

  • Ca
    cancelstudent Apr 02, 2012

    I did a program. from Penny Foster, I never had any exam, just a got the book for study.I would like to cancel my student number, but they are told to me "I have to pay $84.00.Before I paid $121.00.The reason-I cancel my student account.Can you believe for that???!!!
    It's not good. I do know one person, she already graduate and she couldn't find out any jobs.Before they are promise to find out a job for her.

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Penn Foster Career Schoolscam giant!

To begin I would like to say this. this is a negative "review" also known as a complaint:) If you even act like you're thinking of doing this school don't.

They only accept credit cards which should pop out and say "scam" automatically. If you don't do it they will call you everyday, this is their "guarantee" if you will.

They will use a phone number machine to make it look like someones calling from your area code which is EXACTLY what they did to me. they will run up your credit card bill and take you to court. their employees will post sweet and positive reviews of their school so you'll feel more comfortable about applying. how deceptive and what a pathetic attempt at robbing you blind.

simple: DON'T DO IT.

  • Du
    dudeyo Jun 05, 2011

    How do you explain their A+ rating with the bbb then? Surely people would have filed a report with them.

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I paid alot of money for the cerfication in Child Pyschology to them and because I maintain a 70 average they said I failed the course, I asked if I could do it over again then said no I ask for a refund because I paid in full they told me they dont do that I told them this was a rip off and I would be contacting my lawyer and they just laughed and said go a head it wont do any good we do this all the time.

  • Mo
    molliewollie Apr 13, 2011

    Sounds like bogus 'certification' to me, is pyschology not a profession requiring a license? Employment wise, what does one do with a pyschology certificate? How long was your course? Was there a clinical competency component?

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  • Penn Foster Sep 11, 2012


    I apologize for any inconveniences, but I believe this can be sorted out. Can you e-mail me at [email protected] with your student number so I can see what the discrepancy is?

    I can tell you that our programs are certainly not bogus, and you can view our accreditation here:

    Thank you, and once again, I apologize for any issues that have come up.

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Penn Foster Collegelied and cheated me of transfer credits

Penn Foster College is a big scam. Connie Dempsey is a tramp who knows nothing about directing education. The people at Penn Foster College are a bunch of losers who are jealous of their students' educational accomplishments and try to put down students in order to cheat them of previous school credits. They tell you a whole bunch of lies and they argue with you. They lack respect and student services and are a bunch of losers who are nothing but whoring telemarketers!

Penn Foster College will seek to extend students' studies to maximize profit and make money and the people in Education Services are as dumb as an elephant reversing..yes..they are as dumb as an elephant's *** and know nothing about education. Penn Foster needs to be shut down and chased out of Arizona and Scranton, PA. I have never dealt with such unethical bunch of thieves and trash..a bunch of nasty ###.

  • Tr
    trihopegroupthg00060 Apr 08, 2011

    I am in the beginning stages of a lawsuit against penn foster and would like to hear more from you. Contact me at [email protected]

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  • 12
    12Nancy Apr 30, 2011

    I believe that ALL universities, in America, are unethical and only want your money. It's not just the online ones. The private and ivy league schools are the worst as far as excepting credits from other colleges. I believe all colleges are messed up and only want your money and guess what, they can get away with it just because they know that people need college. Look up RIT in Rochester NY. They raise their tuition at least %5 every single year. They are a private school. They constantly build unnecessary fancy buildings just to show off to perspective students. Something needs to be done in America because if not then someday only the rich will be able to attend college. I think all the colleges and universities are ONE BIG FAT CARTEL. I maybe crazy but I am positive that University of Phoenix, Devry and Penn Foster all part of the same cartel.

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  • Te
    Tessen Sep 27, 2011

    My name is kenneth: Im mentally disabled-I take medicine for dipression, attention deficit disorder, and for sleep.This is an online school, when I first started school A lady name (Evelyn doyle) called me wanting to know when Im gonna finish school, Idont know I say, first lasson (hurry) my grades suffered so I slowed down, 6month to complete expired so they gave me a complimentary 6 more months free becouse my bill was already mostly paid off those 6 months expired, so I paid an extra $75. to continue but only made a 68 average on coarse, now I paid for 6 months to complete coarse and I paid for 6 months I have 3 months left and they will not let me make that test a passing grade, They say who cares about your disability..

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Penn Foster Career Schooltheir credit copamy keeps calling

I have never taken a Penn Foster course although I did ask for info only some time ago. Now I am getting two calls a day from USCB of Scranton Pa which is their collection company. The bad part is that they are always asking for someone that is not now or ever been in my house nor do I know them, I have indicated several times that I do not or ever have know this individual and to quit calling but I still get the phones calls once or twice a day.How do I get them to quit bugging me. I have reported themn to the Florida Department of Consumer Affirs.

Penn Foster Vet Tech Program — scam

I am finished with all the classes in the Veterinary Technician Program. I only have a final clinical left to finish. Keep in mind, I could of finished this program in two year...

Penn Foster Career Schooltakes peoples hard earned money and does nothing

This seemed like the perfect online schooling for quick education. However, a amall glitch in my payment due to the bank rejecting their automatic withdrawl system and I saw the true Penn Foster. Instead of allowing me to correct the problem and submit a new method of payment, they witheld all of my learning materials, books, suspended my login on the site & charged me $20 late fee within 2 weeks! I am a busy Mother and had no idea the payment didn't go through until my bank sent me a notice in the mail. Penn Foster sent 1 email stating they received my payment and a 2nd email after I had been charged the extra $20 saying that they didn't actually receive my payment. The head supervisor woman who runs the school didn't care and offered no aplogy for the drastic action taken by the school. It has been another week now and I STILL have not received my materials and the additional $20 fee never got removed, the supervisor refused to do this simple thing. You're better off using a regular school that offers online courses and you can receive transferable credits. I read from previos students that Penn Foster's credits only transfer in PA!!

Penn Foster Career Schooltuition payment

Started out ok...thought their study materials were a little under par...not textbooks mind you...but their version of a textbooklet...had to cancel after a year due to poor health...was promised a reimbursement for overpaid tuition...there was no way I could finish so I decided this was the best thing to do...$377.50...they take the down payment immediately from your bank account and the monthly payments promptly, however it takes weeks to get reimbursed for overpayment? No sign of a reimbursement yet to my seems next best bet.

Penn Foster Online Schoolscam

This online school is a rip-off. They charge you $20 additional no matter how you pay, by bank or credit card. The withdrawl system cannot even be used with a savings account and my bank's cheif officer told me this himself. They will try to charge you the full price which is $60 more.

If you want to complain and don't pay, they continue to send you 3-4 letters every week charging you more & more! They are WORSE than any insurance or doctor office bills. A $339 class could EASILY end up costing OVER $500!!!

Not to mention, there is no one to complain with directly besides enrollment advisors, which are basically dumb *** college kids or younger making min wage and cannot handle any complaints.

They will not send your materials on time and you will never see the materials you need if you owe them a cent, regardless that it is THEIR fault.

This has truly been a huge dissapointment and waste of a hard -working single parent's money.