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Securitas Complaints & Reviews

Securitas / person

Gigi b. on Aug 19, 2017
I brought my mother to kaiser on venice and cadillac today 8-19-17. We went to the emergency room and there are five spots outside that are marked 20 mins parking. All of them were taken when we got here so i parked in the structure. An hour later i went to move my car because the rates go...

Securitas / security services

som2017 on Aug 17, 2017
One week ago, I called to talk to a person by the name of Garrett, he returned my call quickly and said he could get security guards for our event. After waiting a few days and not receiving an invoice or estimate to confirm the future services, I started to get nervous. I reached out to...

Securitas Security / employment

Securitas security on Jul 26, 2017
I worked for Securitas for 2.5 years and was lied to repeatedly about raises and the timeframe for them, treated in a unprofessional manner, I was fired the same day I was supposed to get a significant raise for violating the mobile data limit on company cell phone, even though phone had...

Securitas / do not work for this company!!! discrimination-harassment-retaliation

ShellyTX on May 31, 2017
Billy holmes, area vice president Joel hayes, employee relations manager Lisette valdes, vp of human resources I have solid proof of these folks being liars and schemers... I have filed complaints with the eeoc as well as the dfeh for acts of bullying, discrimination and harassment. Please do not...

Securitas Inc. Manchester, NH / employee issue

bobolink33 on Mar 1, 2017
I have been employed as a part time security officer for Securitas Inc. (NH Branch) for twelve years. I have twenty eight years of military service and have received many medals and citations for outstanding service as a supervisor. Last year on Nov. 29, 2016 I was authorized a medical...

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. / unethical behavior

Angryemmployee on Apr 24, 2016
Do not work for Securitas, because the company does not screen their employees for drug use, especially when on duty at a Cancer Research Hospital in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston. Especially, when they promote them to supervisors. In addition, a job coach from Disabled Veterans also...

Securitas / unprofessional!! do not work here!!!

Nicksta117 on Apr 23, 2016
So almost a month working here and for the past few weeks I have been " Forgot about" What do I mean? Consider having to wait 2 hours after getting off of a graveyard shift because they forgot to schedule someone to relieve you from your post. Or try waiting for your paycheck only to have...

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. / not paying me.

Galdelonian on Jul 15, 2015
Securitas is over a month and a half late on payment to me for 6 hours of overtime. On top of that they're late for the last check a week ago of over 200 dollars. Together they owe over 300 dollars. Calling them they just throw me around. It's illegal to not pay someone after a...

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. / wrongful termination

Securitas Security in Ontario Ca. Shame on you Miguel Juehuey Carlos Perez Nick Griego Mickey Berrera and others for your misconduct. Security at this Kaiser enjoys abusing patients. I seen one guard physically punch a patient who was mentally ill and trying to get away while the...

Securitas / unprofesional

Complainant91923 on Jan 3, 2015
do not work for this company they will harass you they will put in unconfortable situations the company put me in there officers called me stupid and profiled me cause I have ADD and they got away with it this is why the company has a high turn over rate they don't take there job...

Securitas / wrongful termination

J. Aldridge on Apr 15, 2014
After being hired on for 10 months with this company, I was fired on 4/10/2014. The story goes like this... I was said to have made an error on 4/1/2014; however I got a raise on 4/9/2014. Funny huh ???? This company is full of bs. I found out they have been doing this to a out of people...

Securitas / violation of company policy, practice or procedure

Marquita Wooldridge on Apr 10, 2014
My Supervisors inform me about other employees that are calling me out my name but can't inform guards on who relieves who and making sure guards takes meal breaks on time. He makes it where I have to come to him for things that he could bring to security officer. On top of the passe...

Securitas / bad place to work

I don't like securitas on Mar 27, 2014
Securitas is not a good place to work at... They don't pay good they don't have medical they all work together I the called the hotline on my boss 10 times they still didn't do nothing to him but told him I called in on him now he being mean to me cut my hours talking to me any kind of way...

Securitas / said I was stealing

lorimaria on Feb 20, 2014
I was shopping at a local store in Patterson CA. I had intended on purchasing a bottle of advil and other stuff. I placed the bottle of advil by my purse in the top part of my cart. I did my shopping and got a piece of paper and pen out of my purse. I placed my items back in my purse and...

Securitas / abusive, shady and illegal

gaurd wife on May 18, 2013
The Account Managers just recently tried to break union contract agreements and abused officers by putting them in places without training in a Sincere Medical Facility. They figure they can fire you if you cannot do a job, even without training. My husband may be sort of dumb, but he like...

Securitas / company is a joke!

Jokawild on Apr 29, 2013
When I began working for Securitas here on Maui, I was ecstatic. They portrayed themselves as a professional, highly trained, elite company with highly trained officers. I was told about all of these great opportunities for advancement and training I would be receiving. They really put up...

Securitas / look at all of these complaints

FATMAN WALKING on Oct 13, 2012
This company really does suck...Look at all of the complaint's and the government does nothing...I can't beleave companies like GE use this company for guards...Well yes I can there cheap...There are other companies out there that use this company also...All because they are...

Securitas / no raise

FATMAN WALKING on Aug 27, 2012
Work for this company and yes they never give you a raise...And the office staff are idiots and jerks...

Securitas / missing pay, new hires, supervision

MARIALINA on Jun 8, 2012
There are some serious issues with a Securitas office in Manhattan on Broadway. The office in New York, Manhattan may need investigation of its practices. Wages not paid to workers, incompetent scheduling personnel, possible racism and preferential treatment given to whites/hispanics, lack of 40...

Securitas / hired, never worked charged for training

crimsonkiller on May 14, 2012
OEF Combat Veteran here. I dont work for this company because i was "Hired" but never even worked. I agreed to the required training which was about $102.00 even. i got fingerprints done, backround check done and aced the job interview. They set me up for the wrong orientation date and...

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