Ally Autoprincipal only payments

I just bought a new car and got a fairly decent interest rate - none the less I have always paid off my cars early by paying extra on the principal. So when I made my first payment I saw there was no option for this online so I called - after much coaxing I got the non-English speaking person to do as I asked and apply my extra payment to principal only. She claimed to have set it up that subsequent extra payments would be applied to principal only and not simply advancing my payments. I am sure you can see where this is going - of course every payment after is simply advancing my payments and not being applied to the principal. "Oh but you will pay off your car faster because your payments will be advanced" clearly they don't get that I don't want to pay the full interest. Unbelievable. I will try one more time - as the 40 minutes I had were not enough to get this done. After that I am moving my loan! Oh and forget trying to talk to a supervisor or getting a phone number - they don't have them - right! We all believe the supervisors and managers don't have phone numbers!

Jan 15, 2015

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