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Complaints & Reviews

Hiring process terrible / no follow up

I applied in Boardman OR for security supervisor/manager role. Received a call from Stephanie Felipe and she set up an in person interview few days after. The day prior received an email it was cancelled. She would contact me following week. Never heard back following week. Emailed twice and no response. Spoke on phone today 6-12-20 and Stephanie appeared disorganized and frazzled as to who I was. Started asking me questions again after she already did the 1st time. She was very unprofessional.

Applicant complaint/hire process

My name is Kevin Matthew Hogan, I am a United States Military Police Veteran, I served 8 years in the Army Reserve and went on 1 deployment to GTMO Cuba to do Detainee Operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. My highest rank was E5 SGT. I was trying to become a Unarmed Security Guard for Securitas. I had a phone interview with Gage Dimdiman, who wanted to get me hired and set me up with Valley Guard training 40 hour online training. I completed the training in about 2 days or so. Gage Dimdiman then directed to me to send my certificates to Cassandra.[protected]@securitasinc.com. In witch i did right way. I then did my request for live scan. I did docusign documents as well Consenting to background check in between all this . Then i did the finger prints scan as asked. I was then in the waiting phase for my background to go through. Most of my interaction with these 2 employees was through phone call actual conversation and not text messages.

I was then contacted by Jessica Pacheco and this is were miscommunication begins. She doesn't call me first. Just sends me a text message that reads as follows:

April [protected]

Hi Kevin, This is Jessica Pacheco,
HR Specialist from
I'm applying for your guard card. You will
Be getting an email from BreEZe. Do
Not open it. Just
Forward it to my
email. Jessica.pac

From looking at it seems like a spam bot message in nature. I looked inside my email box and the email was not in my email box. So either she made a mistake or just never sent it i don't know but i never received that first message and none the rest of that day.
There is some strange conversation and it seemed strange to me so i contacted Gage Dimdiman to confirm jessica Pacheco is an actual employee at the company. He confirms it to me.

I also thought that this person might be another hr from another location because i had already applied at a few locations for this company. I thought possibly that she was trying to do the same application for live scan as before that i had already completed. Again i have never worked for this company before. I don't know these people.

I ended up calling Jessica Pacheco to have a short conversation telling her that i had not received the email that she wanted witch later i found out was a temp password to breeze but considering this still to possibly be a fake employee i was a little cautious. An entire day goes by and my background check is not even completed yet, anyways so the completion of the guard card app
I'm not sure how much of an impact it would have had to get the guard card app submitted quickly anyway because the background check is a long process

Its at 2:10 pm april 13, 2020 Jessica sends me another text message and tells me she submitted another registry again .That i should check my email box. I do and there the email is. At this point i ask her for my user ID and if i may fill out my app myself given that I just don't like the idea of another person filling out my app. I have never had a guard card. Jessica says not do not apply for the guard yourself i do that. I responded with
No offenes but I don't know you and I don't know what your going to put on it unless it's really basic. Why can I not do the app then sent it to you. Thinking it was like Docusign documents. I text her saying tell your boss I'd rather fill out my own app, Please and thank you.

After this Jessica Pacheco does not text me anything im thinking she will work it out for me not big deal right. The next morning i check my email box to find an email stating that i have not being selected for this job anymore and im not going through the process anymore. I got upset Cause that didn't seem right to me. so i called her first thing the next moring. No answer, then i called Gage Dimdiman and there was no answer. Its not until almost 2:00 in the day that i finally got a hold of Dimdiman to find out what is going on and he informs me that Jessica claims or says i was being aggressive with her somehow when i wasn't. I was upset about this so my voice was a little raised when talking to Dimdiman but that should be expected Cause i didn't do anything wrong and now i waisted my time Dimdiman informs me that i wouldhave to pay them back for the training as well. So now i waisted my time and i owe them money i don't have and i still don't have a job. All of this because they didn't want me to do my own Guard card app as an option and instead decided to fire me before even hire me. I wanted to resolve this and i tried to but was told that i would not be hired by them now. Does that not seem wrong and like they tried to just get money out of me. For nothing in return. I ended up filling out my own guard card app after this and found to be really easy to were there would be not reason or no good reason for them to have filled out the app for me.

I thought the app was idiot proof honestly, also after trying to confront Jessica and get my user id and password details for the account she did not give it to me for over 24 hours witch made me uncomfortable because they could do god knows what in there on me.

I saved the messages on my phone and i wrote them in a word document as well on my computer for reference in case you would like to see the supposid aggresssive messages i did not send jessica.

I wanted to resolve this and try to maybe still get my job i made a final attempt to contact there boss and she threatened to take legal action against me if i don't stop calling or messaging there employees when i was only trying to reach them to resolve the money issue and maybe even reverse this whole thing. There bosses name was Wednesday Matula and she threatened to take legal against me all for trying to correct a wrong doing in my opinion on not hiring me. I still don't know why in the world they did this really. I expect they will end up trying to get there money from me because after Wednesday Matula said to me i was very upset again and thats normal here i am trying to still figure out how to pay them or how this entire thing works and maybe even still fix it she threatens me with legal action for nothing but trying to repond to her employees.

Take away here the moral of this Situation is Communication needs to be improved. Don't use Text messages that misinterpret what people mean. There needs to be set points of contact for each process or each step of the process and there needs to be more than one way to get something done. Such as the guard card app. There is no reason i could not have filled out the app myself and gotten job there. That was wrong period. I believe they only didn't ask for the money back from me because they don't want to look bad cause they man have messed up this whole thing.
So don't do this again to someone. This could have easily avoided by a simple phone call and simple points of contact being preset for everything. inform the applicant who is going to contact them and for what for each step of the hiring process and don't take a mans job for seeming meaningless hearsay over text message. Mind you the Guard Card app is under my name and my social security number and under my email address and requires no special security clearance of any kind to access breeze so there is no reason that a regular person can't do the app on there own. If they have any basic computer skills. I was told that people mess up the app by Gage but that seems unlikely after completing it myself. Or the other reason witch was thats the way we do it. That sends a bad message in an employee to employer relationship if you fire someone for question a step in a process that does not make sense.

Fix this please. Sorry for all the disrepect but what would call what happened to me.



Kevin Hogan

  • Updated by KevinHogan89 · Apr 16, 2020

    This entire thing was unbelievably stupid, and i still can't believe i lost a job before i even it for nothing. And i got mean with a higher employee because we couldn't resolve this simple problem above. I just wanted to do my own guard card app myself. Thats it. I believe that if we meet in person none of this would have happened and i would have gotten a job and not have been threatened with legal action by a hiring HR.

  • Updated by KevinHogan89 · Apr 16, 2020

    In my opinion i think Gage Dimdiman did a good job and tried to help me. thank you for that. Cassandra also did a good job and helped me out with no problems and also thank you and sorry about all this. Jessica Pacheco im sorry if i came off aggressive but i believe i did not towards you in any way. But the possibility to me that you did that maliciously for not listening to you is still in my mind. To Wednesday Matula Im sorry i got upset at you and said a mean comment but still think you were mislead by Jessica Pacheco possibly. You were just the person who didn't know all the facts and had to do something you know and did what is easiest on your part to do. Protect your employees right. So i don't blame you but i would be question Jessica Pacheco actions and monitor her messages somehow in the future and encourage more phone calls and discourage the usage text messages. Again all of this i believe could have been reversed and resolved if you hadn't gotten out of hand with me. Then i wouldn't have acted the way i did toward you.

Dispatch unprofessional

Hi there,

Today I would like to make a complaint about dispatch In Milton Keynes, uk.

I'm a night officer that is just been trying to do the jobs for few months.. but every time I have to ring dispatch or they have to ring me... they seems to be unprofessional, rude, no respect ect.. and I would like someone to do something about it.

Ex. A lady from dispatch tonight just been very rude to me! Because she wanted me to use the PDA while I was driving on the motorway at 70mph, treating me about getting me sucked and then on my way there.. they decided to cancel the call out! And then when I rang them to ask why this has happened.. they start creating stories!

Being restricted walking access to an area that is not marked as private property

I have taken a cut through from Mowry in Fremont, Ca to get back to Fremont Bart after going through physical therapy and have done this multiple times and even with the help of the security guard on duty helping me and directing me how to get to the exit gate across from Bart. That was about a month ago. Today I was stopped by Tajinder who told me I could not pass saying the path was private property and not accessible to the public. This is totally new and out of the blue and with zero signage to let people know the property is private. And when did it become private? Because as mentioned it's been about a month.

Anyway tajinder called over Aibul Hak her supervisor who supported her and when I explained I am just cutting through as I always have to exit at the gate right by Bart he lied and told me the gate was chained.

I just walked all the way around and took a picture of the unchained gate I COULD have easily walked through had they not denied me access. I asked why and was told by Aibul that this is new to deal with homeless and drug addicts and the such.

I wonder if I "looked like a dr" meaning if I was white or Indian or Fijian, would I have been allowed or was this because I'm a latino and don't "look" like I'm NOT there to sleep in the garage or so drugs or break into people's cars?

Bottom line of it is considered private property then why aren't their legal signs giving people legal notice that it's private property and why was I possibly discriminated against. I never had a problem until these new faces.

So what's the deal??

The only sign posted on the side I was attempting to enter on was a no smoking sign and that's it.

Then on the other side that is locked for entry and has a sign saying their is surveillance but ZERO NOTICE OF PRIVATE PROPERTY OR TRESPASSING WHICH IS REQUIRED HERE IN California to identify such property lines.

So on what LEGAL grounds was I denied passage?

Being restricted walking access to an area that is not marked as private property
Being restricted walking access to an area that is not marked as private property
Being restricted walking access to an area that is not marked as private property

Operations manager james suggs

Mr Suggs very rude, not know how to respectfully speak to employees, gets angry when cannot work extra time...

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Securitas employee at universal studios entrance

This evening 11-16-2019 i was with my family on a special event at Universal Studios . As we were leaving...

Human resources employee

I spoke on the phone with Verina Musaka and I felt very discriminated towards. I was given the job and I was not able to accept the offer at the time because I received another offer. I was not able to accept calls due to my phone being cut off and not receiving emails from the company, which is why I accepted another offer because I was emailed and called in. Once I finally got in contact with her she asked me to update something's and let her know once I had, which I did. I received a email asking if I could do a orientation @ 9:00-9:30.
I asked if I could 1:00-1:30 and to my knowledge and my email I never got anything back. I assumed because of that I could no longer have the job. The next three months past I call to see if the company was still hiring for full times jobs. I was repeatedly called a liar and told she felt uncomfortable hiring someone like me. I tried to explain myself to get a better understanding as to why she felt so strongly to say these words towards me. She cut it short and I followed to not cause any further issues.
I would love to work for your company and I feel it would do a great boost to my resume for the career path I want to have in my future. I hope to have this resolved and work for you're amazing company sometime in the near future.

Home security system with cameras


My mane is [name removed] and I am complaining about my Securitas home security system and cameras.

Since the installation of cameras and the alarm I have submitted many work orders for sensors not working, remote control not working properly, alarm activation too soon, or activation after long time of walking around the house but since the first week of installation I have been complaining about illegal access to my camera and my recorder. Lately almost every day log showed "Tampering cam 2" only some photos are provided in the attachment.

Nothing has been done about any of these issues. In fact, when I reported that my log was showing this, my log in my camera recorded was deleted. When I reported that video was missing in each "tampering, " video was later made to play one segment over and over again for 3-4 seconds. I am still seeing a lot of "tampering" on my security system and do not know what to do about it. My house was robbed and there was attempted break in last year so to me this is very serious. Securitas is responsible per contract and per warranty to complete all repair and ensure I have sound and safe security system in my house. I am paying customer and I would really appreciate your help.

(I have submitted complaint in Stockholm but had no response)

Thank you


Alarm system

I have an alarm system installed at my property in Spain which I have had for many years now however over the last 3 days I have had two calls regarding the alarm being activated from securitas yet I am disregarded when I suggest that I am concerned that a person may be in the property if the alarm is activated. As I live in Scotland and am unable to check the property this is causing distress. I have tried to explain to the call handlers that we are NOT residing at the property yet they insist on saying ‘let us know when you are over and we will send a technician to
Make sure the alarm is not faulty' but in the meantime we are left knowing the alarm has been activated TWICE over the last three days and we just have to sit and wait until we travel back to Spain to see whether or not the house is broken into.
I chose securitas as a company expecting to feel reassured the property would be monitored however this appears not to be the case.
Bitterly disappointed in the company at this time and will be looking for other more reputable companies with immediate effect as I feel every person I speak to within securitas (and I have been passed to four tonight) have totally disregarded my concerns.

Im complaining about not being paid. Also, im complaining about being lied on, and being singled out.

I was working at one of Securitas's Clients facilities and a worker's girlfriend which was sitting in the...

Employee arrest (supervisor) - not reported for violation of probation

Employee was put on 6 months probation after attending her court date in July or early Aug. She was given a...

I'm complaining about a security guard named shahid smith who is smoking marijuana and using coke on and off the job.

I'm reporting a Security Guard named Shahid Smith who is currently working for your company in New York City, NY. He's using illegal drugs, such as coke and marijuana, on and off numerous sites he is or has worked. I would advise to give him a drug test unbeknownst to him to see if his system is clean, as he uses a substances to clean his system to pass the drug test, and he's been previous locked up for carrying and using crack. I can also provide the company with his social security [protected] and phone number [protected]. If nothing can be done here I will be reporting this company's hire to Better Business Bureau (BBB), or a higher government to investigate.

I'm complaining about a security guard named shahid smith who is smoking marijuana and using coke on and off the job.
I'm complaining about a security guard named shahid smith who is smoking marijuana and using coke on and off the job.
I'm complaining about a security guard named shahid smith who is smoking marijuana and using coke on and off the job.
I'm complaining about a security guard named shahid smith who is smoking marijuana and using coke on and off the job.
I'm complaining about a security guard named shahid smith who is smoking marijuana and using coke on and off the job.


I work with transportation, my main concern is the building that sits at 14th street.You have guards bulling customers because they are standing with a 900 for metro or they are walking around hooking up with women or young boys or girls. The security are not walking making sure customers are not smoking marijuana, harrassing customers for money or fighting because their superiors are sitting at the Arch Deli in the Gateway Transportation Building or sitting in their cars thats off-site. When are we the people going to be safe traveling to work do to this mess look at North Hanley Station. Is money you all care about, what about your standard annd values you print in your booklets. I'm truly disappointed

Alarm contract cancellation / customer service

We own a house in Spain, but we live in England. We have had a Security Alarm fitted to the house and in December we asked to cancel the contract. The contract is in the name of my daughter, Nicola Baoley (nee Old).

Since then we have been in an interminable circle of emails, and phone calls that we were told had been made but they had not.

One agent told us that he had, In January, taken personal charge of the case.

Here we are in March and we STILL do not have confirmation of cancellation. We have also asked for the refund of the fees for December and January. We cancelled the direct debit in February.

The level of customer service has been appalling.

The account/ client number is: 926696.


Nicola Bailey and Martin Old

Discrimination harassment sexual-harassment

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I'm complaining about mr. Xavier

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Gate security

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Complaint about jenny velasco.

On Friday June 15 2018, my son (who picks me up from work) entered the parking lot of my work location a...

Security guard at check in

I'm a truck driver for Knight . I deliver at the US Cold Storage all the time . Covington, TN 104...

A bunch of shapeshifting identity thieves and con artists

Sexist, biasest, identity thieves, unprofessional, dishoset, attitude, uncut omer service oriented, lacking...

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