American Airlinessubjecting innocent passengers

I tested positive for the flu today, December 10th after going to urgent care. I was prescribed tamiflu which per the physician at the facility takes 72 hours before I would be considered non-contagious. I specifically asked this healthcare professional about flying on Wednesday back to Cleveland and he said under no circumstances should I board an airplane subjecting other innocent passengers to the flu which could be fatal to the elderly and children aboard the airplane. I immediately contacted American Airlines To enquire about moving my flight back 2 days to which I was told your airline doesn't care if you have a cold, flu etc. I understand a cold, but to subject everyone on board the plane to a confirmed case of the flu is unacceptable. I can't afford to pay the difference to change my flight, but I also can't purposely expose innocent people because unlike you, I have a conscience and to put me in this position is unforgivable. I will never fly your airline again and I will make this known through every source of social media available to the public. Thank you for your time.

Dec 10, 2018

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