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Allied Barton Security / awful company

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Allied Barton Security pulled me from the John H. Winters Building for supposed negligence of duties without first properly training me on those duties. They just assumed that I knew everything there was to know about my site. On top of that time and time again they failed to properly pay me correctly.

So when I received my paychecks they were short forcing me to wait until the office received the corrections then I had to show up in person at the office in order to get what I should have already received. They have the audacity to call themselves one of fortune 500's top ten companies.

Most if not all the security officers that work for this company are lazy and incompetent because thats the vibe that is given amongst all it's employee's. It' like lets see how much we can get away with and still get paid.
I bet you I could walk into my former site at the John H. Winters building right now without being noticed. Thats how laxed this company is.

I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't trust them with my life. For one they don't treat their officers like actually human beings more like pieces of meat. They really could careless about anything that goes on from site to site just as long as an officer doesn't compromise their contract so they can continue making all their money. One thing about the uniforms is that they cost $200 which consists of 3 shirts, 3 pants, a windbreaker, and badge.

First off the pants aren't hemmed it's the officers responsibility to pay to get them hemmed and second you have to provide your own footwear and belt. If you ask me this should all be covered within the $200 deposit. If they were to treat their officers better I believe that they just might have a little more pride in their Job.


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  18th of Mar, 2009
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I agree that the level of professionalism on this site is not up to par at times. There are some very good employees that I have worked with but the problem is with the supervisors and main office. I have never seen such incompetance and feel that there should be an investigation of the day to day operations. People should not have to worry about whether they are going to get payed correctly. Any discrepencys should be taken care of expeditiously and not dragged out until the next pay period. Also when an employee leaves the company he or she should be informed that their last check will be mailed and not direct deposited . This has caused myself a lot of hardship that could have been avoided. I have contacted corporate and was told what to do to correct. the situation. I will never reccomend Allied Barton to anyone in Austin but I know that there is probably some great offices elsewhere.
  25th of Oct, 2009
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I work in the Indiana area and I have been with Allied Barton for over a year.

I will say that we have Area Managers in Central Indiana who will lie and cheat staff to avoid paying them what they state. I've seen deals made over hand shakes and never follow through with.

It's very disappointing and thus why the turn over rate is so high.

When the management staff lies, cheats, and steals from their clients and the officers then I believe they have no respect for themselves or their company.

Allied Barton claims to have "Integrity" maybe they should train their management staff to have some.
  22nd of Jan, 2010
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Allied Barton is the worst security Company in MA!!! One of the worst sites they have is Harbor Towers in Boston. They Account manager is lazy and is a lier. He has no experience how to run a site and thats why Harbor towers is all chaos
  28th of Jan, 2010
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alliedbarton is not a good company they dont care for anyone...
  11th of Feb, 2010
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I have worked for several security companies, and off all of them. alliedbarton is the best.
  14th of Feb, 2010
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Allied/barton-rhymes with "fartin" and somethin' sure stinks all over the us with this group of wannabe wackenhut pretenders! they use the same dirty tricks in management. abuse the guards, and play games with your files if they don't like you! they don't care

To "I work hard-how about you — " i'll bet they got you running around like a sub-wage dumbo — and bustin' your # for a very abusive company! you'll find that out — sooner, probably then later! I didn;t know to many guards that were all that lazy — but their files were sure queered by mid-managers for arbitrary whim reasons. the industry is unrregulated, woeful, lacks respect for workers — and jus' cause you are "niggga-rich" with your weekly pay, does not mean you won't be turning over sofa cushions for loose change next week! this is the typical ignorant attitude of some guards that will keep them out of the reality loop that they need a union for a-l-l guards — they all want job security. the little selfish butt-muncher above is just being a weenie attitude because his balls are big today — in listing what he did as a guard that helped the community or his fellow guard — shootin' the blanks, amigos! I know he could not debate the issues rationally with me, a stetson graduate, for example! neither do these agencies ever blog respond — they are desperate image queens like "lady ga-ga"! they'd have to dress in drag to be amusing at all!
  16th of Jun, 2010
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I worked for allied barton in california for a little over a year, and it was the most horrible experience of my life. there is so much corruption and cronyism, it's not even funny. I had to call the office of labor standards enforcement in order to get my sick leave paid to me (which they had repeatedly screwed me out of, and which they gave us no way to even track) and, in addition to that, when I attempted to file a complaint against my supervisor (who used to be a hire up in the local office, and still had lots of connections) for being physically aggressive towards me, not only did the company and the union ignore, they cut my hours and turned me into a "floater". which is funny, because that's exactly what my supervisor said would happen (during a meeting of security guards at my site) if any employee attempted to contact the union in regards to any issues. allied barton and the union are both jokes. they treat there employees as subhuman, and reward ignorance, laziness, and incompetence... as long as you know how to play their game. i'm greatly surprised that there hasn't been repeated investigations due to the blatant disregard for state labor laws alone. i'm so glad that experience is behind me.
  19th of Jun, 2010
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I currently work for allied and it's the worst company I have ever worked for. we get no sick time... only 5 days vacation after you have been here a year, and my health insurance/prescription plan doesn't even pay for my insulin. or I should say, they make me pay a $1000 deductible before they will cover anything.

Their benefits department is a joke and this entire company is a joke. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. the only reason I am still here is because with the economy it's the only crummy job I can find... right now unemployment looks good. I would get better health insurance from the state if I was unemployed.
  27th of Jun, 2010
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I recently quit allied barton and did not give them any notice. I showed them the same respect they showed me during my time with them. let's start with the management which is an absolute joke. this is a collection of failures in life that would never cut it in the real world. if you speak up concerning problems at your site you are blackballed. the hr department is non-existent they never answer their phones and will not return calls. they send site inspectors out which is another joke. the inspectors will never send a bad report to the client no matter what they find when they arrive. they have seen everything from sleeping and guards not even at their posts. I only started working with them because the economy is so bad and there were not alot of jobs available in my area. I regreted my decision the first week I was there but I needed a paycheck. the turnover of guards was like nothing I had ever seen. they will hire anybody off the street as long as it's a body to put in a seat. guards would arrive on site with incomplete uniforms and terrible body odor. I had a guard relieve me drunk once. none of these issues were ever addressed by management. I brought up the body odor issue once to my supervisor and he told me it was to sensitive of an issue to address. you think your boss would be happy that you would report such issues but that was not the case. I know that allied barton brags about their training programs but it's all a joke. there are guards that have been with them for years and know next to nothing. of course allied barton would look at these individuals as future management. i'm not a person that would walk away from a job but this company was actually making me phisically ill. if I had my own business I could guarantee you I would never consider using their services.
  1st of Jul, 2010
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I worked for allied barton for approx. 10 mo. I was hired specifically as site supervisor for a client because of my previous work/military history. I recieved numerous verbal kudos from the client during that time, about my professional job performance and my dedication to my duties. after 9 months at the site I was transfered to a lesser duty post as a regular unarmed guard serving under less qualified personel. supposedly at the clients request, and replaced with a junior guard at that post, (after I had just completed his first years review). I have since found out that the client had no idea why I was transfered, and that three of the guards at that site have quit because of the lack of professional supervision at the site, also the appointment of this junior gaurds brother-in-law as lead assistant lead over more qualified personel. within 30 days at my new post I was advised by the local acct. manager that, I was on the verge of being counceled for not following client protocols (of which I aided in establishing) for security.
There again the client had no knowlege of any of this, but the acct manager said it was at the clients request... funny thing is... I was up for my yearly review/promotion, and raise.. now my question is how ethical is allied barton and the way they treat personel who dedicate themselves to there company, and recieve this type of treatement?
  6th of Jul, 2010
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Met a guy today who thinks this economy and jobs will turn around if next election goes republican-and stimulus (graft and lobbyist payoffs for favors) tax cuts are reinstated fpr corporate entities. the sad part of this is — he was serious. he believes the models of economic crap generated from some fat radio talk-show host — he probably listens daily-and drinks and smokes to much-and gets grouchy-even fires a few people-before jumping in his bmw convertible, and racing down every slow street to be nudging my bumper on the way home. got the picture...? sir-the jobs ain't coming back, you won't get stimulus to create jobs-because those who hold it will never gain the trust of those they would hire-and there is nothing being produced, and no one to afford it because debt has eaten everything they own. I guess, as you fly down your palmetto bay tree-lined streets in your bmw, the day is sooo nice-you just can;t wrap your mind around the fact that a lot of "little people" will starve, be on the streets (maybe even your tree-lined streets!), and crime (which has been intermittant) will skyrocket-the kids you spoiled and coddled-will whine, fuss, and revolt. of course — (and here is the relevany tie-in to security) the same leftover pool of guards will be picked over by agencies with a new miniker, making the same old elite claims, and giving the same medically run-down and neglected guards little training, no backing, and low compensatory wages. sure-they will be selective as to hiring — only — the volume of contracts in the industry will be so low, and the demand of clients to replace guards for minor stuff remains high — that recruitment will remain a nightmare in this flailing and failing industry! the middle-class remains on target-agenda to be wiped out in america because — with all the rules-they still can't deliver a quality promised product or service. ask any guard on the street, "hey — whatcha doin"?! — hell, they really don't know! republicans gonna fix that by throwin' money at corporations???- (like to be smokin' what that republican lap-dog was smokin; in his rush-pipe today!) folks-you can't refloat the titanic-not with democrats-not with republicans — so why waste debate back-and-forth antagonistically? I doubt the losers of the 2008 election conspired to make obama fail-the system isn't just broken — it is being raped-along with the whole middle-class. security — it is the gun you own — good luck, amigos!
  6th of Jul, 2010
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I, as a returning part-time guard, do know I can shift my end of the log — what I cannot control are the anxiety-ridden hire/fire clients that complain, the wages, or the real meanness of crime as it will exist shortly. I cannot control national or international events of aggression-even if I carry jack bauer's guns, and of course — the weather ain't mitigated by nobody! the limitations of human existence are becoming painfully "in your face" as the year goes on-and folks realize — all we got is each other! we might never fix america the beautiful, but we can be beautiful people spiritually, I can do what I once did-for less - as many will — but new things will come along-and that is the real "revolution of change". the republican "seimulus-cures-all" guy is in lol lala land! but — pssssst-don't spoil his momentay illusion of well-being — might be the only thing that keeps him from picking up that greased ak-47 in his home and running down the street "goin' postal" on us — hmmmm — shhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  8th of Jul, 2010
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Today, heard through my sources that all the old trouble-makers of these guard agencies in the past are crawling back begging for jobs. nope! don't thonk so — it made the agencies what they are today — crap! wackenhut g4s, allied/barton, securitas, and 50 state - all filled with stuttering [censor]s, or mentally-simple challenged. this is no longer a security service provided-it is a haven for the near-dead! none of these agencies are viable — lebron won't do a thing for security-even less for blacks in security. it is all scam and poverty and clients wanting white guards-and white, educated guards wanting none of the out-sourced crap abuse! round and round — no winners on "team security", folks! when the celebrities come to town (as they did before-then leave-after a drink, a snort, and some trouble)-tell them to bring their own security — these agencies aren't it!
  8th of Jul, 2010
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(let me respond to boatman) hi! welcome to the world of out-sourced security agencies! you see, they use suckers like you for a credential to gain favor for the client to commit to the contract — then they dump you like a high school whore on the second date! this is par-for - the-course in the"lol" agencies, which is why I warn about these things on the blogs! they can't stop me-and I have supreme insight into all these hucksters and sham artists — they cheat you out of service, hours, and pay. they love taking advantage of tasty bait like you. these agencies do these things when they are small companies, and the fraud-profit is so enticing to the big corporations who snatch them up — because guards have no union to protect their backs from abuses! they prey on the poor and make misery compounded. they never write committments down, and promise anything to get you running around like a crazy person for less-and-less. by the way, the basketball "dream-team" won't do a damned thing for poor folks in miami — they can't afford tickets, the celebreties and stars who fly into miami for heat games are abusive-trouble-and god-help the file records of any guard who gets in confrontation with these money-crapholes! they will queer your life over anything — just more arrogant clients like the cocaine era and the psuedo-deco era of south beach — all glitter and crap gone with the morning's swelterimg breeze! miami is a city of hype and cheap dreams-hired whores and football scores — sweat covered with perfume;debt masked in credit. allied/barton slings between those shifting cracks, and like it;s evil sister agencies, presents no real stability, job, wage, or security service. hell-the guards need a lawyer and a bodyguard! I have all the armaments ready for anything-and there is little work and no team-training for real emergencies. all it will take is one good size hurricane this year, and all sanity, security-and even the sports teams — in the wind! people have lost their grounding in what really matters-the relationships, and the honesty, and the sanity. they wanna go back to the bluster of "miami vice", perceived easy money, and macho. got a word of reality — it ain't coming back — happy swealter in the morning!
  14th of Jul, 2010
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All the hit 2.0 reports whining about the agency — it is simple and clear, boys and girls-stop working for these damned agencies! if you are a manager, and regret the rules because they are mean, not producing any better production, and causing unnecessary stress — well, reason would tell you to stop enforcing those crazy rules! the system is chewing your [censor]'s up and spitting you out for cannon-fodder! this think-tank, "the rand think-tank" is a highly statistical computerized file, using experienced guard intuitive input, to predict trends in security — it tells us all your jobs are on the hook-very shortly! here is the reasoning; there are layoffs galore of police department resources in big cities-due to economic budget gaps. this means your back is being watched less and less. the clients are on security's backs to produce more service at less pay and cost. there is an end-point to this-the stress, and not being able to pay your bills. the danger is, the public will perceive more danger, and take law into their own hands. vicious criminals will be emboldened, and guards are not being trained to handle this shift of threat, nor are they armed with proper big caliber weapons to meet this trend. it is roughly comparable to what the fledgling f. b. i. encountered in the twenties when they went up against the mob gangs outgunning them with tommy-guns! unarmed guards are totally insane-these out-sourced agencies keep piling on contracts that are certainly unsafe for guards patrolling crime areas-and remember — police backup is being drained away! this report points out to you that, not only security is folding, but medical coverage is at an all-time low; if you are shot or having a heart attack — lol, amigos! the agencies won't want to hear about liability, and if you are disabled — they shuffle you away gradually. it pertains to all these agencies-they are all alike! I have declared an open revolution to reporting this information online the internet-because it is difficult for the agencies to retaliate, and the crap they get away with needs to be known by guards worldwide so they can know they are not alone-and not guilty of any great transgressions-as the agencies would accuse you of committing! remember, these agencies are a ponzi-scheme "money-pump"-they are charging the clients money for less-and-less service — and educated and experienced guards are "few and far between", because educated folks understand abusive employers, and avoid them like the plague! I don't much respond to dissenting viewpoints-because, generally, they are shrill, stupid, make no concrete rebuttals, and represent shills for the managements I take aim at with my "fact-arrows". folks — the economy is folding by the month-and my wish is to protect jobs and protect lives. don't take unnecessary risks with abusive folks who don't care about your welfare — make them go away! just say "no-h-e-l-l no!" b-e part of the solution...
  14th of Jul, 2010
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The roman caesar, nero, stood on the hill of rome fiddling-as the fires swept rome - faster and faster he fiddled... (be part of a solution-you must band together and form new networks and groups-exclude the bad and wrong; further the positive, spiritual and productive pursuits!)
  19th of Jul, 2010
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Allied barton sucks and I just feel bad for all those people who works for this [censor] company because they dont have any other option. it's really hard to find a job in this economy and I think allied barton is taking advantage of that. mnagement is a joke and most of their account managers are high school drop out and dont know wtf they'r doing, the only thing they are capable of doing is kissing [censor] and getting f*c*e* by upper management for promotions and stuff.

I hope this economy gets better so people could find better opportunities.
  24th of Jul, 2010
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If I hadn't stared these agencies in the face, I would never have declared a revolution on them! my service had no shame-quite the contrary-I brought good dealings to their clients. it was was wasted-the clients "were wasted" (if you know what I mean...!)! they all expect something for nothing, then raise hell about — you guessed it, n-o-t-h-i-n-g! in a town of dealers and corrupt officials-and just plain nasty human beings-you are gonna be on somebody's s*t-list-so buckle-up. baby! in an industry "lower then a painter's lowest ladder rung"-you get dirty! no reason-they just enjoy using you for a bath-mat. it is either that, or kick the dog at home or put the wife in a blender — ugh — these knuckle-walkers proliferate here! I don't think I would risk my life for — any of these folks — and I have the weapons and intuition — which tells me "stay-the-hell-away!"
  27th of Jul, 2010
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My husband works for an"upscale" mall in peabody ma and the security director is a total [censor] and a discriminating pig. he does nothing all day and and sits in his desk bidding on ebay and craigslist. he passes off his actual work to the supervisors and the assistant director. he threatens all the employees on losing their jobs if they don't do things like making them come in to work when another person called out, even if they weren't scheduled to come in, and make you come in even if you are sick. they hire constantly because they only hire people on part time so they don't have to have full-time positions to offer full-time benefits like health insurance. so, unless you go and pay 150 dollars to see a doctor and get a doctors note, you will get fired, or written up, or made to come in with even if you have the common flu/ fever. they will schedule you for double shifts or give you 6 hours between shifts for sleep, that includes the hour it takes you to get home and them back to work. it's insane. and the supervisors play favoritism, if you are not part of their inner circle, you will do all the work of all the scheduled employees. if you go to the northshore mall in peabody, ma you will find all the security supervisors in a circle not doing anything just chit chatting away, talking about games and golf. but since we need the money and we can't find another job for him, he has to stay here and be treated like [censor]. so whoever can, stay away from this company. they humiliate their employees by yelling at them, cursing at them, and have no consideration of their lives. they will easily fire you for anything and hire any joe shmoe for even less pay. they really do treat their employees like pieces of meat. I just can't believe companies like simon malls continue to offer them the security contract. they would save so much more if they cut out allied barton: why? because allied barton is an agency. so if simon malls hired a real dedicated security director they can hire qualified people like military personel, special police officers, and others with real experience and credentials and offer them more money. that means happy employees and employees who would be more dedicated because they would have benefits and a higher income. whomever gets paid better and have the necessary credentials they would be more professional and well would work better. with allied barton involved, simon malls pay them say $20 per security guard, of those $20 dollars 10.75 goes to the actual security guard and the other $9.25 allied barton pockets to maintain these rich ceos of allied barton who give a rats [censor] of the employees who maintain their rich and fabulous lifestyle and wealth. and they make even more money by only employing part-timers so they don't have to offer them benefits like sick leave or health insurance. their brilliant, huh? yeah but the employees are the ones who pay the price.
  28th of Jul, 2010
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I never worked for allied/barton, but they are pretty well hitched to the same abusive policies as securitas, g4s wackenhut, and several local agencies (which I have worked for in the past, for many tears). true-they will try to ban you on a computer that will flag you as "do not rehire"! true-these agencies might try to complain and get your state guard license revoked with/or without just cause, and they may stuff your file with trash and innuendo. for the blog at 2. o report concerning those local elements of the company who, apparently are bashing your civil rights (sleepys (or is it sleazy;s?) mattress situation), we have senior guards who will travel to your venue to "act as buffers" to engage in physical protection of your rights and engage the aclu for a binding lawsuit against these miscreant individuals, they had best heed this warning and stop — we will come after them and make "the offer they cannot refuse!"you have the right to free speech-and on the internet, you may expose and name names if you feel your rights have been abridged. these employed nuts at allied/barton need to be backed-down and removed with extreme prejudice these "whackos" cannot send porn and threaten-unless they care to face-down "the little friend"-they are crazy-afraid the company will "cut-bait-and remain-fishing:" with their careers if the internet chatter continues! they are right-they are yesterday's garbage at this point. the senior guards of america back you, here in miami, and this is why we pitch, over-and-over again-for a guard union to watch your back. you need legislation to make guard laws to protect guard;s rights, you need legal counsel, and you need protection from that kind of dastardly abuse! the company, itself, cannot afford financially, nor risk a publicity smack-down. we can send a team to monitor and "set-up clandestinely", breaking the law, and with the sanction of the state's attorney general and the police, bring wilting and dire legal ramifications to bear. you have rights-do not "lay down" in the face of abuses. let us know on that blog if you desire manpower backing. these agencies employ these [censor]-they are liable for reigning them in or they will pay — not only with fines and legal culpability — but bad publicity also (real contract - breakers!) the freedom of the internet helps the unheard "clear the landscape"-never believe activists don't read and organize in the shadows-our country, our profession, our rights! these corporate right-wings, and clown-[censor] middle-managers have a lickin' winding up for them in america-the employees will have their day!

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