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Ambit Energy / scam

1 Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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I built a very fast and very impressive organization in less than 16 weeks with over 370 consultants and over 1500 services. I was terminated when they were curious how I developed such a large organization in such a short time. On a Friday I opened up my virtual office and saw a T for termination next to my name. I got in an airplane and arrived at their office and their compliance department was empty with not one person to talk to. I told them I would not leave until I spoke to someone and a person from compliance showed up after a 3 hour wait and told me he was going to try to find an available office or he would speak to me in the lobby of this run down building with dirty and damaged wooden floors with brick walls with no paint. They had several old desks and the office was empty with 2 ladies that told me to wait downstairs for someone.
After this conversation with this individual they removed the T and told me to go home and not to worry, 2 weeks later they terminated me again saying that I had done grave violations of policies and their decision was now final. They owe me a lot of money and closed down my organization that I had build with a great effort. Their reason was that I had violated policy for slamming customers. I have no idea what that is and no one has been able to explain what is that term and when did I do this slamming thing they are saying. I now realize that the company is a multilevel SCAM because the man that spoke to me told me that Ambit looses money on individuals that create large organizations in a short time because that indicates that they pay out much more in bonuses than they take in the enrolment. I have no other explanation and besides they owe me money and when I inquire about this money they tell me the accounting software has problems and they will pay me when they correct it and much more is that I never received the start up kit with the policies and procedures. I recieved a diploma with some elses name on it and they lai that they have an application sigend by me when I was enrolled by phone.
This is a MULTILEVEL SCAM I would recommend any and all that look for this company to join DON'T is all a fake front which has cost me much revenue and hard work.
I have contracted the top firm in the country and I will involve them in large legal lawsuit so this company cannot proceed in this fashion with anyone else. Their lack of awareness on which they are dealing with goes to show you that they are operating with their eyes close. I will not allow them to continue to do this type of behavior and destroy other individual’s hard work. TAKE MY ADVICE DO NOT JOIN THIS COMPANY as you can see they are not reliable with payments or proceed in good faith. Dr. Carlos Garcia-Carranza

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  • Ti
      9th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This company is a scam, In fact the founder Jere Thompson
    previously ran another company he started into the ground,
    Caprock Communications.

    This company lies, and unable to help in times of crises.
    Asked for a 2 day extension, and was told “the computer does
    it and there is nothing I can do for you, sorry”. I paid off all
    but $40.00 of a 390.00 electric bill and was still disconnected
    for nonpayment. Yeah, that’s right, disconnected for $40.00.
    They then wanted the $40 + $90 for disconnect, reconnect. They
    suck, and have no idea how they should treat there customers.

    Jere screwed his customer, and employees at Caprock.
    Seems like he is up to his same old tricks.


  • Ww
      17th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes
    Jerry Thompson actually sold the company known as Caprock Communications. What happened then was the fault of the new owners. As for Ambit. You have all the figures wrong. First Ambit is a Supplier not a Deliverer. Second, Ambit does not read, maintian, or bill you a separate bill. I have many customers on my account. I am a customer and have not found any problems in the service or the Free Energy that I get from Ambit Energy as a consultant. I have been given many perks as a customer and consultant. I have yet to receive a thank you letter from my previouse supplier. Ambit works, If you feel you have gotten a bad deal. Then you can switch back at no cost or penalty and continue to pay more with another companies. If you want more info. visit WWW.FREEUTILITY.BIZ

  • Da
      21st of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Except you can't join by phone. Sounds like someone who was trying to "Game" the system and got caught. My guess is you have a long history with Network Marketing companies and left each one once they figured out the way you were trying to build a business with a false bottom.

  • Da
      21st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Also noticed you're out of Miami...That's interesting since the company only does business in 4 states now. Texas, New York, Illinois and Maryland. To build a business that fast without being in any of the areas that you can actually enroll customers points to someone who uses the Internet to enroll people. How many actual meetings did you go to? How many personal customers did you have?

  • Ju
      27th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    The above comments contradict themselves: is it Ambit customer phone validation system you don't trust or is it Internet networking or marketing you don't have "confidence" in as a reputable system?
    I have information that high level Ambit Marketing consultants do not reside in a state where Ambit does business; I personally met these people. The complaint is written by a person who has a time investment that is commensurate with the organizAtion he built; his meeting attendance and leadership is from what I've seen, inexhaustible; surmounted only by his gift for sharing and communicating Ambits opportunity with prospects.

  • Do
      11th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Sounds to me like you did something very wrong when enrolling customers. Slamming means you enrolled a customer with out their consent, then you verified the order with the 3rd party company by having someone else act like they are them. The 3rd party company is not Ambit and it's not any energy company-the 3rd party company is a separate company that double checks with the customer to make sure they have the correct info on file and they do want to become a customer. Some people think 3rd party is Ambit, but that is not the case, how can you have a company verify orders they themselves put in?
    I'm going to take a long shot guess here, but are the majority of your customers from New York? The reason I ask is because you don't need a social security number, so access to their address and name should be very easy to get, but a SSN would be nearly impossible.
    You mentioned they terminated you twice! Wow they must of given you a second chance, looks like you blew it.
    We are obviously getting only one side of this story. I would like to ask a few questions. Like one, who verified the customers accounts. How many customers do you have total and how many of those canceled in a short period of time?
    You are trying to make is sound like they terminated you because you where getting to high up in the ranks? Ambit wants people to grow and promote! Think about it, if you promoted to the highest level, that means Ambit got a ton of customers so they got paid too, it's a win win for everyone. To try and say you are being punished for growth is just down right crazy!
    I believe you are probably someone who tried to take short cuts and was trying to scam the system. Don't say it's a scam when so many people out there are doing it right and being successful.

  • Wt
      19th of Feb, 2011
    +3 Votes

    You're an idiot because you just used th internet for the exact same thing "as a sounding board". You are probably a rep and don't want to get burned. Something will come out about this company just like the other top former companies...remember Enron, Adelphia, etc...

  • Ju
      7th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    To Donnie D. who believes that Carlos scamed people in New York,

    I highly doubt that he scamed anyone and that it would be almost impossible for him to do this seeing that he would need not only their name and address but each of the account numbers from their main provider. I live in New York and was just asked by a friend who joined Ambit as a rep and costumer to join as her costumer as well. In order for me to do this I have to give her my name, address, and account number for my current provider because they will still "deliver" but Ambit will provide the energy. It is not as easy as going online and just finding random people's names and addresses. Also, for someone who has the time, determination, and knowledge it really shouldn't take very long to acquire something as big as this. 16 weeks is four months that is quite a long time and if you know a lot of people who are willing to give this a shot 370 consultants isn't really a big thing, I have that many people on my facebook that i actually know personally! In addition, if you have 370 consultants signing people up 1500 services is nothing seeing how each one of those 370 consultants would only need 4 maybe 5 people to sign up with them. It is actually a very logical and probable situation, which leads me to believe that you have some personal relation to the company to defend them and make this person seem like a scam artist or you just didn't think things through before you thought through your logic!

  • Do
      24th of Mar, 2011
    -2 Votes

    To justlooking82
    Well someone is not being honest here. Either Carlos or Ambit. And no I am not from Ambit headquarters, I think they got better things to do then this. You live in NY, you should know you can go to Con Eds' website and request account numbers, so no it's not like he's going around in random phone books and putting in random account numbers hoping they work. I heard of someone who has been doing this for a while, and it sounds to me like Carlos fell into it too, "buying customers". And probably what happen (he was terminated twice that's why I'm saying this) is that a lot of his customers where dropping out because they did not sign up themselves, then Ambit probably picked up on it, terminated it, then Carlos told them it was a mistake, then they Un-terminated him, then he continued to do it anyways and got terminated again.
    And I don't say I didn't believe him with the number of consultants or customers he put in either, so I don't know what logic your talking about.
    It's your logic that since I am defending Ambit that I must have a relationship with Ambit. Ok then using your same logic again, since you are defending Carlos you must have a relationship with Carlos. He claims Ambit is a scam, and if you are defending that then that means you must think Ambit is a scam too, then why are you a customer if Ambit is such a scam?

  • Rv
      31st of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    It is very strange to me that Ambit energy is the fastes growing company in the country. Keeps getting approved in more states every month by the state commossions, has thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, and people get on here and call it a scam . Rates change al the time no matter what company your with. Ambit in TX locks you into a lower rate and in NY you are always lower than the BIg CO. that have been ripping people off for years.
    From our experience we have 40 very happy customers with ambit and would never do business with another co.

  • Hm
      2nd of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Your virtual office, which you mentioned you had access to, has all of the information and data from your "kit" along with your consultant terms and conditions, which clearly mentions what slamming is and that if founded, will make termination immediate without any further compensation. This is not an Ambit term, it is industry wide. All you have to do is google it for a definition. You cannot sign up over the phone, only online, in which you check a box that states you have read said terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. The way slamming would be founded is if YOUR customers complained, hmmmmmm

  • Ca
      3rd of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Ambit has saved me and my family money, to learn more check out this site: try it save 7 percent guaranteed for the first 2 months and let me know.

  • Wh
      13th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    check out the founders affiliation with ENRON. Also the class action lawsuit against their company CapRock. It lists false and misleading statements concerning the revenues, artificially inflated stock prices etc. Of course, they don't mention this particular business when they are trying to get you on board...just 7-11. I found this by researching the founders, not Ambit itself. Would you deal with ENRON knowing what we know now? That too looked like a legitimate business and these guys were involved in it.

  • Co
      14th of Feb, 2012
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  • Lu
      31st of Mar, 2013
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    Sales clones do not disclose the sneaky fine print $199.00 early termination fee. They are taught to use the deceptive phrase "you can quit and switch back at any time" . The term "consultant" is also deceptive since they are single source corporate slaves offering only canned hype like "cagray" above. No mention what happens after 2 months. Sales leader offer hype is inappropriate for utilities, and they could get run out of the State. Warned of those caveats, the company could be a big benefit for groups who join together and get referrals benefits for years to come. Cautiously Optimistic. The CPUC Public Utilities Commission is in charge in CA. Get honest or get out of town!

  • Vo
      1st of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I have recently been "hit up" as an "ambit energy consultant" lead last week - met a nice guy at the gym and he raved about Ambit to me. Said I would "look into it on my spare time". Well, it's been about two weeks and now I've had time today. Before I "jump" into anything I ALWAYS RESEARCH IT - ESPECIALLY ANY NEW BUSINESS DEAL!!! Well, this is probably the 20th internet page I have read from top to bottom and I have found approx 90% of ALL RESPONSES to be NEGATIVE and "not" positive. This concerns me. How can you market a product or service with a black eye for customer service in the eye of the consumer? That ship is destined to sink eventually and won't be able to sail forever. That is how I think Ambit will go like so many others before it. NO, I have not joined the company, but I have researched it with REAL testimonials from REAL people too. Now, I always "discount" certain posts citing them to be "disgruntled ex-employees" or customers who don't pay their bill. But, for a new company I have to admit...the plethora of negative comments is OVERWHELMING and has reached saturation status! Needless to say I was going to "meet" with my ambit rep (his sales pitch) and have since cancelled the appointment. This is not worth my time and the hassle and the worry of so many negative things associated with this company is too much headache for me. I believe very few people ever "get rich quick", you actually "get rich slow" over time. To be candid, I also do not like being a "family pest" and trying to sign up friends, family and co-workers for any product or service and never wanted to be "one of those guys...a busybody...a brainwashed schmuck..." So, I wish all the ambit people very well indeed and hope they make millions (yes, they can have "my money" LOL...) and I will be happy to make what I can and get ahead my way, just like the Frank Sinatra song...!

  • Ma
      5th of Jul, 2013
    +3 Votes

    Carlos Garcia-Carranza is the biggest scam artist around... he did stole a whole down-line and their production by enrolling them as new associates. Those numbers he mentioned is just an exaggeration, and was Ambit who summon him to their headquarter in Texas.

  • Da
      11th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    @von So you based your decision to not get started on opinions of people you don't know and only hearing one side of the story. how about looking at some facts. If this company was so bad and everyone hated it, then how did they get so far ahead? Instead of looking about rants from people who got mad their power got shut off because they didn't pay their bill, here is a list of some places to look at real facts:
    2013 Press Releases

    07/09/2013 – J.D. Power Awards Ambit Energy for Highest Retail Electric Provider Satisfaction in New York Region
    05/22/2013 – Ambit Energy Reaches $1 Billion in Annual Revenue in Only Seven Years
    05/15/2013 – Ambit Energy Named World’s Largest Direct Seller of Energy
    01/23/2013 – Ambit Energy Surpasses 1 Million Customers in 2012

    2012 Press Releases

    11/13/2012 – Ambit Energy Launches MyAmbit Account Mobile App
    10/02/2012 – Ambit Energy Placed On 2012 InformationWeek 500 List of Top Technology Innovators Across America
    09/06/2012 – Ambit Energy Hosts more than 9, 000 for 6th annual conference, creates $10, 000, 000 in Economic Impact
    05/30/2012 – Ambit Energy Tops 850, 000 Customers
    04/18/2012 – Ambit Energy Earns #15 Ranking on Direct Selling News Global 100 List for 2011
    03/06/2012 – Ambit Energy Named Presenting Sponsor of KidSwing
    02/08/2012 – Ambit Energy Tops 700, 000 Active Customers
    01/30/2012 – Ambit Energy Kicks Off 2012 with Northeast Expansion Plans

    2011 Press Releases

    11/12/2011 – Ambit Energy Named to Top 100 Places to Work 2011
    08/23/2011 – Ambit Energy Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
    08/22/2011 – Ambit Energy Surpasses “600, 000 Customer” Milestone
    08/17/2011 – Ambit Energy Now Available in Multiple New York Territories
    08/10/2011 – Ambit Energy Ranks #31 Out of Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World
    08/04/2011 – Ambit Energy Provides Tips to Cool Down Your Home and Save Money
    06/13/2011 – Ambit Energy Announces Electricity Expansion in Illinois
    06/13/2011 – Ambit Energy Announces Service Growth in New York
    06/09/2011 – Ambit Energy Surpasses 500, 000th Active Customer Milestone
    04/07/2011 – Ambit Energy Expands Electricity Service to 3 Million Residents in Pennsylvania
    04/05/2011 – Ambit Energy’s John Burke Named IT Executive of the Year by DFW SIM Chapter
    01/31/2011 – Ambit Energy Ends Record Year with Two Additional Company Recognitions

    2010 Press Releases

    08/04/2010 – Inc. 500 Recognizes Ambit Energy as America’s Fastest Growing Private Company
    06/28/2010 – Ambit Energy Appoints Cynthia Williams Young Senior Vice President and Chief Service Officer
    06/23/2010 – Ambit Energy Launches Prepaid “Smart Plan” Website for Texas
    06/23/2010 – Ambit Energy CIO Wins 2010 InfoWorld CTO 25 Award
    04/01/2010 – Ambit Energy CIO John Burke Selected as Keynote Speaker at CIO Utilities Summit
    04/01/2010 – Ambit Energy Launches Service in NYSEG Territory

    2009 Press Releases

    12/17/2009 – Ambit Energy CIO Recognized as Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader
    11/09/2009 – Ambit Energy Receives Best Places to Work Honors Twice
    11/05/2009 – Ambit Energy Recognized as ‘Fastest-Growing Company’ in Dallas
    10/19/2009 – Ambit Energy to Launch Service in NYSEG Territory
    09/29/2009 – Ambit Energy Launches Small Commercial Customer Program in Con Edison Territory
    06/30/2009 – Ambit Energy CEO Selected as Finalist in 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year® Program
    06/01/2009 – Ambit Energy Expands Susan G. Komen Foundation Affiliate Partnership
    05/18/2009 – Ambit Energy Launched Service in National Grid Territory April 15
    04/07/2009 – Ambit Energy, Komen North Texas Partner for the Cure

    2008 Press Releases

    11/07/2008 – Ambit Energy Expands Service into New York’s National Grid Territory
    10/27/2008 – Commerce Energy Sells Texas Retail Electric Business for $14.8 Million
    09/26/2008 – Ambit Energy Joins Direct Selling Association (DSA)
    09/26/2008 – Ambit Energy to Offer Access to Health Care for Independent Consultants
    09/26/2008 – Ambit Energy Offers Free Energy to Customers
    08/20/2008 – David Biegler Joins Ambit Energy Investors
    05/28/2008 – Ambit Energy Launches Natural Gas Service in Illinois

    2007 Press Releases

    11/02/2007 – Ambit Energy Announces Expansion into Illinois Natural Gas Market
    10/29/2007 – Ambit Energy Featured in InBusiness Magazine
    10/29/2007 – Ambit Energy Launches Green-e Energy™ Certified Electricity Service in Texas and New York
    04/17/2007 – Ambit Energy Announces New York Launch
    04/17/2007 – Ambit Energy Announces New York Launch
    02/01/2007 – Ambit Energy Set to Offer Service in New York City
    01/31/2007 – Ambit Energy Joins Better Business Bureau of Dallas
    01/16/2007 – Joey Carter Joins Ambit Energy Investors

    2006 Press Releases
    12/13/2006 – Ambit CEO Named to Dallas Citizens Council Board

  • Am
      26th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    Hey david10 what does that prove lol madeoff got lots of awards before he was caught too ya dummy!

  • Da
      3rd of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    Hey @ambitsux Can you please list a couple of so called "awards" Madeoff got? This list was not a popularity contest, it's based off numbers in revenue. The only way to get more revenue is to have more customers joining. The way you type you sound like you're 12, I don't even know why I'm responding to you.

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