Ally Financial / car loan

United States

back in 2010 I bought a new car. My dealership talked me into financing through them, I received an additional incentive. I had a great job my credit rating was over 700 . Now I lost my job of over 25 years. After having hardship of not finding a job getting behind in payments I asked ally to refinance my car . At this time they had me at 1.9 great deal . I said i don't car what the interest rate was I just need a lower payment. considering I have less then 2 yrs to pay it off all i have value in the car. after many phone calls and talking to the collectors I filled out an application . I told them I was desperate I was falling behind and needed to refinance they denied me and sent me a letter to reposes it. This makes no sence to me I get 5-8 calls a day wanting money. They will not help me in any way.

Dec 17, 2014

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