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Pearson Vue / Pearson EducationAswb test

After 30 years of a successful career in Mental Health Services, where I was able to achieve administrative directorship in agencies on merit, I had to go back to school and complete hours/classes to obtain licensure for consideration of additional promotion. It was just the times, they change. So I completed an additional 2 years of higher education for my MSW (I have a masters in Ecology), 3000 hours supervision then LCSW provisional licensure all to make a whopping 50k per year, if that. The caveat is the Pearson Vue ASWB test. I've failed it 3 times this year, 2020. after so much studying and review, I felt my blood run cold when I saw "fail"!each attempt. I was thinking "wow, either I'm losing it or something is really wrong with this. I began legitimately checking into this and found class action lawsuits against Pearson Vue, multiple accusations and exploitation of individuals. I even had a 750$ extra charge fraudulently taken out of my account by Pearson Vue after paying for the 3rd test. Far too many red flags. My current position requires me passing that test which now seems impossible for reasons not pertaining to my personal knowledge, desire or ability. I've contacted an attorney.

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    Dec 01, 2020

    Pearson Vue / Pearson Education — Customer service

    I recently took a course that required mylab. I ordered through my schools online portal but then wa...

    Pearson Vue / Pearson Educationcapm course online exam

    28 Sep 2020: I was following the very strict and specific checking in process Pearson Vue has in place for online testing. On the last step my internet dropped off. I went to Customer Service as directed and waited for an agent on chat. He gave me a registration number, told me to restart my computer and attempt to log in through the link. The link didn't recognize an exam in queue. So back to the chat line and at the same time I called the phone line. It sounds like the best Pearson Vue is willing to do is cancel the first effort and make me wait several more days at least to reschedule. I've been trying to work through this for nearly three hours, still going.

    I don't recommend using Pearson Vue's online testing process. It has been a nightmare and I haven't even started the exam.

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      Sep 09, 2020

      Pearson Vue / Pearson Education — rhit exam

      Transpired on that saturday afternoon) Upon arrival to pearson vue testing center for my rhit exam on...

      Pearson Vue / Pearson EducationCustomer service

      I'm a graduate who has been trying to register for my Nclex RN and has been having a difficult time with customer service placing me on hold than hanging up in my face for 30 minutes through 2 hours at a time. This has been a very unpleasant experience and has increased my anxiety, customer service is unprofessional and rude. They interrupt you as you attempt to explain the problem. They refused to let me speak to a manager/supervisor and all in all I've been trying to register for well over Two weeks.

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        Pearson Vue / Pearson EducationRegarding microsoft certification exam: 98-381 - introduction to programming using python - english (enu)

        I have scheduled exam today. I was follow all the instruction. The Microsoft Agreement screen appear and the yes & no button was disable so I was not able to start my exam, after certain time the exam was over and the status was fail and the score was 0.
        The Chat support is very very bad. I don't know what I need to do, I didn't received any email

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          Pearson Vue / Pearson EducationExam cancellations

          Pearson cancelled my cissp exam twice in a month around one week before actual exam. They did not bother to call to inform and just send an email without any reason or explanation. I wasted taking leave from work to prepare for the exam only to find out last minute that it was abruptly cancelled twice. Extremely poor customer service and management. I demand compensation! Use pearson vue services at your own risk

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            Pearson Vue / Pearson EducationOnline test

            I took their online test for Certified Associates Project Management certification (CAPM) through Project Management Institue.
            I completed the test. The screen said Congratulations you passed your exam. About an hour later I got an email stating that I left the test and am disqualified. I NEVER left the test.
            I have reported this to the PMI and am trying to find out how to request a copy of the video of my testing time. I have yet to find an avenue of contact for Pearson Vue.
            I am hoping that between you and the email I sent to PMI will assist me further in this appeal.

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              Pearson Vue / Pearson EducationConfusing information, cannot research customer service

              I received an Email written in Chinese says PTE exams in April have been cancelled, but the official website didn't mention anything about it. Meanwhile, my exam is still seen as a forthcoming one.
              SO, this is really confusing. This email could be a phishing email as it is not even written in English. (The previous emails from PearsonVUE all in English even my location is in Shanghai) Moreover, it does not give the same information with the official website.
              I was not able to research the customer service to confirm it. and live chat button on the official website is also not available.
              I really want to find out what is going on.

              Confusing information, cannot research customer service
              Confusing information, cannot research customer service

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                Pearson Vue / Pearson EducationCounseling NG

                I've tested 5 times and fail each time by 5-10 points. I received all A's in grad school, passed my other half of certification, and this is my only barrier to applying for jobs. I've studied all I can for this but somehow, still can't ever pass even though i know the material. It's a joke and money grab. They know people need these exams and will pay dearly to get a passing score because they need it.

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                  Pearson Vue / Pearson Educationexam reschedule


                  I have been trying to Reschedule my Exams in the last 4 days i.e 17th Feb, 2020.

                  I keep getting the error: Card Services is not available for this services when attempting to make payment of $10 for the Reschedule fees.

                  I have reached out to UK office three times in the past 3 days now and Resolution has not been made as the keep getting the same error i am getting.

                  One of the agent i spoke to finally suggested i contact a Local Exam Centre in Nigeria to Reschedule however they were going to charge me $80 dollars even when the exam is less than 24 hours that has make the Reschedule impossible.

                  Please help look into this as i am not ready for the exam tomorrow.


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                    Dec 23, 2019

                    Pearson Vue / Pearson Education — unable to reschedule microsoft exam online

                    Hi, I am unable to reschedule Microsoft exam online. Receiving below error 40517: Sorry, we are having a...

                    Oct 31, 2019

                    Pearson Vue / Pearson Education — bad customer service

                    I was 15 minutes early for my test but the person was rude saying I was suppose to be there a half hour...

                    Aug 26, 2019

                    Vue Test Center in Chennai — Fraud pearson

                    Hi Chennai Guys, I am writing to higher authority to please check and take action on following people who...

                    Pearson Vue / Pearson Educationcancellation of my project management exams.

                    I want to submit a complaint in regards to Case [protected]
                    My PMI id is 5773795‎
                    My registration ID is [protected]

                    I schedule my PMP exams in May and i received confirmation that i will take the exam on July 13th at the AEA business school in Port Louis Mauritius. On July 8th I get an automated email from Pearson Vue that i need to cancel or reschedule the exam because the test center is not available. I tried to reschedule it but i could not find any other test center. I even called the Customer Support and i talk to a guy who was not able to help me ans he hung up on my face. I got another email saying that my case has been forwared to the Pearson Vue headquarters and i need to wait. Today i get an email again saying that my exams has been cancelled. I sent a email again to Pearson Vue asking for a refund, i get a reply from Shweta G saying that as per the records they have contacted me several times and i was not available. The customer support at Pearson Vue is not professional at all. I want a full refund of my exam fees as it is not my fault if the test center is not available. I am preparing hard of my exams and i get this [censored] to deal with now. I hope i am not complaining for nothing. Please show me some professionalism and kindly get back to me on that.

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                      May 20, 2019

                      Pearson Vue / Pearson Education — test appointments

                      This company's services are monopolistic and an absolute rip-off for students. I recently signed up to...

                      Pearson Vue / Pearson Educationsupport center service (asia pacific region) cannot deliver exam to test canditate

                      Dear Complaints Board:

                      I reserved a Microsoft exam of (AZ-100) on 28.April.2019 at 18:00 Hong Kong time. During the exam lab section, the test engine prompt an error. I inform the test center officer for assistance and she inform Pearson Vue support team remote access. However it took nearly 30 minutes still cannot solve the problem, they suggest reschedule the exam and provide the case number ([protected]) as reference. I try to call the support hotline (852-[protected]) for assistance but nobody serve me in non-office hour.

                      I call the support hotline again on 29.April.2019 at 09:00 am and mentioned the case again and request to reschedule the exam on 30.April.2019 at 19:00 Hong Kong time. This exam will expire after 1.May.2019 announced by Microsoft.

                      I keep calling their hotline every 2 hours for update but the agent keep saying they are still investigate my case and unable to reschedule my exam. I keep remind the support center the AZ-100 will expire after 1.May.2019. This is an urgent case and please reschedule my exam as soon as possible but they are not follow.

                      Finally I cannot take the AZ-100 exam on 30.April.2019. I wrote a email to them proceed the following request:

                      (1) Please provide the AZ-100 exam after 1.May.2019
                      (2) If point 1 cannot achieve, please refund the exam fee (USD $165.00) and the previous Azure course fee of AZ-100 (USD $517.00). For the new exam AZ-103, I need to pay money to take new course of AZ-103.

                      Up until now, they have no further update about my solution or compensation. This incident can avoid. Unfortunately their handling style are poor and not acceptable. I have no choice to escalate to this board and I hope this board can assist me because I have no VUE direct complaint channel.

                      I share my email address ([protected] for further contact.



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                        • Updated by Michael Tse · May 03, 2019

                          Dear Complaint Board:

                          Please keep follow up my case.



                        • Updated by Michael Tse · May 03, 2019

                          Please omit this one (Duplicate to previous version)

                        Pearson Vue / Pearson Educationcia part 3 exam schedule was cancelled by pearson by mistakes

                        LEUNG, Chui-king (IIA no.: 1814534)

                        I previously submitted an application for exam cancellation on my behalf of Ms LEUNG, Kwai Fan (candidate no. 1420689) on 1 March 2019. Judy Edwards has acknowledged and followed up with Ms LEUNG, Kwai-fan accordingly.

                        However, the Administrator of HONG KONG has mistaken the message. They mistook my profile against with Ms LEUNG, Kwai-fan. As a result, I have received an email on "Notice of Appointment Registration Canceled" on 7 March 2019 04:10am (Hong Kong time zone).

                        It is ridiculous! How's come PEARSON could have such sub-standard performance.

                        The Administrator, IIA Hong Kong admitted that they have mistaken my profile against Ms LEUNG, Kwai Fan and cancelled my exam by mistakes.

                        Thing that PEARSON should do immediately is that Pearson should resume my examination, apologize and keep me updates on the progress.

                        cia part 3 exam schedule was cancelled by pearson by mistakes
                        cia part 3 exam schedule was cancelled by pearson by mistakes
                        cia part 3 exam schedule was cancelled by pearson by mistakes

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Pavilion Infotech Pearson VUE — authorized proxy test center-chennai

                          Am siva, when I was in india for my vocation, try to do exam in chennai, I got terrible experience with the...

                          Pearson Vue / Pearson Education — testing

                          I failed the lmsw test three times the first time I took the test I failed by 17 points the second time I...

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