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American Cash Awards / is it a scam?

Milwaukee, WI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-414-358-0566
I had a girl come to my door very bubbly and believable after much hesitation I let her in and ended up giving her a check for a magazine to go to the marines and diabetes foundation also getting something. Didnt feel good about it and when I called to cancel coulnt get ahold of anyone at the number. Global marketing is also on the receipt. Am I dumb or is this legit?? HELP!! Never again!! ftft was who I made check out to.


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  29th of Jun, 2011
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same..He’s been calling us for over a month from the number 876-254-5653. When we finally answer he tells us the same thing that we have won $550, 000. Then asks us what is 1 percent of the $550, 000?...(he’s telling us if we can tell him the percentage, why wouldn’t he already know this!) Anyways so we told him its $5, 500 and he says that’s all he would need from us to send the money. We told him that he could just take it out of the check he wants to send us and continues to ask for our bank # so he can send us the check... he then tells us we know where you live and says our address out loud on the phone...which was a little creepy. So we continue to say if you want to send it you can, where not going to give you our information. Then he hangs up! He calls back again as if nothing happened and goes on pushing for the money. So we hung up, he still calls every now and then to say the same thing. After our interesting phone conversation I looked up the company they where claiming to be "American cash advance" and also found these similar stories. I then called the FBI who said there was nothing they could do to help and because we didn’t give them our info it wasn’t a big deal that these people are calling. This upset me very much these people are pretty much harassing us with calls and trying to swindle us out of our hard earned money and there’s nothing our FBI wants to do about it!

  25th of Aug, 2011
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I received a call today from a Michael Angilo and he told me that I have had a check there in their office for over two weeks. I had won 2.5 million dollars along with the 2.5 million dollars I would receive a brand new 2011 Mercedes Benz and would receive $50, 000 in one hundred dollar bills. The thing I would have to do is pay the taxes of $250 and then my funds would be delivered within 45 minutes of me sending the money. I asked him what the name of the company was and he said American Cash rewards. I asked for the address there and the telephone number, he said to me "why are you asking all thses questions. I told him that I had been scammed before and I can not take the risk of being scammed again. I then asked him did they have a website and he became angry stating that I should not be worried about that but worried about how I will receive my winnings. I told him I did not have that kind of money and he said well the company can put the winnings on hold until I have the money available. I again asked him for the website address he became angry again and said "why do you have to keep asking me all those questions and that was not important." He said the check is written off of Wells Fargo Bank and that he could send me an email with a copy of the check that made out ot me. I told him yes I want an email. He said the email would contain a copy of the check and it would explain about the taxes and that he will do a follow up call after the email. When I got the call there was no number that showed up it just said incoming call.
  7th of Jan, 2012
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I just paid over $50 cash to a couple "pre-college program" guys who shoved all kinds of glossy, laminated lists of super expensive magazines at me. After reading above comments re: cancellation & refund nightmares, I'm not sure what to do. And BTW, I believe the company was listed in St Petersburg, FL in this particular instance. The "sponsor" name in my encounter was the same: American Cash Awards. Has anyone found valid contact info on this place's website? AFAIK, the first line of defense in such cases would be both the consumer's local and the company's local BBB. Next would be the consumer's state Attorney General's office. However in this case, I believe a lawsuit may be warranted.
  5th of Apr, 2012
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The american cash awards co is a wide spread group with many different names this one was located in jamaica the callers had jamaican accents probaly usin fake names like detective williams gen mgr. was Bob Billiah They pretended to help me find the people who had scammed me before . THey would call and say they had some information for me and please call back at 8765788178 and iasked was this ajamaican number they replied no they were in Las Vegas at 3000 las Vegas Blvd much to my dismay I recieved a letter from AT&t thretning to block my Long D9istance Service due to the enormous amount of charges to Jamaica [over 1000 dollars] how can I get these charges charged back to their tel# 876 578 8178 they also requested 2 Money Pak cards for 10000 dollars each I am devaststated I am a widow on a pension they claimed I had won two and half million dollars to be sent to me by UPS . What a fool I was but they were very convincing.
  30th of Apr, 2012
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Just received a phone call...I am a third place winner of $350, 000. The reason I won this money is because I pay my bills on time. The name of the company is American Cash Awards! They wanted me to pay them $400.00. Seriously! And they will come to my house to deliver my big check! Yes, they sound Jamaican and claim to be from Vegas. Here is the number they keep calling me from 876-868-7718. Too bad it wasn't Publishers Clearing House! Don't Be Fooled!
  5th of Jan, 2013
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some here he his new number now
  5th of Jan, 2013
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he has new number
  11th of Feb, 2013
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I just received a call on my cell from an unknown number, the guy says, "Today is your lucky day sir, you have won five hundred million dollars!" I asked, "who is this?" He states he is from the American Cash Rewards Assn, then ask if I'm John Brown, and I say, "yeesss?" Then he says"Are you still a resident of Louisiana?", to which I respond yes. Then the phone gets staticy and cuts off. How in the heck did they get my name, number, and where I live? All I got to tell them is they don't want to make the mistake of telling ME they know where I live, like they told someone else posted above. I'm a Constitution loving American, if you follow my drift...
  11th of Apr, 2013
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Same scam 4/11/13. Caller said he was Jams Monroe (like our 3rd President). Phone number he gave was 876 472 0779. He wanted $3000 up front on my credit card for delivery of $2, 500, 000 prize money. I told him my credit cards were all over-limit...and he replied he'll send money to pay them off, then I could charge his fee to my newly freed up credit card. He actually gave me a routing number and an account number at a small bank in Louisiana, and directed me to call my credit card company to pay off my credit cards with money from this account. I declined to do this. He still continues calling me, but I do not answer the phone.
  14th of May, 2013
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Just got a call. new number is: 876-467-5561 they are offering 2.5 mil and a bonus mercedes benz
  14th of May, 2013
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If everyone would just Yahoo the business before you pay anyone you would be better off.
  6th of Jun, 2013
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I received a phone call yesterday from a James Nelson stating that he was an agent with American Cash Awards registered through the better business bureau in washington, DC. I had supposedly won $350, 000 and a brand new 2013 mercedes benz that e would ship today to my house by UPS. They covered 99% of everything, all i had to do was pay 1% which was $299. I had to Wester Union the money to them and he asked me not to tell anyone. He gave me a code and told me not to give it to anyone and anyime he called my phone to ask him my code. He said he was located in Washington DC but called from a Jamaica number 876. He then asked do i have long distance calling so that we can communicate back and forth. I asked how did i win this prize and he said because i am a frequent shopper at Walmart, Kroger and CVS. I told him to take the money out of my cash prize and he said that he couldnt. I currently live in GA because im in the Army but Im from Wash DC. So i asked him could i come there to get the prize instead since i dont have the money. He said no, that they had to delive it to my house to confirm my identity and to ensure that i live at the address. When i said i didnt have $300 to give, he said well i can hold the prize until you get the money but i need a date of when you will have it. Once i got off the phone, i goggled them and saw all kinds of scam reports. And i checked bbb.org and theyre not registered through them. He called me later on that day and i gave him a piece of mind. He hung up and called 15mins later as if the previous conversation never happened. I will not be sending them any of money and i hope you do your research before you send them anything
  11th of Sep, 2013
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I got a call from a man that said he was with the American Cash Awards and that I had won $2.5 Million $, But I had to pay $400.00 for delivery and Taxes up front to receive it. Is this a scam? I think so.
  26th of Nov, 2013
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I am Dave Emmitt, and I have lost over $600K to scammers in the last 5 years. I was tested as a child to have a 165 I.Q., but you sure wouldn't know it from what has happened to me. I have run a successful business here in Colorado for the past 30 years, and now it's all gone. I filed bankruptcy last year, my business went under and I almost lost the home I was raised in and I raised my children in. Most recently, I was approached by David White, who has a Jamaican number 876-425-0331. He promised me $2.5M and a BMW Convertible from American Cash Awards in Las Vegas. Why the hell I fell for this is beyond me. I have now sent him over $16K in Green Dot Moneypack Cards, and yesterday he told me he was in Colorado (for the second time), and was delivering my car and the money. He called an hour later saying he had a flat tire. It was the same excuse he used last time. I didn't hear from him until today, when he called to say that "Mr. Washington" called and the State wanted $4K of taxes. I am finally fed up, but once again, wonder what took me so long. If anyone has any idea how we can get these people behind bars, I would help any way I can. daveemmitt@gmail.com
  10th of Jan, 2014
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I just received a call from American Cash Awards with a cell # of (876)408-4170. A Jamaican man called himself David Anderson. He said I won $100, 000 because I paid my bills on time. He asked if I would be home at 4:00 today so that an agent from the bank and an attorney could deliver my check to me. He told me to go Walmart or Walgreen and purchase and "register" by getting a Green Dot Money Pack Scratch Card and put $199 on it. Once I had the card, to call him back and number he called on extension 4 and provide him with the number of the card then he could transfer me to an agent with the bank in order to get my prize winnings delivered to me. He told me to take this seriously and said "this is not a scam". "this is legit". I immediately knew this was a scam but I just stayed on the line with him to get as much information about this scam as possible. I asked him what country he was calling from even though I already knew the cell # was from Jamaica, per my iPhone caller id. He said he was calling from the New York area but immediately went in to explaining that he was using an "offshore Magic Jack" number. Please don't fall victim to these people.
  12th of Jan, 2014
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Contact a scam investigator for Genuines of the lottery promo Email:anti.cyberpolice54@gmail.com
  1st of Jun, 2014
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Peter phillips call me and ask me to go and buy a green dot money card 500hundred dollars had won 3, 500, 000, 00millons dollars is this a scam his phone number is 480-289-9169 my number is 334-271-4145 my name Renzo call me back
  25th of Jun, 2014
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I received a FB message from William J. Turner who said that US Cash Awards had been tryng to reach me to tell me I had been awarded $15500 Million dollars, and I questioned him. He originally had just asked to be my FB friend. After I accepted him, he began to tell me about the great news of this money just waiting for my acceptance. I questioned him further, and he said he would personally call me, so I gave him my phone number foolishly. He had someone else call me, a man named Jaime Alexander, who claimed to be from England, but who had some strange accent and used poor grammar. He verified that I had an award of $15 mil waiting for me. I was learly and asked what I had to do to receive it, and he said I would have to pay them $1, 500, so that they could take care of the taxes to the IRS before releasing the money to me. I told him I did not have $1, 500, and he told me they would hold the money for me until I could get the money. I stalled him, and he has called me back once. The so-called Mr. Turner sent me a message that the award was being held for me. There is indeed a Wm. J. Turner on FB and with information regarding US Cash Awards, and a photo of some kind of business meeting which is too small to identify anyone. I need to know what to do at this point. It seems to be a scam. To whom do I report this?
  5th of Sep, 2014
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626-888-9108 is the new number
  5th of Sep, 2014
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The new number for scam 626-888-9108

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