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Tammy Wright [protected]) head of the claims department just informed me that her people were trying to settle my claim without having the doctors notes.

Chris Chadwick [protected]) and her associate Eric of Allstate have been working on my case since April 2010. They contacted me on January 18th, Tuesday with the settlement amount. Chris and her associate Eric are wanting to compensate me from 4-21-10 to 6-29-10 because it was the date of my lastest doctor's appointment. I experienced pain and suffering from the date of the accident, 4-21-10 until 10-06-10.

I informed Chris that my doctor, a specialist, prescribed that I wear a hand splint during heavy activity. That it would take many months to heal, up to four months. The doctor's notes say, "Advised to give me a call if the injury is still bothering her at the end of October."

I called my doctor's office in October and told them that I was feeling better. I also asked if there was anything else I needed to do and they said no. I then called Chris Chadwick and told her that I was finally feeling well and that we could start the settlement process.

Chris Chadwick was totally unprofessional and rude when I told her that I would not settle with the amount that they were suggesting. I have never been treated so poorly in all my life.

Furthermore I recieved a phone call from Eric [protected]). He told me that he didn't think my hand should be included in the settlement. I told him I was hit directly on the driver's side door. I told him that I went to the Emergancy Room and told them that I was experiencing pain and numbness in my neck, left shoulder, arm and hand. He asked me why the didn't the emergancy room x-ray my hand. I told him that I don't tell doctors what to do, I just explained to the doctors what pain I was feeling. He asked me why I waited three weeks to see a doctor about my hand. I told him that I was recieving treament for my hand since the accident and got an x-ray on my hand on 4-28-10. So he lied saying that it was three weeks later. He is suppose to be the medical examiner.

He then asked me if I wore a splint from 6-29-10 to 10-06-10. I told him that I wore the splint as the doctor advised me to do. He then said that he once he had his fingers hurt and that HIS doctor didn't have him wear anything for that long of a time. I told him that him and his situation is entirely different to my situation. He then asked how wearing a splint would heal my hand. I told him that he could call my doctor if he need specifics on the healing process.

Then today, January 20, 2011, I spoke with Tammy Wright [protected]). She tells me that they only have the insurance papers from the Hand Specialist but that they do not have the doctor's notes. She said that they requested them twice and never recieved them. She said, "Maybe there is something wrong with the fax machines."

I spoke with the Hand Specialist on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 and they said that Allstate had all of the doctors notes.

So Allstate has called me and given a settlement amount without reviewing the doctor's notes. When I spoke with Chris and Eric on the phone I talked to them about the notes that the doctor had written and they said that they knew about them. It has been three months since I called to settle. On top of that they are trying to lie and bully me to settle with vital information that should be taken into consideration.

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