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Allegiant Travel Company / Allegiant Air / unethical behavior

1 United States

My 16 year old daughter was flying alone to Texas. We arrived at the airport at 8:15 a.m. for a 10:15 a.m. flight. She went through security, checked her bag, everything. We sat all day, constant delays.
Finally, around 6:00 p.m. the flight was cancelled. Great!
Everyone would get a hotel voucher for the night. Problem was my child was 16 and she was not old enough to stay at a hotel. NO voucher.
The person working for Allegiant her name was Brittanie-told me that she could not give me the voucher because my name wasn't on the ticket. She said that I had to pay up front and maybe get my money back for the hotel. I asked what if I don't have the money for a ticket.
That was rude, wrong, unprofessional and just right down inappropriate for anyone to ask.
I stood at the desk while she ran around trying to fix other things that your security not allowing a family of 5 to get on the plane heading to Florida, because they had been told because of a delay to come back in three hours only to be told that the other security had left for the day.
In the meantime, your security let 6 people get on the plane as this woman's family was not allowed because as your security guard said, "I JUST CANNOT KEEP LETTING PEOPLE WALK IN OFF THE STREET TO GET ON THIS PLANE".
I have never witnessed so many rude employees in my entire life.
Now, back to my child.
So, my question is-why is my child an adult in AIRPLANE WORLD-but not in HOTEL WORLD?
You obviously need to fix your policy regarding how these situations are handled. You see, I do take care of my child. I would never leave her at an airport without knowing that she was in air flying.
Is it common practice for parents to do that. Where would my daughter have gone had I not been there. Remember the "young adult" thing?
I am horrified to think that some kid might be kicked out of the airport and left to survive on their own if a parent were not there.
I want my money back for the hotel. I want the $15 that I paid to park the two days that I had to go to the airport. I want someone to figure out how to fix the situation with the young adult label.
You have no idea as to how scared my child was after witnessing the staff and how they dealt with their customers.
Oh wait, I did forget in your world she is an adult and should cope with it.

Jun 28, 2018

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