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I cancelled my contract with Altech Autopage on 01/09/2015 and the following month was debited for over R3k for data usage. I took this up straight away with Tato Tladi who is one of the managers there and said I dispute the data usage. I then reversed the amount that was debited and asked for a detailed bill, I was then debited every month without getting any feedback from anyone. I then called their complaints department in February who sent me an itemised bill for the data. I took a look at it and saw that this could have never been correct as I used the data only for my phone, on certain days I was charged about R300 - R500 for data and I only got a blackberry so could not even download anything. I have now been added to the credit bureau. Till today I have got no feedback from Altech Autopage. The complaint reference is 830606.

Mar 14, 2016

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