Ally Financialhorrible customer service

In August of 2014 my mother passed away. At the time, she had a practically brand new lease on a Jeep Cherokee with Ally Financial. She had put a significant amount down to keep the payments reasonable. So, I decided that instead of fore-fitting all of that, I would like to take over the lease. We called Ally Financial and discussed this with them, they said that would not be a problem. Here we are now six months later and this really nice Jeep is sitting in my garage with expired plates because we can't get the lease transferred. We have been going through the application process with them for months. Our credit is not the issue (780 credit score). We aren't being denied. The loan process keeps getting cancelled by Ally because they say we aren't getting the information back to them in time. Ok, fine. We FAX the application into you. You respond with a letter (snail mail) that take 2 weeks to get to us saying we have 15 days from the date of the letter to get you the required information. We immediately FAX the information back to you. We call, you won't tell us ANYTHING. We wait 2 weeks, 3 weeks to hear back from you... NOTHING. We call again and try to find out the status of our application... You won't tell us anything because we aren't the executor of my mothers will... My brother (the executor calls) and you say it has been cancelled. We have played this game 5 times now. Every time they have sent us a letter it has an 800 number with an extension to call if we have questions... The extension isn't valid... We can't talk to anyone, we can't get the same person twice, we can't get this resolved. Hopefully now that we have stopped the monthly payments they will react to our requests to continue giving them money... Seriously is this how you do business???? I LOVE Jeep... but if I ever have to deal with Ally again I will consider a different vehicle. THIS IS INSANE!!!

Feb 07, 2015

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