Certkingdom Complaints & Reviews

Certkingdom / cheater website, it scams after taking life time membership they change policy and ask for money again

Sep 18, 2019

This Website is a big scam, i have purchased a lifetime membership from them in july 2017, and they blocked me after 2 years saying they have changed the policy. When i contacted their support team, they ask to repurchase it again. and what is the guarantee that after purchasing they can...

Certkingdom / Unlimited Lifetime

Jul 02, 2019

If you are going to purchase, from certkingdom...Be aware that their life time membership is not life time. When I purchased my life time membership in 2016 it was $50, with the guarantee that I would have access to all certifications. I just logged in trying to access but they are asking me...

Certkingdom / test

Nov 15, 2018

They are not going to support or refund your expenses, they will waste your time. I don't care that their answers are wrong to some tests (around 20%) I bought the test to just prepare myself. The issue is they are very outdated on some test, and for their excuse, they say Cisco uses different...

Certkingdom / They didn't provide support or refund

Jan 22, 2016

I have registered on Certkingdom. I have paid money for the program, which contained links and videos for the training. I could see them, but when I have already paid for it, I couldn’t open the program. I called to the technical support and they said that it was problems with this specific...