Ambit EnergyA complete scam

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Ambit Energy is a complete scan from top to bottom. First their consultant, an ex-friend (now!!!), told me I was going to get a lower rate than my previous provider.

I got a lower rate the first month. The 2nd month it doubled. The 3rd month it tripled. I called my ex-friend, and she said she was sorry, but she did not know what was going on. She said it probably was because everything was going up. I kept calling customer service, many times every month and everybody would tell me thay could not help me. Until finally, one day, a service rep finally told me the truth. He told me where to read the small letters in their terms of service on the internet, that shows that the low rate is only the first month. But the sales reps never tell you that.

I am a disabled, poor senior citizen, not even affording day to day food and expenses, whose only income is my monthly social security check, which I receive only on the third of the month. Their due date for me is the 1st of the month. They told me I have a two day grace period. so I can pay it on the 3rd and not be penalized. But every month on the 2nd, they add around $2oo.00 of late charges and reconnection fees. I have to call every month and try to work it out with several supervisors. Sometimes I wait several weeks before I hear from them. Sometimes they don't return my calls. Sometimes they give me partial credit, sometimes they do not.

This company is a pyramid that sooner or latter will have its source of customers dry up as more and more of their multi-level-marketing scheme reps leave them, unhappy because only the top people are getting rich, not the sales reps. Only Brian McClure, their MLM director is becoming a multi-millonaire with this scam. Their peons and their customers will leave them little by little and the Pyramid will crumble, just like the Babel Pyramid of wicked ancient Babylon crumbled. The modern Babylon the Great will also soon be shattered to pieces because of its wickedness.


  • Ga
    Gabriel Solomon Jan 06, 2009

    A former friend sponsored me as a consultant after promising me wealth and positive cash flow residual income with a minimal of effort
    I gave my friend names to contact people and sponsor them on my behalf (as he suggested I do) and he insulted them and told them they werent motivated hen they told him they didnt want to join the business. To the citizens of Ambit world, anyone who does not join is simply not motivated to succeed and is a looser. The only way people make money is by sponsoring people and the $429.00 sign up fee is how the upline gets paid. there is no point of investing $429 to " buy " a business. From my perspective, the $429 is charged so the upline get paid and make money and when you complain that you are not making money your sponsor tells you that you are not doing it correct and you should keep coming to meetings. If you want to make money go out and work for it. From my perspective, The Ambit business opportunity is set up to Scam people out of 429 and then $26 per month

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  • Pa
    Paul Jan 27, 2009

    I would like to respond to Solomon first. It sounds like your friend is the problem and not Ambit. Just like in all other businesses, there are people who do it right and those who do it wrong. This is no get rich quick scheme, it can take up to 3 years to see substantial income. Most people would like to do less and earn more, unfortunately all those jobs are taken, LOL. Ambit allows you the opportunity to work for 3 - 5 years to generate an income that will last generation to generation depending on how much time you put into the business. This company is real as well as the opportunity. Any smart business minded person will see that. It’s not right for everyone, you shouldn't knock a company just because you weren't successful. Most people who join Ambit do it because they are unhappy with their present job. The only difference is, they are working for a boss who gets paid more then them and they can collect a pay check by just doing enough to get by. It takes a lot of work to build your own business, we should look in the mirror before we start blaming everyone else for our misfortunes. I don’t mean to insult anyone, but I have worked extremely hard at building a successful business with a company that has done MLM right. Just take a look at the CEO & CMO and the partnership they have with the third largest company in the world. Don't think people like that would link their reputations to a scam.
    As for the person in the first complaint, again I will say that you probably were dealing with a consultant who didn't understand the business. It is possible that our rates might higher than the incumbents. This is why we have the 1% guarantee after 12 months. Ambit is a new company and the mere fact that they guarantee a savings is amazing. As our customer base increases Ambit will be able to maintain competitive rates month to month.

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  • Mg
    M Garcia Feb 22, 2009

    Amen !! I totally agree. Ambit Energy is just a Money Hungry Greedy Company- God will punish this company. You just wait and see " The POWER OF GOD " I have had Ambit for over 14 months. They kept my deposit because they said i was late one time. That was because when i made an on-line payment - i was charged twice on my credit card. After calling Customer service and writing a letter to Corporate office did i receive a call. The following month i got a bill with a zero balance due. Then all of a sudden i get a termination notice with the same amount that i was double billed- causing me to be late - i was never credited for the double payment- they said there was nothing they could do for me. I will definitely be switching to another company. Ambit Energy Customer Service is terrible - they will make you hold for 2-3 hours- hoping you hang up. They are also earning interest on the customers' deposit. Please save yourself a headache and do not choose AMBIT Energy as your service provider. Also my electric bill doubled in December when i was gone for 2 weeks. I live in a small 1 bedroom and am very conservative. My average bill went from $55.00 month to $122.00. watch out because they pay the PUC kickbacks to avoid problems.

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  • Ja
    Jaime Mar 04, 2009

    Hi Ive been a consultan with Ambit for about 2 years hre in FL, with any luck, so I quit and join a company called Stem Tech Science, and now I am making money, sellig their great product Stem Enhance, I recommended to everyone, you can get more info at

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  • Mo
    MooseShady Apr 01, 2009

    "Only Brian McClure, their MLM director is becoming a multi-millonaire with this scam."

    WRONG!!! This company's just got started and Brian is no longer the only millionaire in Ambit. 3 others joined the Ambit Millionaire's club: Carlos Marin, Steve Thompson and just added: Ray Montie from New York with many more to come. BTW Ambit is now in Three States: TX, NY and IL. Ohio is next coming April 15.

    If this is a scam, how come they're a member of The Better Business Bureau, how come Shell Oil is a stragetic partner and how come The Thompson (7 Eleven) and the Lamarr Hunt Family (Kansas City Chiefs) are investors of this company?

    Weak argument!!

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  • Bi
    Bill May 13, 2009

    Sounds like a lot of BS on your part. You want everyone to believe that your rates doubled and tripled in 3 months. Hopefully you don't believe this yourself.

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  • Ki
    kingwood_lenny Jun 17, 2009

    I'm new in Ambit, and I'm making money. Not the big cash rolls that some are, but I chalk that up to the time needed to build a business. This is a real opportunity, and a way out for many that are trapped in a dead-end job. This isn't lotions or potions. It's a real opportunity for those that are willing to work for it.

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  • Na
    natty Jul 12, 2009

    It happened to me. 1st month 9.9 cents. 2nd month 13.5 cents. 3rd month it jumped to over 19 cents. My "consultant" was absolutely no help. I couldn't get any customer service on the phone. I am not going to wait over 1 hour like I did for someone to answer the phone.
    10 days late and they pulled the plug. I had to pay for 2 months service, disconnect charge, reconnect charge, then put up a deposit to straighten every thing out. Then they were going to put me at the maximum rate for 6 months (over 22 cents) before I would be eligible for lower rates.
    I switched immediately and told them to kiss my ###.

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  • Pi
    PIXIDUST Jul 23, 2009

    Some people are clueless! If your electricity goes up it is because you are on a month to month bases. That means depending on the market it may go up up up then down then up up, and so on. You must be on a yearly contract to stay with the same rate all year. When it is time to renew your contract with some companies they will keep your same rate you had previously, others like Reliant Energy will give you the rate of the market and lock it in for your yearly contract. So you may get lucky and get a lower rate, but chances are it will be higher. DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE!!!

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  • Ro
    ronco Aug 02, 2009

    I cant speak for the Texas issues, but can say that in NY we get a written guarantee of savings 1% and billing is handled by the incumbent provider. I have spoken with ambit customer service and they have been quick to respond and very helpful with my questions. I also own my own construction business and no that some customers are never pleased and simply looking for problems to complain about as they do with everything in life.

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  • Ly
    Lyn King Aug 06, 2009

    I signed up for Ambit after being with Reliant for years. A girl that I worked with was a consultant. It wounded good but it was a nightmare. Their call center has a big wait to talk to someone. After the first month when I paid my bill on line I thought that it had gone thru. A week or two later I got my mail and had a disconnect notice from them. I called them and had to wait forever to get to speak to someone. Well, apparently when they put in your name in the billing part and spelled my name with two N's instead of just one. Anyway, when I put in my debit information it did not go thru because THEY spelled my name wrong. I could not get the lady at the other end to correct it and she said that would not have caused my payment not to go thru. Then she told me that there was a disconnect notice on my account and to stop them from disconnecting my service I would have to pay an additional $50. I told them my electricity was still on and that it was not disconnected but they would not budge. After I paid the bill and the extra money for the disconnect notice. The next month my usage went way up. The girl that I worked with who was the person who signed me up called Ambit and she told them what had happened. They said that since I was late that my rate had gone up because of that. She told them that I was late because when I put in my information to pay my bill they had my name spelled wrong and my bank did not accept the debit. They refused to budge even though it was their fault. Some of it was my fault because I thought I had gotten a confirmation but I guess that I hadn't. So all the rest of the time I have had to pay a high rate and they refused to lower it because of what had happened. They even looked back and saw the my name was incorrectedly spelled. On my bill it is correct but they made a mistake on the information for the debit. My service ends August 19 coming up and I can't get away from them fast enough.
    Enough is enough ... is too much.

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  • Ma
    Mark Texas Nov 02, 2009

    I have been with Ambit as a consultant and customer now for a little more than 2 months. I was never promised unlimited wealth or millions of dollars, just a chance to make some extra money based on how much effort I put into it. I do not guilt anyone and if someone says "no thanks" then ok. I have called both customer service and consultant support several times and made it through almost instantly each time. Just like with any business if you work it smart, ethically, friendly and honest then you will make money. I really enjoy helping people save money. I save an average of 25% each month since switching from TXU. The way Ambit chooses to market themselves may not be for everybody, but heck there is no marketing policy that is. If you have somebody trying to guilt you into anything I would run from them and they surely are not a true friend.
    Bottom line is you can make money and keep your friends if you treat those people with the same respect that you would want to be treated with.

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  • Op
    Open minded 35 Nov 29, 2009

    Im not an ambit consultant but every thing that you are saying just screams LIER no electric company charges 200.00 in late fees and reconnect charges. The fact that the company chooses to market for there customers in a mlm fashion does not make this a scam. Avon is a mlm company and they been around for several decades and they dont even offer any thing you NEED.

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  • Sh
    Shawn Nuzzo Dec 09, 2009

    I did a research project on Ambit and it appears to be nothing more than an old-fashioned pyramid scheme. It's quite surprising that anyone would ever fall for this, but it's like they say: A fool and their money were lucky to meet in the first place.

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  • Mo
    MooseShady Jan 10, 2010

    Bill said

    Sounds like a lot of BS on your part. You want everyone to believe that your rates doubled and tripled in 3 months. Hopefully you don't believe this yourself.

    "How you can say I'm BS'ing when I can get free energy by just referring 15 customers and help then get their free energy as well? Stupid! Do your homework before you start running off your mouth

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  • In
    invinciblextim Jan 19, 2010

    i hate saying this but one of my friends signed up for ambit energy and started making money (what he said) but he never told me how he made it ( could be a lie). the whole point of them making money is through the customers they get. so it's like hunting, the more you get, the more you get paid.. everything is based on hard work.. yes top 5% will make it and the rest will fail based on the amount of work you put in. if you work hard, yes you will make your money back, but if you're that type who doesnt really give much of a damn, then you shouldnt join because its a waste of money and time for you. BUt if you have the edge to do this, give it a try, but if you dont make it, dont cry because now you LEARN SOMETHING!!!

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  • Ed
    Educate Feb 10, 2010

    Ambit Energy is great! Check out the "Better Business Bureau" AmbitEnergy BBB on google. You can see their A rating...and they post all of the REAL...mistakes that have made and been rectified. Anyone, anywhere, can slander a company for their own personal gain.
    Thats what wrong about the internet. Ive seen people say that no planes crashed into the twin towers on 911...Ive seen professors discussing that George Bush is a reptilian...Ive seen blogs that say Verizon Wireless is a scam...The internet is full of BS.

    Go to reputable organizations to see if Ambit is legit:

    FTC - Federal Trade Commision - Call them...I did...Ambit is Legit.
    BBB - A- rating for Ambit.
    The federal government has issued a tax ID to this company. International attorneys approved them. Its not a scam...your lack of education is a scam. For all of you people who dont know what a Pyramid is...its a money scheme...with no product or service.
    Bernie maddoff pulled of the greatest Ponzi history...all product
    or service. Corporations hire employees for the corporate pyramid. The defininition of an employee is someone who is being "USED" for the end result which is corporate profit. When the corporate pyramid is not making enough profit...they shrink the corporate pyramid...this is called "LAY-OFFS"...10% of this country knows this.

    VERY BOTTOM OF ONE RIGHT NOW...THE CORPORATION...Theyll rape you of your
    time and money then steal your retirement. THAts a scam.

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  • Jf
    jfgmoney79 Feb 18, 2010

    I dont use ambit as a means of making money but I do use the company as my electric provider. As a client you do have to watch your rate term, when it ends you reup again the rates are good, and if dont no what you are saying ask some one who can help you, i read allot of assumptions and its just alot of ignorance, have a great day

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  • Sh
    shawn888 Mar 25, 2010

    Ambit is just pure scam...first they want 429 dollars to become a consultant..comon now are people blind???? i am saying this because a consultant form ambit told me about joining and get richer...i said ok but when i heard they want their 429 first and on top of that 25 dollars every month for running the websites...ohh comon give me a break ...25 dollars for running a websites???...i am an IT guy and i know there is charge of running a website..once a website is build its build...its not like an automobile that you have to put gas to run it...Ambit is pure scam...its a fraud company just want to peoples money ...and spciallly Ambit targets low income and unskilled people who are in dead end other words they are taking advantage of poor peoples life misery...

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  • Co
    connie ed Mar 29, 2010

    i use to be a drug dealer but now ambit saved me from living in a box the rest of my life, , ambit saved my life so if ure bill tripled in 3 months ura a ###in fool,

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  • En
    Engel Apr 07, 2010

    I have been an ambit customer for over a year and have paid my bill late several times. i always get a letter reminding me my bill is due before I ever got a disconnect notice. I have even got a courtsey call to remind me to pay my bill and the rep was very nice. I had the one year plan and my bill was significantly lower then reliant ever was. I have re -uped for another one year plan and locked in a lower rate than last year. I have been very happy with Ambit. It sounds like alot of people are upset with not being able to get rich quick with the marketing part of it and telling lies. I live in Texas and love Ambit.

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  • Go
    got2bawilly May 17, 2010

    look at yourselves first before blaming the vehicle that you use to earn income.. if it's your job, get another one.. if it's your business, start another one.. Stop blaming others for your lack of ability to secure your weekly or generational financial future.. Fear or failure is paralyzing, and most blame the company instead of their own shortcomings... Look in the mirror if you have a problem with something or someone..

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  • Co
    Comptroller NYC Jun 04, 2010

    Ambit Energy is not a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, PYRAMID, PYRAMID, PYRAMID, ...

    if you join ambit and never sponsor a consultant...but you help 15 customers save recieve free gas and electricity.

    All of the "VICTIMS" are a bunch of losers who blame everyone for their problems!!!

    Playing "VICTIM" means you are weak and you resort to use the internet to spread your weakness.

    AMBIT ENERGY!! I love them!!!

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  • Ja
    Jade V. Jun 07, 2010

    Anyone who uses the Better Business Bureau as an argument is completely ignorant about what they are saying. The BBB is a company and is bought out by other companies so that they can get good ratings and trick customers into thinking that their business is reputable. In order to get an 'A' rating on BBB companies have to pay dues up to $80, 000 a year.

    BBB smooths over complaints made by customers complaining about one of their 'A-List' companies. I know this because it happened to me when an online company illegally sold my information to another company that started charging me for 'services' (these services actually consisted of absolutely nothing) that I never signed up for. They had my credit card number and were charging me $10 a month for their imaginary goods and in order to cancel, I had to give them my social security number in a cancellation form. I wasn't about to give them that, so I contacted BBB and told them all about it. When they sided with the company who paid their dues and was an 'A-list' organization (even though there had been several dozens of complaints filed through BBB about them and only 3 positive reports) I knew something was up and went on to research and find out all the info that I have previous stated.

    Do not be fooled by any ratings found on BBB because it is lies. Reps from BBB even call business to blackmail them into paying dues. My father owned his own business, they called him and said he should register and pay dues to the site so that they could protect him from vengeful customers. When my father said he didn't have any, they threatened to list his company and give it a bad rating and a bad name so that customers would see it and no longer go to him. He still refused and they followed through with their threat. It didn't effect his business until the housing market crash (he's a mortgage broker) and everyone got freaked out and googled everything about mortgage financiers and refinancing. People saw what the BBB wrote about him and less and less customers came, trusting the internet instead of other previous customers and friends.

    The Better Business Bureau is just like any other big company. They make money by stepping all over the little people. I'm sure that is what Ambit is doing as well. Nearly all the companies do immoral and sometimes unlawful things to cut costs and make more money (just do a little research on how Wal-mart has become so successful). There are so few good companies left. You're incredibly naive if you believe otherwise.

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  • Op
    OpportunityCalling Jun 09, 2010

    II received an email from a friend who wants me to sign up with Ambit so naturally I started researching the company and ended up here.
    I would like to offer some advice to both supporters and detractors alike. If you want anyone to take your opinions seriously you really need to start using spell-check before posting.
    The fact that you (as a group) posted here clearly suggests that you know how to type and have access to a computer so it would be a reasonable assumption that you also have access to word processing software such as MS Word, etc.
    Just type your comments into your word processing program, use the spell/grammar-check function, fix your mistakes, then cut/paste your comments into the comment box to which you are posting.
    I am in need of information about Ambit and I want to hear the good and the bad in order to make an informed decision. I haven’t seen a single comment here, pro or con, that was composed above primary school standards.
    I’ve been a business owner since 1979 but only barely finished high school. I have no college degree. I am primarily self-taught and do not consider myself superior to any other person, but come on people!
    I have to say that even if I completely discount all of the negative postings at this website, the positive postings are sufficient to suggest that the Ambit ranks have been filled with functionally illiterate people. This is not a good start.
    Now consider this; it is not necessary that you have complete command of a language to thrive within a given business culture as long as you learn and practice appropriate business protocol (manners). I have seen not a single spelling/grammar error in any of these posts that could not have been overcome had the poster displayed even the basest sense of business protocol.
    To the posters in favor of Ambit I say, you have not served your business well here. To the posters who feel cheated by Ambit I say, you as a group, even considering the context, are generally more believable. Why? It is because standards are naturally higher for those who profess honesty and success and in my humble opinion you (as a group) have failed to conform to these standards.

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  • Ti
    tickedattxu Jun 09, 2010

    HAHA - sounds like one of Ambit's competitors has written alot on this page! Ambit must be a great company if they will go to these lenghths to try to hut them. A 200.00 late fee huh? Oh you poor senior citizen! Is it 120 degree weather too? I think your nose is growing! lol too funny!

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  • Op
    OpportunityCalling Jun 10, 2010

    What you just said makes no sense. Even if his contention is completely false with regards to how much Ambit charged for a late fee, how could that possibly have any bearing on whether or not Ambit is a "great company." Are we all supposed to just accept that at least one of Ambit’s competitors has taken it upon themselves to write absurdly unlikely diatribes in order to damage Ambit’s reputation? That is a leap of logic that defies comprehension. And then why would you attack the parts of his statement that at least have a high likelihood of being somewhere in the area of the truth such as the temperature?
    If that is the standard for how we should all judge these posts, then how do we know that you are not one of Ambit’s competitors trying to make it appear that all those who support Ambit are heroin addled prostitutes with farm animal fixations? That is no more ridiculous than what you just said.
    I guess I’ve made up my mind with regards to Ambit. They might be a great company to join but if this is any indication of the mentality of those who support the company, I think I’ll move along.

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  • Ec
    EcoCents Jun 28, 2010

    I signed up as a consultant in March of 2010. The business is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You must work the business like any other business. Remember, in NYS they are regulated by the a state agency New York Public Service Commission (PSC).
    Where is the SCAM? You sign up customers, you get paid. You sign up consultants, they sign up customers, you get paid. Sounds like a real business to me. In NY they guarantee in writing a 1% savings or more and you don't pay the sales tax that the incumbent provider charges.
    Check it out for yourself.

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  • Da
    Dan Smart Aug 04, 2010

    As an Outsider, sounds obvious to me that the person complaining does not have their act together. "The second month it doubled... then the Third month it Tripled...

    That's what happens when you don't pay your bill! Don't go blaming it on the Ambit because you didn't pay your bill!

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  • Mi
    Michael V. Patrella Aug 31, 2010

    INC 500 just named us The Fastest Growing Private Company in the United States. What a scam it must be when a major business magazine lists you as #1. Whoever wrote this article is clueless to what they are talking about & shouldn't be misinforming other people.

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  • Mw
    MW907 Sep 05, 2010


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  • Ar
    Arron Johnson Sep 09, 2010

    Ambit Energy is a great opportunity for people looking save on their energy cost and at the same time help others save on their energy costs. Currently Ambit is the #1 Top earning company as per INC 500 Magazine. Do I need to say any more?

    We just made a major announcement of expanding markets and we are now able to offer the same savings opportunity to small businesses in TX.

    I can go on and on about how great Ambit Energy is. Three thumbs up .. oops sorry I only have two thumbs. :)

    Find out Why does Ambit Energy Work?
    Save money and Join Ambit Now

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  • Ma
    Mary Ann Castine-Sorrell Sep 11, 2010

    Every new company has growing pains. Ambit enjoys an A rating with the Better Business Bureau because over the past 4 years - every reported problem has been dealt with satisfactorily. Think about the company that Ambit Energy is keeping these days...

    -Named as The Fastest Growing Company in the US Last week by INC Magazine.
    -Recently named to lead the expansive and already very good Customer Service Team for Ambit is the lady who created and directed the industry shattering Customer Service platform for Southwest Airlines.
    -Shell, the largest company in the world, has signed a five year agreement with Ambit.
    -Apple is releasing an Ambit APP for the i-pad this week.

    There are smart Fortune 500 people at the helm, who are frugal and conservative yet moving swiftly with all their ducks and leadership in order. They have a generous (semi-traditional) multi-level marketing approach to gain residential market share and a brand new compensation structure and sales vehicle for consultants to grow their business and opportunity with commercial sales and an upside down mlm compensation package. This company is breaking all the rules.

    The founders and investors have a goal and they need America to buy in - when you do, you are fairly and generously compensated. As a consultant, you pay a modest $429 - that allows you to hire yourself for the most progressive company in the states. To me, it is like buying a piece of stock and instead of saying, "Gee. I hope this company does well." We have the opportunity, the most wonderful vehicle; to help grow the company, the company profits, and help other people do the same.

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  • Ol
    oldstrega Sep 23, 2010

    From a consultant who recently canceled his Scambit membership,

    1) i agree. the monthly website fee is a scam.

    2) short-sighted presentation lies. educated folks will eventually see through the stories being told. deregulation has failed to lower prices. that's a fact. the austin, texas presentation is unsavory and full of over-hype accentuated with extreme sales techniques. the true identity of the company and the product get lost in the stale jokes and the patronizing of existing consultants.

    a) Bobby Ames claims in his emotional, pulpit speech that Ambit has the only referral program. [censor], magazine cover boy! TXU and many others have referral programs. Uniqueness is not the same as exclusivity. I'm not sure they teach that in Air Conditioning school. Why lie so blatantly? For a few bucks? What do you think, we're dumb, chump?

    b) The impression is made that deregulation has lowered prices in the state of Texas. This is a deliberate false impression.

    Rates have gone up since deregulation took effect. It's not just because of natural gas. Allegations of auction price fixing by wholesalers have been raised. TXU has benefited from deregulation because prices are higher in Texas than before. Fact: regulated state prices have increased less regulated state prices. Fuel prices are not the culprit but the red herring. Ambit is in bed with TXU and all the other Retail Energy Providers scheming to keep energy prices higher than they were pre-deregulation.

    You have right to choose which "price gauger" you prefer but you are not technically saving money on your electricity bill. The only way to save money would be to move to one of the regulated states where the prices are lower.

    To make back the money you have lost due to higher electricity prices from deregulation, Ambit will have to pay the average family in excess of $10, 000 through the compensation plan.

    "Rose says fuel costs don't explain the bigger price increases in deregulated states. Echoing a sentiment voiced by consumer advocates, Rose instead points to wholesale electricity markets he says are far from competitive."

    "The current scheme is rigged against ratepayers. You could shop ¤’til you drop and still pay top dollar for electricity while your neighbors in regulated states pay much less. Saving 10 to 20 percent by shopping for a retail supplier doesn’t matter if the wholesale market already inflated the base price by more than 100 percent."

    if the boyz delivering the presentation in Austin had any cahones, then they would admit that deregulation has failed to follow through on the promise of lower prices and try to offer an explanation. the deliberate dodging of the question raises suspicion and calls into question the credibility of the leadership of a company which preys on misinformation.

    3) no. 1 in Inc. Magazine. so what? duh, they are price gauging and likely participating in auction price fixing. bring the price down below what it was during evil regulation and let's see how big the profits are. $28/month from 70, 000 consultants = 23, 520, 000 basically in profit. let's see the books and how much it costs to maintain the website. i mean it's MLM. we gotta come up with some sort of autoship scam to bank.

    4) you can't "patent" customer service. you can't have an IT genius write a computer program and call that customer service. it takes quality people with quality training. ultimately, this is why i canceled membership. consultant support was awful. all kinds of logistical problems with the ambit store. it took 2 weeks to deliver business cards and brochures from dallas to austin. the website has problems. consultant support does not take responsibility. the feeling you get is false empathy. i got that feeling from each person i spoke to in consultant support. they also seem understaffed. on september 4th, it took 1.5 hours for them to answer the phone. support seems to have said "sorry" so many times it no longer has any meaning.

    5) ambit does not even offer the lowest energy price any more. simple power and bounce, to name a few, have undercut their rate. ambit is shifting their sales pitch to free travel and travel rewards and offering less savings than before. what a joke! most people are not looking for travel hoopla from their energy company. sorry scambit. keep the travel hoopla and minimize further your price gauging. that's what customers are looking for.

    claims of 10 to 20% savings are a bit dated for September 2010. the deception tactic in the presentation is to refer to a few isolated cases where somebody was stuck with a crazy price and switched to ambit. 99% of those on a current 6 or 12 month plan with TXU will save between 5 to 10% switching to scambit. they would save more by choosing bounce or simple power.

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  • Fa
    faxthetruth Oct 15, 2010

    Ambit Energy Pyramid: Ambit energy is not a Pyramid: A Pyramid is a money scheme that is a fraud. Ambit was voted fastest growing company by 2010 inc.500 list. Our competition is posting lies about ambit because every market we enter we gobble up all of their customers. Trust Inc.Magazine and the BBB.

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  • Bu
    Business Owner Risk Taker Oct 17, 2010

    Please! I can't believe the complaints I'm reading here. Especially Shawn888 (and those who are like him). Shawn, you have convinced me that you are no IT guy. If you were, just your grammar and ability to spell would be at an elementary level, which it's not. You would also have an understanding that there is a monthly hosting fee incurred with most websites, which is usually $25 to $40 depending on the hosting company. Furthermore, you demonstrate that you have no clue as to the cost of starting a business. There are always start-up fees (i.e. licensing fees, franchise fees, inventory, etc.)...these start-up cost can be in the thousands to even millions of dollars before one transaction ever occurs. I own three different businesses and have been a business owner for over ten years. I became an Ambit consultant because I see a great opportunity for building an additional stream of income over the next 10 to 15 years, which will continue to provide residual income to my family for decades. As for targeting the poor...since Ambit doesn't profile, I'm glad all demographics are included. But as for me and my sphere of influence, most are business owners, professionals, educated and successful. The gentleman who showed me the opportunity is a former Senior VP of a Fortune 500 company, who is the Founder of a local bank and currently sits on the Board of Directors of a company for which I'm the largest equity holder. As for others I personally know who have joined Ambit, the list includes: realtors, physicians, executives from both the public and private sectors, educators, insurance brokers, business owners and, believe it or not, IT people. I would say that most walks of life are represented. One last thing, just like in any business, some will do very well, some will do well, some will just make it, others will never go anywhere...Ambit is no exception. I will say this though, for the Ambit consultant who experiences little or no success...$429 is a minuscule amount of loss.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Pastore Oct 21, 2010

    Im a ambit customer and consultant, my bill is lower and the checks come every week
    I just been taken out of work due to a back injury and would not be able too pay my bills
    without Ambit
    Thanks ambit for all the help

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  • Ve
    verucalise Nov 02, 2010

    I agree with many people regarding the composition of your complaints. If you are going to complain about the company, please try to explain it more clearly for the rest of us to understand.

    My father in law is an Ambit consultant- he constantly begs us to sign up, promising us substantial savings. I'm also handed an advertisement, with great vacation deals! I'm appalled to find out that Ambit consultants pay over $400 to become a consultant, i'm sure his wife will be none to happy considering that's half a mortgage payment to them!

    If Ambit monitors these boards, I'd like to personally say this:

    "Adding vacation deals only cheapens your product. The advertisement alone turns my head away in disgust. Most people just want to save money, not gain bonuses. They just want to get by, support their families, and maybe not struggle so hard to do so. If you could undercut my current provider and lock me into a price, I'd would definitely consider. Anything beyond that is trashy and undesirable. Advertise the product and product ALONE. Over time, people will appreciate the cost reduction and recommend you for the price and company, not some crappy cruise you offer."

    I also receive calls all the time from Hudson Energy Services, and I'd like to take a moment to say to steer clear of them. While I pulled up my National Grid bill online (NY here) he claimed I was paying at the height of the winter $0.14/KwH last year. I never went above $0.075. He wanted to lock me into a price of $0.073, when I was currently paying a full cent beneath that currently. After I made my point clear that if I wasn't locked into a $0.059, I would not sign up- I was hung up on. My electricity ranged from 4 cents up to 7.5 cents, I figured that was an acceptable price to lock into.

    All I'd like to say to everyone reading, is just do your research. If you feel you are being abused by the company, first remove your billing information from their system so they cannot auto-bill you if you decide to leave them before the contract is up. (Or request new debit/credit cards) I don't usually advise this, but if they are billing, or taking payments incorrectly it's your right to protect yourself. File a complaint with your state power authorities, and resume your previous service. One previous poster is correct, the BBB will not to anything for you. Go ahead, make a complaint-- but in most cases, they side with the company. One good thing is that you can leave your complaint open for people to read, so if you do decide to complain, do not accept Ambit's resolution UNLESS it is what you are asking for. Make sure you have bills on hand, as well as the contract you agreed to. If any company is not fulfilling their end of the deal, then you have a right to break from the contract without any penalties.

    I wish everyone well here. Personally, I don't think Ambit is a scam, but it's not something I will likely ever enroll in. Too many variables. Thanks for the great read.

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  • Mi
    MISS AMBITA Nov 05, 2010¬e_id=162764070423857

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  • Ca
    Cathy from Upstate NY Nov 15, 2010

    Most people who criticize the Ambit Energy Company are people who are either unlearned or unable to understand their system of compensation. It's really a no brainer - if you work hard, stay with it, and do what they say to succeed, that's exactly what will happen. I'm tired of all the complaints that are unfounded and irresponsible. Check out the company, check out it's history, check out it's accomplishments. These guys who started this company wouldn't have put millions of their own dollars into the business to fail, let alone try to "get away with" and "illegal business". Those who criticize Ambit know little of what they are talking about - they had pie in the sky expectations and instead they threw their own pie in their own faces. Stick with it, consultants, it's a great company!!!

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