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I am a brand new customer to AAA. On Saturday, June 17, 2017, I went online to book a hotel for a trip my daughter and I are taking in August. I was trying to book a LaQuinta in Minot, ND using the AAA discount that was shown on the website. There was a $7.00 difference. I put in my number to "unlock the savings" and the when I clicked in to finish booking it, the original cost of the hotel only showed. I call AAA customer service and the woman told me that those prices are only available for seconds or minutes. I tried to tell her that I clicked immediately and she said the discount was no longer available. I asked her why it still showed that there was a AAA discount and she had no reply, other than it takes time to take it off.

My second situation happened later that day when I went into the Eden Prairie, MN AAA office to ask for some in-person help with our trip to the Canadian Rockies. The women there seemed like they did not know how to treat a walk-in customer, one woman, Sharon, was at least kind to us, but seemed to be totally keyed into what the other "main" woman wanted and who basically acted like we were a nuisance. I even stated "maybe this isn't a good time for you, I feel like you are not interested in helping us". All this while she was pouring herself some Cheese Nips. As she asked us what we wanted, which was help with hotel reservations, she was writing what we were asking on a little piece of scrap paper and had to keep erasing and crossing things off... She treated us rudely and to be honest, really turned me off to AAA.

I felt it was important for you to know that I, a brand new customer, had two negative experiences within an hour of each other with my first encounters with AAA since I took membership about three weeks or so ago.

I did get travel books and they said they would order trip ticks closer to our trip dates.

Thank you for your time.

  • Updated by Laurie Berner, Jun 23, 2017

    See above for the details of my complaint. I find this complaint process rather cumbersome. I should be able to submit a complaint without registering and going through all of this.

Jun 23, 2017

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