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Ambit Energy states that they will provide you with a very good rate but will change it (doubled it in my case) the following month after your service is activated. They will also put you in an Average Billing catagory so when you finally get smart enough to leave them you will get a LARGE BILL with your overage charged to you! This is not a very ethical company and they show no remorse for their 'grey' business practices. I thought TXU was bad but Ambit has just raised the stakes!

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  • Am
      Oct 11, 2009

    Ambit no longer (as of Septmber 2009) places month to month customers on a "Standard billing plan" following the first month. While the second month may be higher or lower it will not likely double like in the past. You will continue to receive a competative rate month after month (the same rate new customers who are signing up for the variable plan get).

    If you do not like the risk of a variable plan (and most retail providers offer them) then selected a fixed rate plan and renew it when it expires. At least Ambit will take the time to notify you when your fixed rate is ending, unlike many of the other providers who let you slide onto a variable plan without sending you a notification.

    I invite anyone who would like to view my personal Ambit electricity bill - you can do so here -

    If you choose wisely and monitor your plan, you really can save a good deal of money with Ambit. As with everything else, it pays to be an informed consumer.


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  • Do
      Nov 10, 2009

    Excellent choice of words. To be an informed customer. I have had several electricity co., and have been with Ambit for 3 yrs now. My bill has always been low and i consume over 3, 000 kwh a month, as with most new co., the quirts need to be worked out, I believe those who complain the loudest are those who dnt understand or who dnt pay their bills very well!!

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  • De
      Nov 24, 2009

    Most of the ones complaining are the ones who jump from company to company trying to avoid paying their bills. I personally know people who get their bill from company A and decide they don't want to pay it or flat out refuse to pay it so they go to company B hoping to avoid paying it. Therefore when they get that 2nd month bill, it reflects the non payment of the previous provider's bill.

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  • Ro
      Jul 24, 2010

    I personally believe that Ambit Energy is a GREAT company and offers the consumer a great and VERY competitive energy rate. I have been an Ambit Energy customer for almost three (3) years now and have been a Marketing Consultant since November of 2009. I must say that Ambit is really Great.

    All Ambit Consultants should get involved and work the training programs, and then MOST IMPORTANTLY should be TOTALLY HONEST with their customers from the minute that they begin finding their customers. I have formed many great friendships through my Ambit customers, and continually check up on them to make sure that they are happy with their service. My Ambit customers know that they can contact me at any time when they have a question or concern. If you are researching Ambit Energy, please feel free to see the following websites and I will be happy to assist you in enjoying the Ambit Energy experience. Learn everything and be informed. I know you will be 150% satisfied with your decision to join Ambit. (Customer) (Marketing Consultant)

    As a marketing consultant, I ALWAYS recommend that my customers choose a one year or two year "FIXED" rate energy plan. It is also true that Ambit also notifies you when you plan is about to expire. Simply go to your customer website, and choose your new plan .

    Again, please feel free to take a look at my websites, and if I cannot answer a question for you, I WILL CERTAINLY FIND the ANSWER for you.

    Rule of Thumb!!! If you are ALWAYS honest in your business, your customers will always come back to you.

    Enjoy your Ambit Experience!!!


    Robert S. Howell
    Ambit Energy
    Marketing Consultant
    Rio Grande Valley, Texas

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  •   Feb 05, 2011

    You explained your positive very well! I concur, most of the time, in regards to complaints, they were misinformed and or hyped! Shame on any rep using hype to influence people to sign up! They might get a customer that way, but in the long run, you will create an enemy. Buyers remorse is the worst feeling of all! Before anyone signs up with any service, you must read the small print, understand what you are getting into clearly. Don't make excuses or blame anyone else for your ignorance or negligence! Get informed, be an informed consumer! I'm discovering so many people are unwilling to accept responsibility for there own choices or decisions. That's sad!

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  • An
      Jun 22, 2011 this link isn't working. Is there another link available to view your energy bill? Thanks

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  • Am
      Jul 15, 2014

    "At least Ambit will take the time to notify you when your fixed rate is ending." Well, not really. They didn't inform me before they tripled my bill. "Most of the ones complaining are the ones who jump from company to company trying to avoid paying their bills." Wrong again - I was with the same energy company for 19+ years before a friend convinced me to sign into Ambit. Stop making generalized statements and judging people you don't know - it makes the company look petty and small, and I wouldn't want to be associated with such an organization.

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