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Allstate Customer

To Whom It May Concern:

Chief Complaint

The below outline will show great patience and understanding of X as an Allstate customer. The documentation will also show neglect, failure to clearly follow internal processes, and lastly truly a demoralizing experience from beginning to end.

Requested Outcome

The case be reviewed following Allstates internal best practices. The employee be made complete by Allstate doing the right thing and adhering to their mission statement and values.

Customer's current policies with Allstate:

(1)Policy Number (Rental Property Number 1) [protected] - 7/30/2015 - Current YTD - No Late Payments
(2)Policy Number (Rental Property Number 2) [protected] - 7/3015 -Current YTD - No Late Payments

(3)Policy Number No Late Payments Tx 75104 [protected]

Policy Number Auto - [protected] 7/24/2015 - Current - YTD - No Late payments

Summary Of Events
Vehicle Stolen from customer
Customer followed processes requested by Allstate
Customer was requested to provide statement under Oath
Customer's perception is neglect was clearly evident in the review / handling of case
Customer's claim was denied

As a valued (or so that was my impression ) customer of Allstate I truly expected my customer experience to follow Allstate's mission statement "To be the best..serving our customers by providing peace of mind and enrich their quality of life through partnership in the management of the risks they face"

Anyone with a vehicle stolen realizes its a traumatic event. Allstate, in the handling of my case caused great stress and anxiety in the handling of my case.

In the process I provided the following information to Allstate (see attached emails).
Receipt of glasses that were stolen along with vehicle
Also, showing the purchase of glasses required by me as the claim was delayed in processing and I needed glasses to see.
Receipt of Maintenance making a key and my purchase of a key access
I provided phone records showing my reach out to police

As I have a serious health condition in which I am required to obtain labs every 3 months and remain on maintenance medication. It is vital that I work for my financial needs and attend church for my spiritual needs and last and equally important attend my doctor's appointments to prevent my immune system becoming weak. With this being said I purchased a vehicle as my claim was further delayed. No compassion or empathy was expressed by Allstate The requested that I go to their office for statement under Oath. I advised them my work season was extremely hectic. They insisted that I attend face to face no virtual option was provided nor alternatives provided. To make matters worse Allstate postponed one appointment stating they Attorney had a conflict. I immediately asked how as mine was scheduled I was firmly told she had trial.

Once I was able to get off work to go downtown to provide my statement it was yet another demoralizing experience. The attorney was short and often sarcastic throughout the oath proceeding. She even presented exhibits for me to validate were demoralizing and truly gross in nature. I tend not to explain the pictures - however i did request a copy of the under oath statement review and pending the copy in which I cited areas and provided feedback for corrections (request initially provided 8/18 as a month later I am still pending this information)

As I reached out to Allstate in tears based on my experience the supervisor that I spoke to was rude and forceful she treated and talked to me as if I was trash. I was not treated with respect not to mention someone that has multiple policies in excellent standing. I was so overwhelmed with the experience I broke down on the phone. No compassion or empathy was provided by the representative. I encourage Allstate to random listen to their customer calls and employee interaction. They will be surprised how on a daily basis they go against their core values.

Lastly, as my claim was denied I asked on what basis. The representative stated and I quote " send additional information for us to review" . I said " how would I know what to send if it's not clearly outlined of the reason for the denial discrepancies. The adjuster said " You want me to explain in writing exactly why it was denied. I stated "yes" (initially requested 8/18 to date this information has not been provided)

I received two denial letters - First denial letter included reason for denial included my failure to provide under oath sign off. The same week I received an additional denial letter with the under oath piece omitted. No documentation advising this was a revised document etc. (This can't be standard process)

My car was found and located Allstate is clearly aware of this. Allstate had an estimate done and shared with me. I reached out and stated how do I go about ensuring how long my vehicle will be there? Do I obtain something formal in writing? How do I get my Keys? No formal communication was provided (to date this information still has not been provided to me.

Please note the additional follow up information.
818- Email sent to adjuster requesting a copy of my file with additional information.
8/21 - Email sent to Adjuster as a follow up email.
8/28 - Email sent to adjuster following up
9/6 - Email sent to adjust requesting confirmation of receipt of emails
9/6 - Adjuster confirmed receipt of emails -
No response provided by from adjuster to date.

Early part of September - Spoke with adjuster and requested to advise when the revised documentation from Attorney's office would be corrected for my records (information captured during under oath). I was advised by Adjuster and I quote " The address we had was incorrect" I said yes the loss did not occur at the location you stated nor did I provide that location to you) . I was advised "oh" I will need to speak to the attorney. My concern is how does one finalize a case and have the incorrect information on file? How does one truly investigate a case if the address on file is not accurate. I request the reviewer of this email to request the pictures of the site captured as assumed location of loss - The pictures will share "homosxual undertones" which leads to assuption of biasis in the review and handling of my case.

Allstate, failed to provide my family a payout for the groceries stolen out of my vehicle including my eyeglasses. The stress this has caused impacted my medical condition and my ability to perform efficiently on my job. Also, Allstate charged me full premium on my vehicle while it was kept at Copart. To make matters worse I called Copart today Friday 11/22 and they told me my vehicle is being put for sale due to failure to pick up the vehicle. How could anyone recommend a carrier that treats its customers like second class citizens. Completely horrible and a disgrace to the insurance industry.

As I conclude this letter I ask that my case be reviewed and Allstate live up to their mission statement and treat customers as they would like their loved ones to be treated.


Sent: Tue, Sep 4, 2018 9:23 pm
Subject: Fwd: Allstate Claim:[protected] - Time Sensitive

Hi Jacob

I wanted to send a friendly follow up email.

I am truly feeling as Allstate has pushed my concerns on the side. I have requested this information going on 3 weeks and no formal communication addressing my inquiries.

Please allow me to remind you I have two rental properties with Allstate, Auto coverage (2 vehicles with Allstate) the rental of my APT with Allstate.

Please note the additional follow up questions.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sat, Aug 18, 2018 9:11 pm
Subject: Re: Allstate Claim:[protected] - Time Sensitive

Hi Jacob

Hope all is well.

Can you please assist me with the following questions.

Copy of file - I would like to formally request a copy of my file including all communication correspondence. Also I would like to request a copy of all calls including myself and Allstate.

Under Oath Statement - A Couple items I requested to be updated / clarified . Can you please let me know if the revisions were made and when the revised copy / file will be sent to me. It was unclear to me as how the demoralizing inserts were captured as point of reference during the oath? Please clarify.

Appeal Process - I do not recall reviewing information regarding appeals process on the denial notice. Can you please let me know the process? Per our most recent call you advised for me to send information in. I advised I would need clarification on the specific reasoning for denial for me to appeal Question per legal do you not have to clearly outline in writing the reason for the denial and the process to appeal? Also, I received two denial letters one appeared to be a revision; however nothing was notated on the denial letters it was two separate denial letters without any verbiage to explain the reasoning.

Vehicle - Can you please confirm the person I would reach out to in order to obtain my vehicle ? Also when will fees be included due to vehicle being left on x property. I reached out and they were unable to provide detail information. Should I not receive something in writing from Allstate? In lieu of just verbal information?

Thanks Again

Nov 25, 2018

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