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wrongful repo

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Ally Financial
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My son financed a car through GMAC/Ally about 7 months ago and I co-signed for him. On December 12, 2010 a drunk driver hit him and totaled the vehicle. The car was towed to a storage facility who notified Ally that it was there. We had State Farm requesting the vehicle be towed to a repair shop for visual inspection but when I called the storage yard I was informed that Ally had picked the car up. This was done without notification to myself or State Farm. The loan was always paid on time and never paid late but because Ally picked up the car they listed it as a repo on our credit report. Ally refuses to accept the pay off check from State Farm and each day the interest charges increase. It took over a month for Ally to give State Farm the payoff which only increased it as each day storage fees were being added. Im at a loss as to how this situation can be resolved without an attorney because I get no help from any Ally representative and have been told the repo will not be removed and the payment will not be accepted. I have been turned down for loans because of this and in April 2011 the balloon payment is due to be refinanced on my home. I could lose my home over this!
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A  28th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
The same happened to me. I tried paying off my payment and they gave me the run around. I was speaking to someone in the Philippines. How is it that a company we bailed out GMAC is using a company that is being investigated for major mortgage fraud. Are there no regulators who see this? I tried paying off my car and every time I call I get a different story. They even stopped recording my calls and now say I never called. They had the wrong address. 3 times I gave them my address and they still have it wrong. The Attorney General has to do something about this. I will never ever buy American cars again because it seems they are the only idiots using this company..
A  23rd of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I had a very similar situation. GMAC sold my loan to Ally. Due to job lay off i entered into a loan extension agreement. I did everything i was told to do - made the payment and signed the agreement and returned it. I started getting calls demanding payment and threatening repossession. I was in constant contact with the man who approved my loan extension. He repeatedly assured me that i did not owe anything for 3 months and that my loan extension was good and he had no idea who was calling me, told me not to worry. The calls continued demanding payment and denying the extension agreement. And everytime they called i called my rep at Ally who told me i was in good standing and to just ignore the calls. My car was repossessed. When i called my guy he asked me "are you sure it was repossessed? Maybe it was stolen". It took 3 days to find out where my car was and who ordered the repossession. I was on a 3 way call with the department that ordered the repo and the department that set up the extension agreement. I listened to these 2 jerks yell at each other arguing over what happened. I hired an attorney and sued Ally. If you want a copy of my complaint i would be happy to share it with you. Our tax dollars bailed GM out and now they are screwing us. My lawyer found other instances of wrongful repo by Ally and is seeking punitive damages. They countersued me for the balance of the loan. Yet they never even followed the rules and did not even give me an opportunity to make good. They sent fake certified letters notifying me of the repo - the Certified Delivery seals were embossed on the envelopes but they were sent regular mail and postmarked 30 days after the vehicle was sold. I set up an email address allyfinancialsux@gmail.com so email me if you can help me or if i can help you. I am happy to keep anyone up to date on my case and provide you with copies of the lawsuit papers to help you.
A  29th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
wrong full repo miscommunication lying from ally about payments receiving other peoples accounts at my address, promising exstensions and not going thru with it records destroyed, stating they receiced no faxes with signatures and then stating it was just lack of communication
A  31st of Dec, 2013 by    +1 Votes
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