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I bought tickets for me and my son to go to Brazil in Jun 12, with a stop in Mexico City (reservations QBCCXB and PPKNZQ). I noticed that my son's passport was expired, so I called American Airlines and asked if it would be a problem because we have a stop in Mexico City. The operator said that would not be a problem, neither to board in US nor to board in Mexico. She said that I only need to present his birth certificate.
Last Monday, Jun 12th, we arrived at Kansas City Airport to take the first flight to Dallas two hours before the flight time, and our problem started. A American Airlines agent in the check-in said that we cannot take the flight because the expired passport. I explained that I talked with an AA operator and she said that I only needed to show his birth certificate. She replied: "she gave you a wrong information." I said: What? It is not my fault, and if you are affirming that a AA operator gave me a wrong information so is your company fault not mine." The women was not prepared to deal with client, she did not know what to do, many times went to the office to talk with the supervisor. She asked me if I bought two different reservation because was cheaper. It was rude but I explained that initially our intention is to stay 3 days in Mexico City with friends. It took 2 hours, I asked her to link the reservation so we can justify at Mexico that we are only doing a fast stop there. She denied. I was very stressed because I have an important doctor appointment in Brazil because I am sick and I was with all recorder did by American doctors. I explained everything to her but she was very rude and said that could not called her supervisor. Then, the supervisor appeared and I tried to talk to her but she rudely ignored me. In the end the agent sold me tickets to Miami for $1200. When I arrived in Miami, the AA agents there in 10 minutes helped me and we could take the flight to Brazil. I want the punishment of this MCI agent and the refund of the tickets she pushed me dishonestly.
My AA frequent flight number is 826HXN8 and my son 924HXN2.

Jun 14, 2017

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